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Jesus says of himself: "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end". In John 5:23 he says that he must be worshipped as the Father. It is clear from this that Jesus is God. At least if you believe his words. But Jehovah's Witnesses hate to worship Jesus because they would then lose members who realize that even without the Watchtower Society you can miraculously come clean with God.

An obviously lied assertion of the Watchtower Society

In order to maintain their Jehovah theses that say Jesus is only a creature, they bring explanations that are without any basis and are simply asserted:

When Jesus introduced himself as "the first and the last," he did not want to put himself on the same footing as Jehovah the Great Creator. He only used a title that God had rightly bestowed upon him. (Revelation Book, Chapter 6, Paragraph 2, Sentence 2)

Jesus introduced himself? Used a title? No! Jesus identified himself and made it clear: I am the first and the last! He didn't use any formulations like "I am the first and the last": Hello I am Jesus, the one with the title soundso. Or: Good day, I may call myself so because of Jehovah's precautions. With boundless audacity, the Watchtower Society makes a decision here without any justification and the Jehovah's Witnesses believe it! You have to imagine that! And this organization is suing critics worldwide by claiming that these critics are making false claims.

The Art of Persuasion of the Watchtower Society

Experienced experts in the art of persuasion sit in the Watchtower Society and are exclusively engaged in speaking and writing against the deity of Christ. Please do not believe the seductive arguments of these persuasion professionals! No matter how plausible they may seem. For the Watchtower hypocrites deliberately ignore some biblical passages that say the exact opposite of Watchtower theology. One of the Bible passages deliberately excluded, for example, is Revelation 5:13. Here it is made clear in the Word of God in a mathematically verifiable way that Jesus can never be a creature.

Anyone who is capable of simple set theory can easily understand from this Bible text that the Lamb (Jesus) is not in the crowd of creatures. This biblical statement categorically excludes that Jesus is a creature!

And each creature that is in heaven and on earth and under the earth and on the sea, and all that is in them, I heard say: To him that sitteth on the throne, and to the Lamb, praise and honor and glory and power from eternity to eternity! (Revelation 5:13-14)

If Jesus were indeed a creature, as the Watchtower Society claims, Jesus himself would have had to participate in the praise of the Lamb. For it is explicitly written: every creature! It is even explicitly emphasized that every creature in heaven is also included in this multitude of creatures.

By really praising all the creatures that exist, the Lamb and the one who sits on the throne, the Bible makes it clear to us that Jesus does not belong to the group of creatures. This is very easy to understand when one is inwardly free for the truth. But whoever is trapped by the Watchtower Society will not even be able to recognize or acknowledge this simple clear state of affairs. He depends on listening to his Watchtower substitute and rejecting Jesus.


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