Truth – important news for Jehovah's Witnesses

The most important news for Jehovah's Witnesses!

This is probably the most important news for all Jehovah's Witnesses!

Below the exaggerated logic of the Watchtower Society, we think about what it means when Jesus claims to be the truth.

All believing people of the whole world agree that God is the truth. We find this in all religions that exist. Likewise, anyone who is looking for the truth knows that there can only be one truth. The scientifically used term "true" stands rather for right. And many things can be right. But truth as an independent fact is a thing that can only exist once in the world known to us. It is God.

So there is one truth about which all people agree that it occurs only once and must be God at the same time. There are no two truths. If there were two truths, the term "truth" would lose its meaning.

Jesus is the truth

Jesus does not say: I am a part of the truth or I am sent by the truth or I am according to the truth. Jesus does not claim only to bring the truth, to embody it, he does not claim he stands for the truth, but he claims bone dry:

"I am the truth"

Thus his alleged function as messenger of the gods, as it is appended to him by the Watchtower Society, is completely refuted by the Bible, by the Word of God! His own word, the word of Jesus Christ, states that he is this unique truth that only God Himself can be. With this simple statement Jesus destroys all false teachings that claim that he cannot be the Almighty God. With this one word Jesus takes every substance and persuasiveness from all liars of this world. With this statement about himself, he ensures that error before God can never count:

Jesus, I thought you weren't God

Jehovah's Witnesses may be seduced by a complicated doctrine, but they will have no justification before God. If they had connected their conscience with their mind for even 10 cents, they would have had to recognize this simple truth of the Word of God. But like Islam, they refrain from addressing Jesus and testing him. They refrain from experiencing anything of Jesus. They would rather learn something from of the Watchtower Society about Jesus.

In this way the Jehovah's Witnesses exclude themselves from salvation and they will perish miserably with their human wisdom. They reject God by rejecting Jesus as God.

Jesus Christ says:

I am the way and the truth and the life.


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