Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 467October 21, 2019

Jehovah's Witnesses more human than the Greens

And: Do not buy from Jews!

After a limited company had started boycotting the Spreewaelder Hirsemuehle Jan Plessow e.K. because of AfD affiliation of its owner, I asked the fine gentlemen online:

Do you remember the slogan: Don't buy from Jews? I would be very grateful for a non-fascist answer.

The answer of the GmbH, which is operating with National Socialist methods, was as follows:

Dear Ruediger, Thank you for your message, the *** online shop is a joint project of *** and ***. The following message would like to send *** to you: *** has been founded under the guiding idea to do something meaningful for man and earth. According to scientific findings, climate change is man-made. From the point of view of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, organic farming is one of the ways in which climate change can be countered. This is why we enter into partnerships with actors who want to follow this path consistently with us on the basis of this scientific basis. Culinary greetings, *** from Customer Service

I replied to that:

Dear Mr. ***, please send me a short message if concentration camps are to be set up for the climate. Many thanks and kind regards, Ruediger Hentschel

The Nazi methods of the Greens

If my request wasn't true, I'd understand these people. However, I would have expected an answer that would criticise my reproachful tone and would have exacerbated it. None of this can be experienced. The green Nazis don't even answer the question about their inner being, which brings forth various Nazi methods without hesitation. The lying technique, as if one had nothing to do with Nazi methods at all, is practiced by Antifa on the street with crowbars and squared timber. People are broken and then the Antifants pretend to have just opened their trousers or have just stumbled over their shoelaces.

But that the perpetrators of National Socialist shameful deeds do not even respond delicately to the clear question, who does this remind us of? Merkel, Pope, Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses and Adolf Hitler. These are the players who come to mind in this matter. These are the people who know exactly what they are doing and yet strike mercilessly.

Jehovah's Witnesses are more adaptive than Greens

Jehovah's Witnesses have remained human in spite of everything

In Jehovah's Witnesses we observe an inhuman bondage to their governing body, through which they end up actually becoming inhumane. But the voluntary extermination of people, not ordered from above, we see more among the Greens and less among Jehovah's Witnesses. An entire company becomes a Nazi complex and gives itself the nakedness to react completely absurdly to clear requests. The leader of the Greens even talks about a dictatorship that has to be introduced due to an imagined end of the world soon. How sick have the Greens become? They are now ready to use Nazi methods and establish a dictatorship. The reason for this is nothing more than an idiotic do-gooder, to whom Mrs Merkel has always been attached for appearances and to maintain power.

About 9000 people die annually from the lie of the Watchtower blood doctrine. Although human flesh was never released for consumption by God, the Watchtower Society prohibits the intake of human blood. Here Satan is immediately recognizable as the author, because the meaning of this human blood prohibition can only lie in serial murder.

To this day, the Greens have been able to hide the devil's handwriting to some extent. But from day to day they overtake Jehovah's Witnesses in deadly lies and inhuman ignorance. The Greens are overtaking the Watchtower Society bit by bit and we can look forward to the next steps of this sparkling wine.

The Jehovah's Witness I was allowed to talk to today was more insightful and adaptive about worlds than any single Green. Also in this respect the Jehovah's Witnesses have remained more human than the Greens.


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