Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 469November 02, 2019

Jehovah Manages Cannibalism

Germany manages migration-related murders and rapes

If believers must be forbidden to drink human blood, it follows that they must be cannibals themselves and that their God is the steward of cannibalism. We find this situation only with Jehovah's Witnesses. They are formally cannibals by the human blood prohibition, although they do not drink human blood at all. What a crazy religion! And these people are also proud of the fact that they overcome their thirst for human blood with all their might.

A direct analogy to Watchtower cannibalism has not yet been found in the green-left political scene. But that can still happen. The parallels between the Green Left religion and the Watchtower doctrine are becoming more and more dense. On these pages the information about the green-left lies and the Watchtower fraud system is collected. Systematic fraud has been tested and researched over the decades in the Watchtower Society as if in a laboratory. Politicians are now applying the Watchtower research results in a practical and uninhibited way. Since the announcement of Sascha Mounk's great repopulation this large-scale fraud is also publicly known. But many refuse to take note of the precarious situation.

Female Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch

The Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch only showed up when I was about to go home. The confrontation with the statement "Jehovah God is a cannibal god – He must forbid human blood" was ignored by the female Jehovah's Witnesses in the most beautiful green-left manner. One of the most evil Watchtower exposures of all time does not even reach these spiritually devastated people. Exactly this effect we find with the green left and the Antifa demonstrates the softening of their brains again and again very clearly and far visibly.

During the conversation with two young men, the two female witnesses secretly stole away.

Further parallels between Greenleft and Watchtower Society

The number of murders by the migration religion is not much higher than the murders of the Watchtower Society, which causes them worldwide by their blood doctrine.

Playing with the dead

Jehovah God administeres the Watchtower's own bleeding dead.

Germany administers the killings and rapes by migrants.


Both religions (migration and Jehovah's Witnesses) are diametrically opposed to the Jewish religion. The Green Left is gathering masses of the most brutal Jew-haters. Do they really only hope that these Jew-haters will vote green-left? Jehovah's Witnesses (like the Catholic Church) have replaced the people of Israel as the people of God. There is no such thing in the Bible! The anti-Semitism of Jehovah's Witnesses is demonstrable.


Both are infinitely far from recognizing or even admitting mistakes.

The Masons' Great Goal

Both religions have the "New World" as their goal. Both harbor a shaken degree of contempt for humanity. Both diligently pursue the exclusion of dissenters. Both present themselves as pacifists, but use a maximum of structural and physical violence. Both feed their followers with good humankind and permanent religious employment.

Cult Identification

Factual counterarguments are evil and sinful. People who even rudimentarily think differently are automatically Nazis when it comes to Green Left. With Jehovah's Witnesses, they are automatically worldly men, that is, consecrated to death.

Fight against the right

As soon as resistance is offered or criticism voiced, both left-wing Greens and Jehovah's Witnesses pull together their forces and use them purposefully. The WS religion resettles pioneers for this purpose and drives preachers from other regions to fly in. Left-wing Greens push population exchange and send out their antifa legions.

Germany is fertile again

The Watchtower Society was developed in perfect cooperation between Americans and Germans. The same applies to the Green Left religion. Germany is again the master of death and prepares a certain fate for Jews and Christians as it did before.


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