Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 381

Jehovah's Witnesses Laugh at the Death of the Six-Year-Old

Confused triumphant, then arrogant

How broken do you have to be to laugh at a dead man who only lived to be six years old and lies just two weeks underground, dying of the very thing you advertise for? How sick that is! Can we still describe it?

And people don't care! What do I care! People who hear about it feel sensitively disturbed. Let the Jehovah's Witnesses do what they want!

Jehovah's Witnesses laughed when passers-by were told loudly and clearly that on January 30, 2018, a six-year-old man had to die of the Watchtower religion. Sure, it's just embarrassment at first. But then the triumphant spirit of the Watchtower Doctrine comes into play and Jehovah's Witnesses begin to triumph. They stand up to the shame of their religion and rejoice in the evil game. They are used to it, they have learned and practiced it. And without knowing what they are doing, they literally laugh at the six-year-old dead man.

A supposedly homeless woman said what everyone thinks. What do I care? Many do things we don't agree with. Never mind! Then she got a fat kebab from a Jehovah's Witness. So she could also feed her dogs.

And then those Jehovah's Witnesses! Good-looking, attractive, really beautiful, attractive, tempting, young, sharp, extremely good at it, tidy and filled to the top with Watchtower luck. They take to the streets ... triumphant. They look at the people ... triumphant. They're right about everything ... triumphant. And when one comes and accuses them of the death of the six-year-old, then they react ... triumphant! Unbelievable. People become religious robots who not only advertise death, but also laugh triumphantly at the person who has just died.

The attitude of the people under whose eyes this deadly religion takes place is devastating. They just pass by. Only one woman stopped and showed her shock and indignation. All the others strolled by like pigs in search of another trough. Or just like the prosecutors.

Jehovah's Witnesses is all about continuing their business model. They take refuge in department stores only to reappear after a short time in another place.

Then there is that arrogant grin and that pitiful look they have left for others. Jehovah's Witnesses are so good! They bleed people to death and are not punished for it. That is how good they are.

At the end of the morning, very young Jehovah's Witnesses came into play. So young and beautiful and already calibrated for religious serial murder!

Don't Jehovah's Witnesses know any children that they can't relate to the six-year-old's death? Jehovah's Witnesses are not only unbrained, but also heartbroken. And they look so good!

In Darmstadt, in any case, the population today was so on the side of the Jehovah's Witnesses ... either through boredom or through genuine partisanship, that I not only lost hope for the Jehovah's Witnesses, but also for the other people. Give me a piece of meat sausage! The people who follow the mainstream Merkel-Goering-Eckardt wander like lemmings into the pit of lies and enjoy how beautiful the peace feels when you no longer need the truth. And when religiously killed people simply remain unknown, because the media keep silent according to instructions. A beautiful new world. We can do that.

If Islam has taken over Germany in a completely democratic way, there will be a law that punishes the testimony for Jesus. Then no one will be allowed to say that Jesus is God. Just as Turgay Yazar already demands in his videos today.

Then the Jehovah's Witnesses will make religion and exercise religious power with force. Then the newly killed will be laughed even louder and more triumphantly. And that is exactly what Islam has in it.

Does anyone have the hope that it will not come to pass that Islam will take the lead in Europe quite legally and quite democratically? Then he should diligently sing even more hymns, as Goering-Merkel-Eckardt GmbH recommends.

A six-year-old killed by the Watchtower Society shocks hardly anyone. And those who are impressed are spinners and liars.

Look at the prostitution horny shoes of the young Jehovah's Witness! The shoes of the one who dances with the death literature.

The kingdom of Jehovah will be wonderful.


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