Jesus is God – another proof

Another proof that Jesus is God


For years the question forced upon Christians by the Jehovah's Witnesses and other false teachers as to whether Jesus is God has been dealt with, and then the lapse of a friend leads to a connection that proves more strongly than many others that Jesus is God.

In the argumentation of the Antichrist Watchtower, which disproves the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses, the term "Spirit of Christ" or "Spirit of Jesus" appears again and again. One day my friend and brother succinctly claimed: The Spirit of Christ does not exist!

Whoa! Had I gotten so lost that I added a term to the Bible? Had I gone too far in the fight against the false doctrine of Jehovah's Witnesses and was I no longer under the guidance of the Holy Spirit in that fight? How could it happen that I was no longer under the guidance and preservation of the Holy Spirit in all my thoughts about faith? Could it really happen that such mistakes happened to someone who honestly cites the Holy Spirit? Could it be possible that the Holy Spirit would let me fall into such a trap, when I even publicly claim that for me the guidance of the Spirit of Christ, oh, I mean of course the guidance of the Spirit of God is responsible for the argumentative content of this website?

It's true. Jesus is God!

When I read the reproach that the Spirit of Christ did not exist, I was strangely calm inside. More important for me at that moment were the thoughts that dealt with how a long-standing Christian stood so firmly in his faith and stood there snow-white in God's eyes, yet did not internalize the basic structures of Christian doctrine. I recognized here once again that it is not so important to God that we know everything exactly and that we know our doctrine perfectly, but that we must cling to Jesus Christ, whom He gave us for salvation. Of course, I had to pursue this accusation from my own ranks, and already during my first research I found three passages from the Bible which contained the term "Spirit of Christ" in a very relaxed manner.

Romans 8, 9: But you are not carnal, but spiritual, if then God's Spirit dwells in you. But whoever does not have Christi Spirit is not his.

Phillipper 1, 19: ... for I know that this will come to my salvation through your prayers and through the Help of the Spirit of Jesus Christ, ...

1 Peter 1:11: ... and researched what and what time the Spirit of Christ pointed to, who was in them and testified before the sufferings that were to come upon Christ, and the glory afterwards.

Of course there is the possibility here of searching the whole Bible for such passages where the Spirit of Christ is used as a synonym for the Spirit of God. But these three ad-hoc hits should be enough to convince all people who believe in the Bible that the Spirit of Christ, according to the Bible, is the Spirit of God. The inevitable consequence of this is that Jesus is indeed God. It is not possible to attribute the same Spirit to Jesus and the Father without both being one and the same God.

Even if one argues that the Spirit of God works only through Jesus, it cannot be explained why the Bible names the Spirit of Christ as our helper. The explicit naming of the Spirit of Christ as a helper would then mean that we would be dealing with two Holy Spirits if we were based on the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses. The Watchtower doctrine would consequently have to deal with these two different Holy Spirits. But it does not, it simply ignores that the Bible sees exactly the same thing in the Spirit of God and in the Spirit of Christ.

Biblical reality in this simple way takes the Gnostic doctrine of the Watchtower Society ad absurdum and shows all people who believe the Bible that the faithful and understanding Brooklyn newspaper publisher is a terrible false teacher whose existence is based solely on the goal of misleading as many people as possible. Once again, it has been proven that the Watchtower Society plucks only individual aspects from the Bible to use them to bolster its antichristian teaching. Other clear statements of the Bible are concealed and swept under the carpet. Or has the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses simply overlooked these Scriptures? Could it be that the supposed channel of God is missing reality?


"Even if one argues that the Spirit of God works only through Jesus, it cannot be explained why the Bible names the Spirit of Christ as our Helper."

What is incomprehensible about this statement?

Spirit of God / Spirit of the Father

- The Spirit that proceeds FROM the Father (since the Father Himself is Spirit)

- The same Spirit who proceeds from the Father is the Spirit who dwelt in Christ, with whom God anointed Christ, and who now works in believers (the Holy Spirit of the Father)

Don't understand what's hard to understand about it?

I am not a Jehovah's Witness, but I am sick of these useless discussions and judgmental blogs about these Christians, ...

Oha! There you are however badly informed, Alexander. Jehovah's Witnesses cannot be Christians. They solemnly reject the Lord's Supper worldwide and let children and adults die for their blood doctrine. They covertly claim that God has released human flesh for consumption and therefore humans must be forbidden human blood. When did God allow cannibalism? [RH]

... who sincerely strive to live a life pleasing to God (more than other denominations) and to spread the gospel.

No, Alexander. They don't give a damn about the gospel, but trample it under their feet. Jehovah's Witnesses only care about the extremely deadly heresies of the Watchtower Society. Jehovah's Witnesses must be saved through the Watchtower Society mediator and not through Jesus. Please inform yourself about these details. Jehovah's Witnesses cannot be Christians at all. They are closer to the failed monotheism of Islam. [RH]

I have the impression that some Christians know nothing better to do with their time than to rage against other faith communities because they do not agree with their own opinion on one or another theological point of contention, without even considering that they themselves could be the ones who are in error.

I have been struggling prayerfully to see if Jehovah's Witnesses are not right after all. It took six weeks until I had certainty. And over the years, this certainty has increased and held extremely. Jehovah's Witnesses are witnesses of an artificial god whose name had to be invented by a Catholic monk. [RH]

There are plenty of websites like this one. And they are absolutely useless.

Alexander February 02, 2023

If you only knew! [RH]

P.S. Jesus says: "But this is Eternal Life, to know YOU (the Father), the only true God, and whom You (Father) have sent, Jesus Christ." Listen to Jesus, believe His words and act according to His example. Then you will have Eternal Life. These tiring discussions about whether Jesus is God or not do not bring any of you closer to God.

Jehovah's Witnesses translate instead of "recognize" "continually absorb knowledge". In this way, they bind the poor, unsaved follower to themselves permanently by making him believe that he must constantly study the Watchtower literature. And consequently, Jehovah's Witnesses do not recognize Jesus, but have him only as a second sub-god in their religion. If you think about all this, you will recognize the malodorous abyss into which the Watchtower Society leads. [RH]


It is precisely the recognition of Jesus as God that brings one to God. There is no other way. Jesus sends the spirit of the Father. You cannot push the Son aside to hide behind the Father. Either the spirit of Jesus or the spirit of the adversary.

Doris [February 05, 2023]

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