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Is there mind control in Christian churches?

No. In Christian congregations, the status of the Christian before God can never be verified without this Christian openly confessing himself. This is a reflection of the reality that each person is solely responsible for himself before God and cannot be dragged along in a collectivist way. But how can Christians then help and support one another? This happens only in mutual open confession. Only the Christian who turns to his brothers and sisters with his views and insights will receive feedback that can help him to examine himself and the attitude of others.

Is there mind control in political organizations?

Yes. A political organization can exercise mind control. In every political organisation there is a certain framework within which its members must move in order to legally belong to that organisation. Political organizations that conceal this thought control and use their members to spy on each other are inhuman and dictatorial in their leadership. The planned establishment and maintenance of an own spying system is the identification of political organizations that rate the collective higher than the individual. Within this collective system, nothing is more important than the unity of the community with the outside world. Examples of this collective isolation and merciless control of the individual are Hitler's NSDAP, the SED of the former GDR, and – the Watchtower Society.

THE WACHTTURM (student edition) 15 MAY 2011, page 13, paragraph 10

Even small goals, which almost everyone in the family can achieve, can bring everyone a long way forward. One could, for example, decide to look at the daily text together every day. Through what the individual contributes, the family father can get an idea of how everyone feels about the truth and Jehovah.

The faith community of Jehovah's Witnesses is in bad company there. According to the ideas of the Brooklyn Governing Body, even the smallest cell of human coexistence – the family – must be subject to regular thought control. And not in an open way, by questioning each other openly, but in a hidden way, which leaves the others in the dark, what is behind the respective action and which goals are connected with it. The spying on one's own children becomes an important task for the family father, which he must carry out in order to "work towards goals in service to Jehovah". Under this heading resides the friendly impetus to mutual espionage as recommended by the leadership of the political organization Watchtower Society.

Recognizable through works and actions

Matthew 7,16 You shall recognize them by their fruits. Can grapes be harvested from thorns or figs from thistles?

Where thought control leads, if it leaves those affected in the dark, has often been demonstrated in the world. The demise of such political organizations was first accompanied by constant mutual spying on their members and later by the collapse of the entire system, because at some point people recognize in their individuality the evil in a system that lets the individual spy on them. Spying on each other can certainly stabilize a rigid leadership system for a while and prolong its survival, but it is this spying method that will ultimately lead to the irrevocable destruction of the system.

Genuine Christianity has never engaged in such methods and can never do so. Whether it is secret mutual eavesdropping as with the relevant parties or covert mind control as practiced with Jehovah's Witnesses, mind control is the poison nail in the flesh of an organization and inevitably leads to an embarrassing end like that of the NSDAP and the SED. Among Christians, such a "fellowship-supporting" measure can never occur, for such a course of action is in itself the deception of the neighbor. With Jehovah's Witnesses, there are examples in every assembly of this mutual deception arising from thought control. There, people systematically learn to hide behind a pious facade and bury their true thoughts deep within themselves so as not to lose the fellowship. In every assembly of Jehovah's Witnesses there is a certain class that feels called to the task of spying on others. Mutual betrayal is their program, and they are maintained through their "special service to Jehovah."

The consequences of everyday spying practice

People who are accustomed to spying on others in their normal daily lives have no inhibitions in making their abilities available to the higher Jehovah's authority even when uninvolved persons or opponents and critics of the Jehovah's religious community are affected. The control apparatus of the Governing Body of Brooklyn may seem sluggish to outsiders and at times an unattainable alien power centre, but this apparatus exercises its power worldwide and has its eye on many things of which the uninvolved people have no idea at all. The entire system of the Watchtower religion runs in this direction:

  • Data collection of their members
  • Data acquisition of your opponents
  • the systematic recording of uninvolved persons visited by Jehovah's Witnesses
  • Spying on one's own clientele
  • Spying on critics

A "religion" that makes use of the resources of political organizations is not a religion and certainly not a Christian community. The well-organized Jehovahist society has a huge potential for overthrow longing and hostility to democracy. The formal commitment of this particular society to the "end of the system of all things" it hopes for is commonly dismissed as utopia. But all the external and internal characteristics of this society taken together are the striking proof that the Watchtower Society is working on the decline of peaceful human coexistence. Only under the leadership of the Watchtower Society should such peaceful coexistence of people be possible. Therefore, it must inevitably be interested in destroying and combating all non-Jehovahist structures. The fact that the great conflict in Armageddon is to be carried out by a bloodthirsty monster god does not change the long-prepared arrangements made by the Governing Body for the completion of the Jehovah's kingdom.

The doctrine of the Watchtower Society is structurally and objectiveally similar to the ideologies of the NSDAP and the SED and finds its counterparts in the everyday family life of the individual Jehovah's Witnesses. The mother betrays her daughter, the wife of an elder hypocrites a veritable ape love to a black witness to "get to know her better," the elder reports to the branch office, and the family father "can form an impression of how everyone feels about the truth and Jehovah."

The rule of Jesus compared to the rule of Jehovah is the exact opposite. Jesus refers only to the individual person and is in direct contact with the believer. Any "Christian" community that violates or undermines this individuality of faith in Jesus by persecuting practices of political organizations has lost its Christianity. The practice of political organization methods under the Christian guise is closely related to the spiritual fornication of which it is written:

Revelation 17:4 And the woman was clothed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, and had a golden cup in her hand, full of abominations and uncleanness of her fornication, ...

It is the replacement of the dominion of Jesus by a human dominion. Where this mixing takes place, no Christian can be at home. He will turn away with horror and place himself in the care of Jesus. Hopefully, many Jehovah's Witnesses will recognize the destruction they are in and finally take Jesus at his word.

Jesus says

Matthew 11,28 Come here to me, all of you who are troublesome and loaded; I want to refresh you.


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