Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 355

Thanks to the Bruchsal Jehovah's Witnesses!

You've given me the most beautiful day in a long time.

Included in this report: the Watchtower Patient Decree

Ignoring people, i.e. permanently treating someone like air or less than air, is what Jehovah's soldiers get from their Jehovah God deep in the mind. Probably they will ignore Jesus Christ on His Second Coming as well and pretend nothing happened. The ignorance of the Bruchsal Jehovah's Witnesses is stunning, yet I must thank them. Today in Bruchsal they have prepared a day for me that I have not been able to enjoy for a long time.

The mother of the serial murder advertisers, the Watchtower Society, made sure that the entertainment factor didn't stop, not even at the moment when I wanted to go to my car after three hours of warning. First two Russian Jehovah's women appeared, whom I was allowed to photograph on their departure. And at the end a Turkish Jehovah was waiting for me in the crowd in front of the Jost department store, so that I could hold up my warning signs in front of all the people. It was a pleasure. Especially since the Turk of Jehovah suddenly searched the distance, only because I had sat down on a bench for a short time.

At the beginning – shortly before nine o'clock – a vegetable seller came to me and said that he was sick and dizzy. When asked, he said: "I am sick and dizzy when you stand here!" I comforted him with the words: "Don't worry, I won't fall down." Then he went back to his potato measuring machine and was quite satisfied.

A cyclist came by and expressed his joy that someone was telling Jehovah's Witnesses the truth. So over the whole three hours I had good conversations, in which I was able to explain the serial murder of the Watchtower Society to the people. One man mentioned that the Jehovah's Witnesses had repeatedly deprived his aunt of her money. Many, many people expressed their consent. Many were very amazed at the text: "What is a Serial Murder Religion?" On the faces I could see that the message was not ignored by the people.

Jehovah's Witnesses at her death trap, however, didn't seem to see me at all. They looked through me and none of them showed how shocked they had to be by the phrase "Jehovah serial murder. Imagine that! There's someone standing in the pedestrian precinct promoting the only real sausage fridge and in front of it is someone holding up a sign with the inscription: Sausage refrigerators are pure nonsense. Every refrigerator is suitable for sausages.

What do people think of such a sausage fridge marketer? Especially when the lie is uncovered directly? The hollowness of Jehovah's death campaigners is boundless.

After Jehovah's doomed men had set up their traps, they stood there as if not ordered and not picked up either. The crate that Jehovah's foam people drive is just a final attempt to save face. In Heidelberg and Speyer the Jehovah's Witnesses pile up with flying flags, in Bruchsal they stand iron behind their table and grin. They are already up to their necks in the barrel to tar and feathers, but still believe they can save face. They wear the mask as thick as a finger and are happy that they haven't given up yet. The Bruchsal Jehovah's Witnesses are indeed the most stubborn liars under the sun.

All the more pleasing was the day for me. Because you rarely meet so many people who are grateful to read the facts from the signs. What a spectacle – and Jehovah's Witnesses don't notice anything!

From several passers-by I heard that they had been observing the scenery with the sign holding up for quite some time, and expressed their appreciation to me. I certainly don't need them, because Jesus is my motivation. Jesus is the truth and not the Watchtower Society! But such appreciative sentences are already good to listen to. Especially since they come from people who should only be bored by the permanent advertising attacks of Jehovah's death seekers. I am very pleased that there is still upright vigilance here.

Anyone who has read the phrase "Jehovah Serial Murder" will find it difficult to be reached by Jehovah's seducers. The business with the deadly religion in Bruchsal is becoming increasingly unproductive and the ice on which these seducers move is becoming thinner and thinner. So they also have to fly in a number of colleagues from the surrounding area who support them in their stubbornness. There are guys with their seductive material who are not wild and look at the ground with folded hands. And when I go away for a moment to sit down, they hastily collapse their moving folding watchtower and purposefully roll away. There is no more looking around or hesitating. No, Jehovah's mission is done and gone, as long as you haven't fainted from this ridiculous plot. So the Turk left Jehovah today as if he was in pain or urgently expected to get some. The embarrassment remained behind him like horse droppings on the bicycle path. That there was no water trace behind him was everything.

Jehovah's Witnesses do not drink human blood

What can even get a person not to drink human blood? A Jehovah's Witness must seriously ask himself this question! Why did a Jehovah's Witness receive the order to strictly refuse human blood? After all, Jehovah's Witness had to study the Watchtower Wisdom for several years in order to have the advantage over all other people not to consume human blood. No human blood sausage, no Palatine human stomach, no human breast fillet and also no human mortadella! To learn these things, Jehovah's Witness needs years and can only be baptized in the name of the Watchtower Society when he is certain of all these things.

When the time has finally come for man on earth to be certain that he will no longer drink human blood, he can be baptized as a Jehovah's Witness. In this act of consecration a new man is born who no longer takes human blood. – I believe one can feel the idiocy of the Watchtower doctrine and the lust for murder in the blood law of the Watchtower Society that one has devised. And yet Jehovah's honorable society manages to provide the people who fell for it with ID cards that prohibit the use of blood transfusions in an emergency. Here the Watchtower Organization is again taking the plausible and legally correct route. The observer and Jehovah's Witness lose sight of the fact that the basis for this plausible and legally correct way is an imbecilic cannibal law that does not exist at all in the Bible. The superiors of Jehovah's seducers know exactly what it is all about: it is Satan's desire to murder that is fulfilled with the help of the fictitious cannibalism law.

The fulfillment of the wishes of Satan, the man-killer, cannot be punished legally as long as the applicable law is not affected. Here there is no difference between apple claws and Satan's desires. Only when there is a violation of the law does our legal order take effect and, if necessary, lead to consequences. Thus the Watchtower Society, after the step of human manipulation, quickly takes the second step, which consists of very sober documentation and the laying down of the bent human will and thus overpaints the manipulative lying performance of the serial murder society of Jehovah. Documents are written that every Jehovah's Witness must carry. The blood identity card is an absolute duty for Jehovah's Witnesses.

The serial murder org blood ID


Living will

I, – – – -, born on – – – -, hereby declare my consent to be treated as a patient according to the rules of medical art. A limitation results from my following instructions, which are based on my personal decision.

Watch your step! Here we go already! Here, with the assertion that the instructions were based on the very personal decision of the Jehovah's Witness concerned, a protective wall is being erected to obscure the view of the serial murder of the Watchtower Society. None of these instructions are based on the very personal decision of the Jehovah's Witness concerned, but solely on the manipulative influence of the Watchtower Society. The formulation of the legal compartmentalization by this document is also provided by the Watchtower. The person who affirms his very personal decision here is being lied to again at this very moment. The blood document is based solely on manipulation and lies and is imposed on those affected with (so friendly) psychological pressure. [RH]

I rule that I am not given any transfusions of whole blood or any of the major components of blood (red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, or blood plasma). This order applies under all circumstances, even if doctors consider the administration of blood to be necessary to maintain my life or health. I agree with blood-free volume substitutes (such as saline solution, Ringer's solution, hydroxyethyl starch, gelatin or dextran) and other treatment alternatives to blood transfusions. With this legally binding order, I exercise my right as a patient to accept or refuse medical treatment in accordance with my deep convictions and my personal conscience. I am a baptized Jehovah's Witness and have made the above disposition in obedience to the commandments of the Bible, such as the commandment to abstain from blood mentioned in Acts 15:28, 29.

In this highly official document, the Watchtower Society even returns to its original lie about a cannibalism law that does not exist. Unfortunately, the Watchtower Lie Society has to mention the cannibalism law, which cannot be found in the Bible, in order to deceive doctors and judges into believing a biblical basis. But in the Bible, blood abstinence refers always only to animal blood, only in the case of Jehovah's annihilators does it suddenly refer to human blood! [RH]

That is my established belief since the year – – – -.

It's my religious conscience decision.

Here the Watchtower Society unintentionally admits that the so-called decision of conscience of the person concerned is a religious one. That means nothing else than that the decision was made by religion, for religion and with religion. The religion responsible for this "decision of conscience" is the Watchtower religion, which also calls for child abuse to be reported only when it is inevitably required by law. It can be seen that the Watchtower Society fluctuates between nebulising and exposing its manipulative activity. This offers further important protection against exposure and punishment. Because the change between admitting and denying irritates the affected people to the last. By this constant change between lie and half-truth, the serial murder Org Watchtower Society reaches the highest level of irritation. The consequence of this is in fact the serial murder of Jehovah, which has been continued for decades, approved by almost all states of this world by acquiescence and not sanctioned. [RH]

I made this decision in the year – – – – and have represented her since then as a Jehovah's Witness in accordance with my beliefs. The Bible tells in Acts 15:28,29 to abstain from the blood.

This text is given by the Watchtower Serial Murder Org. The assertion that the Bible even announces somewhere that one must abstain from peopleblood is and remains a lie and is put into the mouth of the person concerned here. The lying witness of Jehovah does not take over the lie voluntarily, but only under the pressure to have to carry this blood document signed with himself. [RH]

I am fully aware of the risk that my refusal of blood transfusions could entail. I am – – years old and I declare my own free will and responsibility.

Okay. Okay. At this point, the discharge of the Watchtower Murder Org is apparently perfect. Jehovah's Witness takes full responsibility. But how can someone who has both arms cut off by the Watchtower Org carry two buckets of water? The lie of human bleeding is one of the many planned abortions of the Watchtower doctrine and the basis of the so-called free decision of the lied Jehovah's Witness. The Jehovah's Witness who signs something like this has no idea that the Bible does not even know how to drink human blood and therefore does not contain a law on cannibalism. The assumption of the entire responsibility is suspended at this moment, because the foundations for this decision have already been thoroughly manipulated. Manipulated here really only means: stunned and lied. [RH]

Also in the case of my unconsciousness my above declaration of intent shall be valid unchanged. Looking ahead to death, I am familiar with other decisions of conscience that I made as a Jehovah's Witness before my devotion to God, such as the willingness to endure persecutions that may threaten my freedom, my health, and my life.

Please bear in mind that this text was formulated and prescribed by the Watchtower Society and not by the Jehovah's Witness concerned. It cannot be assumed that any Jehovah's Witness would ever have come through with a modified form. Here, too, the strict authority of the mother of deceit, the Watchtower Society, applies. [RH]

Jesus pointed out in Mark 8:35 that His disciples must be ready to give their lives for their faith's sake. This is what I promised to do.

It should be remembered that here Jehovah's Witness is risking his life for a lie! The law of cannibalism that was pretended to him does not exist! Not in the Bible and not in the telephone book. It simply does not exist, except in the imagination of the Watchtower Society. The vow of Jehovah's Witness amounts to a conspiracy of sick, manipulated people and can never serve as a legal basis to exonerate the MURDER-ORG Watchtower Society. [RH]

If I am unconscious, this is not an unforeseen situation for me in which someone would have to speculate about a possible change in my will.

Here Satan, the mocker of all men, puts the words into the mouth of Jehovah's Witness: "If I am unconscious, this is not an unforeseen situation for me..." The permanent natural state of a Jehovah's Witness is unconsciousness. This is expressed here by the Watchtower Society in this text with a broad grin. Unconsciousness is not an unforeseen situation for the Jehovah's Witness! Let this sentence slowly melt on your tongue! The Watchtower-Lies-Society shows its manipulative performance in a public and legally precise manner and is pleased that no doctor or lawyer is clever enough to recognize the fraud that destroys human beings. The second half of the sentence also describes the normal everyday life of a Jehovah's Witness: "No one can and must expect a change in my will." This is also the normal state of the Jehovah fighter. [RH]

My declaration of intent shall also be binding on my legal representatives or heirs. My order for medical care is therefore, as described above, limited.

Do we understand what is written here? The medical care of a Jehovah's Witness is limited due to the Watchtower Cannibalism lie. This is stated here very light-footedly and succinctly. Oops – uh, all right! Then that's just the way it is. Exactly in this Situaltion are Jehovah's Witnesses all their lives. Ouch – all right. Ouch – all right. Ouch – all right. And if they've endured the blatant and arbitrary mischief of the Watchtower Superiors long enough, then they've certainly earned Jehovah's mercy! Apart from the fact that no one can earn mercy, the Jehovah's Witness's inability to live is a death achievement. They do not rely on God, but on a human organization that limits the lives of its people in material existence. Nose off, okay. Arm off. All right. Head off. Well, I guess ... that's the life of the Deceived Jehovah's. The mental limitation is followed, if possible, by physical killing due to a law of cannibalism that only exists in the Watchtower Society. [RH]

My decision of conscience ...

With the Watchtower Society's lust for murder coming more and more to light, and the Watchtower Freemasonry's strategists already acting quite brainlessly, Jehovah's Witnessing shifts to a pure demonstration of superiority. Here, a Jehovah's Witness of a higher order takes up the idea of setting up other tin soldiers here and there. He makes a telephone call to the next higher person and his interlocutor in the German office of Jehovah's Witnesses in Selters, the one with the soft voice and the sympathetic speech impediment, agrees with him and takes over the organization of a special Turkish action.

And there he stands, the Turk. A true anti-Christian Jehovah's Witness, who must be credited with not being able to see through the anti-Christianism of his serial murder religion. He was never a Christian. The man stands there with folded hands and always looks exactly in the other direction. It's as if an emergency doctor would always pick up exactly the phone that doesn't ring. Someone has the sticker on the car: "I also brake for animals", but his bumper is dripping with human blood. – Does this poor Turk suspect that he was only used for a power demonstration?

Jehovah's poor Turkish witness served to show even more people the accusing, incriminating and unmasking signs. I gladly accepted the invitation. And when the poor Turkish witness noticed this, his feet began to move wildly. Oh man, a man who notices something!


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