Johannes Greber's first step towards connection with the spirit world


"Intercourse with the Spiritual World of God – Its Laws and Its Purpose, Self Experiences of a Catholic Spiritual" by Priest Johannes Greber

How significant is the title with the term »self experiences«!

Like Jehovah's Witnesses, John Greber lifts only treasures of his own, self-experienced, non-God-oriented. The subtitle of his book betrays the betrayal of God and man. The confession is given as a matter of course: I did it to myself and you can do it too. There is not the slightest trace of a question to God, not a thought that asks what God means. The Word of God is not read with the question in the heart whether spiritualism is okay or not, but the Bible is thinned for passages that can be misused for one's spiritualism-heavy lust.

This attitude that one can do it oneself manifests itself in Greber as well as in the writings of Jehovah's Witnesses. The Watchtower Society and Greber are twin brothers in Bible paraphrasing. What does not fit, is made to fit. How hardened a man must be in order to devote himself to such methods, to distort the Word of God and then also to advertise this falsehood!

An example of Greber's method of abusing the Bible for his purposes is at the top of his book ...

Personal experiences in the field of ghost manifestations
My first step towards connection with the spirit world

... right after the title of the first chapter:

So I thought about understanding this: but it was too difficult for me to understand until I came into contact with the spirit world of God. Ps 73:16-17

"In connection with" is a term that the Watchtower Society likes to use whenever Jesus says that he must be in us and we in him. This term occurs so frequently in the NWT that the paper had to be made thinner simply because of it, so that the paraphrase is not already noticeable from the outside. These frivolous paraphrases according to the motto "that sounds so similar" proliferate in the "Bible" of Jehovah's Witnesses like cancerous ulcers. And Greber is diligent in exactly this method of making the Bible wax in his hands.

The word in the original text that Greber here translates as "spirit world" is called sanctuaries and means sanctuary, holy place.


If you look up the meanings of the word sanctuaries, you get everything – from the sanctuary to the sacred place, but never anything even close to ghosts or a spirit world. The transformation of meaning that Greber is undertaking here leads away from the shelter of God into a kind of spiritual sphere of influence that can be energetically tapped. The sanctuary of God becomes in Greber's imagination a kind of spiritual oil well that calls to be exploited. Greber's rebuilding of the Word aims at the self-service of man with the power of God.

While the experiences of a true Christian with Jesus repeatedly show that Jesus is not usable, Greber and the Watchtower Society find an almost scientific way to use God for themselves. Greber's experiments are presented as repeatable and Greber as well as the Jehovah's Witnesses live from the thought of making themselves useful to God. The Watchtower is full of phrases about how useful the Bible is and how useful it is to gain Jehovah's favor.

Fortunately, life, that is Jesus, plays out on a completely different wavelength. Jesus Christ is not subject to human benefit and does not pay off like a business or an entrepreneurial measure. Jesus lives out of Himself and gives His power to those who have noticed that they are not allowed to tap Him, but that they have to give themselves to Him. It is not the one who cuts off his toes so that the shoe fits who wins life, but the one who gives himself as he is. Jesus takes every person without any claim to advance payment or anticipatory measures. But Jesus gives a change that comes from within and is formed in such a way that the Christian always knows: Not I did it! Jesus made it!

Quite contrary to these Christian experiences, Jehovah's Witnesses and all the many esoterically oriented religious practitioners think and act. They knit themselves a god, give him a name, and rewrite the Bible as skilfully as they are. The product of these spirit seekers is always interested in self-experience, in do-it-yourself, in the ascent of the human being to perfection. From the perfected Freemason to the highly sacred Pope sitting in gold and purple to the abstract Jehovah's Witness, esotericism and idolatry compete to bring even more honor (and benefit) to themselves

But the fact that a guy named Jesus said that he who humbles himself will be exalted will be lost in the cult of religion. While Jesus lived his words to the deepest humiliation imaginable, the world of religions is seated on ever higher thrones and cult flights of fancy. Jehovah's Witness must study for at least three years before he can ask to become a member of the elite club. The Christian, however, says one sincere prayer to Jesus and is saved in his wisdom by grace.

The Spiritist Greber and Jehovah's Witnesses

While Greber is still clearly dealing with demonically possessed media, the Watchtower Society has already whitewashed its demon religion so Christianly that hardly anyone thinks that Jehovah's Witnesses could be representatives of Satan. Even the Jehovah's Witnesses usually do not know whom they are really serving. Even the many demons that appear in Watchtower magazine illustrations are not enough to make a Jehovah's Witness think. Once you have licked the salt stone of the demonic elite, you can no longer escape your misguided search for truth. He has committed himself to something that he hopes will benefit him. The fact that God does not allow himself to be caught up in this benefit thinking has completely escaped him.

Greber and with him all esotericism and all religion, which Jesus instrumentalizes for his own purposes, are on the broad way of self-interest and self-experience. They have never encountered the trust that is characteristic of a true Christian. The trust of a true Christian is the trust in Jesus, which says: Lord, lead me, even if I do not understand the meaning. Take me and heal me, even if I do not see through anything and cannot do anything about it myself. Rule over me, even if I cannot grasp anything of You with my human thoughts. For you are the decision maker, the one who rules everything and brings everything to life.

Every single person led to Jehovah's Witnesses is like an idolater who does not want to know what Jesus is doing in our lives and who he is. They have a vision that is not far from the Muslim vision of God. After God showed Himself in Jesus, there was nothing more urgent to do than the invention of many counter-religions who say: "Jesus is not God". They all have self-experience in common.

Try the worship practice of Muslims. You will realize that this prayer technique is almost the same as preaching and visiting the spirit world. You experience something, you feel something, you have done something, you have experienced something, you have taken an initiative. All this is the opposite of faith. Faith renounces experience and the practical rite. Only Jesus himself creates facts, which then, however, go beyond everything human.


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