Hidden All Reconciliation Theory of Jehovah's Witnesses

The decisive savior is the faithful and understanding slave

How can one manage to take the salvation of people out of Jesus' hands and attribute it to one's own organization? Quite simply! One accuses Jesus of Universal Reconciliation and then sets up a Watchtower condition. This condition for salvation is to be a Jehovah's Witness.

The Biblical Original

John 11,25 Jesus said to her, I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live,

The Watchtower Forgery

Quote "THE WATCHTOWER 1962", page 7

Jesus did not teach that the living should pray for the sins of the dead. He taught that God would raise up not only the righteous, but also all who were inclined to righteousness, who had sinned only out of ignorance.

The Universal Reconciliation nailed to the knee of Jehovah's Witnesses here is easily recognizable. There is not a single person who is not inclined to justice. The worst criminal often even has an abnormally pronounced sense of justice. So the steep thesis of the Watchtower is: Jesus redeemed all men.

Two points result from the Watchtower misrepresentation

  1. Why is there the special religion of Jehovah's Witnesses?
  2. What is the sin of ignorance?

Special religion of Jehovah's Witnesses

The Watchtower Society automatically becomes the decision maker as to who is allowed to survive and who is not. Since Jesus' work is rather seen as a watering can system, an instance has to be created which assigns or denies the actual salvation to the people. The judge, who is originally Jesus, has now become the faithful and understanding slave. A team of a few old men in Warwick decide on all the people who ever lived.

The significance of this false information about Jesus' teaching that God (not Jesus, of course) would also raise up all those inclined to righteousness is pure blasphemy. God is only a vehicle used by the faithful slave.

Sin of ignorance

And the implications of this misinformation go even further. According to this view, real sin can only still exist with Jehovah's Witnesses, because they know! Whoever belongs to Jehovah's Witnesses can no longer be raised from the dead, for he does not sin out of ignorance. What a funny self-shooting theology! And that is exactly what it is about! The Watchtower Society wants to be the gravedigger of as many people as possible. It designs a religion that without exception must lead to death. The victims of bleeding are only a beloved sign for the Watchtower religion. A unique selling point. The true background is indeed the theology of the Watchtower Society, which without exception leads to death. Hence the statement that Jehovah's Witnesses can no longer hope for Jesus. After all, they have gained knowledge and can no longer sin out of ignorance! Awesome!

Competition with the Catholic Church?

The Catholic Church turns Jesus into a sacrificial repetition ceremony that has degenerated into a cardboard biscuit. The real salvation depends on being Catholic. This is how the game in the Jehovah's religion works. Only here the hopelessness is a bit more tangible and the deception is even harder. Or put differently: The Catholic is like an unconscious man who is run over by a train. Jehovah's Witness is like a newly awakened man being rolled over by the train. He opens his eyes, but sees nothing. And the Watchtower Jehova devil has a lot of fun with it.


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