Watchtower Society Exposed

Jehovah's Witnesses advertise their Bible knowledge. They proclaim the news that anyone can acquire true worship and survival in Armageddon through knowledge of Watchtower literature. By doing so, they try to displace salvation by believing in Jesus.

While the Bible reports that everyone who accepts Jesus is saved, the Watchtower Society has developed a technique of Bible knowledge that paves the way for survival beyond Jesus and instead of Jesus.

Likewise, the teaching of Jehovah's Witnesses proclaims that they are the chosen people. God had lost interest in the Jews and used Jehovah's Witnesses for this purpose.

The core of all Watchtower theories is the denial of Jesus as God. The entire teachings of the Watchtower Society entwine around the assessment that Jesus is only a creature. The Watchtower Society promotes itself by all means. It claims to rely on the Bible as authority.

The Watchtower Core Thesis

The Watchtower Society, like Islam, claims that Jesus is not God. According to the Bible knowledge of Jehovah's Witnesses, Jesus was one of us and a great example.

Watchtower caught on the uninterrupted lie!

The faithful and understanding slave has been convicted by the Bible itself of the perpetual lie. The Word of God, which is available in writing to the whole world, contains a statement that in its simple directness is unbeatable and makes the Watchtower Society absolutely unambiguously a liar forever!

Revelation 5, 13 and 14

And every creature that is in heaven and on earth and under the earth and on the sea, and all that is in them, I heard say to him that sits on the throne, and to the Lamb praise and glory and glory and power from eternity to eternity! And the four living creatures spoke: Amen! And the elders fell down and worshiped.

All creatures in heaven and on earth praise – the one on the throne and the Lamb. This Lamb is undeniably Jesus Christ and is also undeniably not one of those who praise Him. But since praise all creatures, Jesus cannot be a creature! And he who is not a creature must be the Creator.

Thus the Watchtower Society has been turned into a liar. The entire modesty of this religion is observed only by the ignorant. The initiated Jehovahists laugh at the broken Jehovah's Witnesses!

The spreading of the teaching that Jesus is only a creature is unbiblical and fictitious. The Bible states unmistakably that Jesus cannot be a creature at all, because all creatures worship Him, Jesus the Lamb, and Him who sits on the throne.

Jehovah's Witnesses!

You're being hoodwinked. You will be so pathetically subjugated and beaten up that it is only a disgrace. Take the Bible, open Revelation 5, 13 and 14 and learn knowledge. It says there that Jesus cannot be a creature at all! For all, really all creatures, that is what the Bible sets great store by and counts all possibilities where creatures can be, all Creatures worship. The Lamb does not worship!

You will all be bitterly disappointed when you realize that the faithful and understanding slave is a messenger who does not come from God!


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