The True Life and Goal of Jehovah's Witnesses

It is obvious that the state, which is to decide on the granting of corporate rights under public law, cannot and should not judge the faith itself. From this point of view, the state cannot distribute or deny rights. But if it already confers such rights, it also has the task of imposing the associated duties. However, this does not work for Jehovah's Witnesses, because they do not accept duties from outside. The internal structure of the Jehovah's Witnesses is based on strict self-government and, by enforcing the granting of corporate rights, creates the confirmation of a subculture of the sharpest opposition to all parts of human society. Every Jehovah's Witness is a personal possession of the Watchtower Society and, with his position of loyalty to his mistress, surpasses even the Church of Scientology in blind loyalty and leadership fidelity.

The self-justiciability of the Jehovah's Witnesses most vividly outlines the problem. Here it becomes apparent that state sovereignty concerns are taken into one's own hands and no one can say whether or when the Watchtower Society likes to reverse or simply lift this "imposed strict compliance with the killing ban". As long as the Jehovah's Principles issued by the Watchtower Society are reasonably consistent with the state's requirements, there is no conflict between the Watchtower Society and the state. However, the Jehovah's Witnesses' excessive adherence to the sect's ordinances is still given and necessarily implies the necessary disregard for state power. As far as child abuse is concerned, the Jehovah's Witness religious community has long gone so far that such crimes were generally not reported within the Watchtower sect, but treated with the community's own "legal remedies". A reversal of the practice of self-justicipation is probably not to be expected from the Watchtower Society either, because with the triumphal march in matters of recognition as a public corporation a possibly still existing threshold disappears completely, which could still have prevented or at least softened this arbitrary action.

With the self-referential hierarchy of validity of laws and prohibitions, the laws of the state are not only relativized and subordinated to the laws of the Watchtower Society, but the laws of the state are handed down to Jehovah's Witnesses of a clear invalidity (because secular). The members of this sect draw their own elitist attitude to life not least from this very special feature of their sub-society. One sits in a waiting position like the ready to deploy task force and secretly looks forward to finally hearing the long-awaited outbreak signal from the Watchtower authorities.

The inhumanly extreme obedience of cult members to the Jehovah's Witnesses' Governing Body is their anticipated own state, the enforcement of Sharia law in a small circle.

Thus, the repeated reference in the media by Jehovah's Witnesses to their exemplary and rigorous treatment of offenders in their own ranks should not be seen as evidence that the Watchtower community functions particularly well, but rather as the legal autonomy practised, which must exclude the recognition of Jehovah's Witnesses as a public corporation. It is precisely in this context that the Watchtower Society repeatedly and meticulously tests the effects of its means of power on the individual and the group and sits in court over people according to its own laws. In its everyday operations, it tests the current limits of its legal self-centredness and arbitrariness precisely and always positions itself exactly at the point of not yet discovered and not yet sanctioned state and legal unfaithfulness. The child molester gets a second chance if he hypocrites repentance, the critical questioner is unceremoniously excluded and humiliated in the community until he once again swears allegiance to the line.

This interplay between manipulation, psychological dependence and autocratic application of law, which has been pushed to extremes for decades, enables the Watchtower Society to form a special society within the existing social order, which does not give the members of this special extra clique the hope of one day overcoming the current system of things for nothing. Even if this overcoming of the system seems to be a long time coming, the inner hope of the Jehovah's Witnesses lives precisely from such self-exercised power and sovereignty within the subculture of the isolated Watchtower system. The daily practice of legally autonomous autocracy under the leadership of that Jehovah has its specific meaning. It is oriented toward the watchtower-specific hope of the Jehovah's Witnesses for the assumption of world domination based in Jerusalem. From there the Watchtower Society wants to rule with an iron rod.

The fungibility of the individual members is maintained on a daily basis in a tight organisation through psychological pressure and mental manipulation, and is put through its paces by special strains such as the blood question and conscientious objection. The continuous situation of psychological pressure and permanent regulation into the most private life are the permanent emergency simulation for the day of the day, for the time of the points in time. The Jehovah's Witnesses' obedience, driven to extremes, is their second mainstay alongside the sect's legal autonomy and perfectly intermeshes with the global disdain for the state that has been part of their teaching from the outset.

The method that results from the state's tolerance of such an association in its daily legal autonomy and the arbitrary overruling of state laws by overvaluing its own policies is that with which Jehovah's Witnesses boast before all other people. With extreme perseverance they show to the outside world their will not to kill, and with emphasis they show their peaceableness. They deliberately wear the white vest of a biblically trained good character. – The most important effect achieved with this outwardly shown goodness is that the Jehovah community, with all its inherent facets of disobedience to the state, can spread further and further in society. In this way, it not only deprives the state of knowledge of serious crimes and access to child molesters in the ranks of Jehovah's Witnesses, but it also sustainably protects itself from the discovery of the real interrelationships, which consist precisely in the fact that the upheaval of the systems has long been hoped for and prepared in the daily slave obedience doctrine.

The helplessness of the state

The courts dealing with the issue of the granting of corporation law, which had to judge without the necessary information background, would have done well to set a deadline within which social workers should have dealt with the Jehovah's Witnesses. Only human proximity and serious personal confrontation with beliefs and community structures could have produced a true picture of Jehovah's Witnesses. Had the Jehovah's Witnesses not been willing to cooperate with social work, it would have been apparent that they should have been denied corporate rights. If cooperation had taken place over several years, the expert basis of the courts would have been sufficient to keep many people away from prison-like manipulation and a lot of other harm by refusing to grant these rights. Only after a few years of intensive social work with the structures, teachings and codes of conduct of the Jehovah's Witnesses could a way have been paved for fair and problem-solving justice.

Without this basis for gathering information, the courts had to adhere to the principle of reclaiming fragments from their own legal systems which, over the years of aggravation of the Jehovah's Witness question, could promise to reach a verdict. This way of finding a law that is foreign to the problem has long since ceased to be customary. Even in an average custody dispute, social workers or similar staff are available to the court, if necessary, to obtain the necessary information to reach a verdict and to pass it on to the judge. This practice, which can today be described as fundamental in the legal system, does not exist in the case of the granting of corporate rights to Jehovah's Witnesses and the information vacuum existing here could not be filled even by expert opinions. In addition, Jehovah's Witnesses are experts in the field of half-truths.

Current position of Jehovah's Witnesses

The sub-society of Jehovah's Witnesses today fulfils a rather unapproachable function within German society. They don't drive around the block with motorcycles and leather jackets, don't harass old grandmas, don't rape women in the subway and don't set fire to farmers' barns. However, the programmatic sitemape of this religious community is much more dangerous and subversive than that of rock gangs or terrorist groups or of unconventional Bible interpreters. For the Jehovah's Witness Community, with its consistent and continuously practiced self-justiciability, aims at the seamless replacement of the state system and only refrains from giving an image of itself as an infiltrator of the state in the preparatory phase. The long-term fermentation process within the Jehovah's Witnesses collective successfully hides the forming state within the state and weighs the public in the certainty that Jehovah's Witnesses are only a collection of comical eccentrics.

All historical groups with system-unfriendly objectives have found their downfall in the fact that at some point they turned to violence. The Watchtower Society has learned from this and does not interpret its system goals in terms of a real implementation deadline, but only fuels in its subjects the hope for a fabulous "Day of Jehovah" borrowed from the Bible. Although millions of people believe that this day is indeed dependent on God, this does not prevent some insiders within the group from hoping for a worldwide upheaval that will play into their hands. In preparation for this great Jehovah's day, the Watchtower Society has long practiced the most rigid dictatorship in the world (because psychic-manipulative perfect) to be able, in the event of the hoped-for upheaval, not to let power slip out of their hands. This is the reason why there is no mercy among Jehovah's Witnesses. With them, any affection and permission to be Jehovah's Witnesses must be paid with absolute loyalty to the slave (WTS). Among Jehovah's Witnesses there is no one who passes the sanction of exclusion if he loses his loyalty to the slave.

The state may be certain that the upheaval is far from over because the number of Jehovah's Witnesses is manageable, but it should beware and remember that strange concatenations repeatedly lead to developments accompanied by the annihilation of sinister crowds. One of them rather coincidentally uses the favour of the hour (like Adolf Hitler for example), the other waits calmly for the desired situation and works until then with all consequence on the meticulous perfection of the manipulation of the masses of people who are in his power. Even the manipulation of the German courts by a parade of half-truths belongs to this developmental stage of the Witness Jehovah's religion.

The strategies of the Watchtower Society are broadly diversified.

Their tools range from the consistent accumulation of wealth to the rule over their subjects that replaces the state, to the targeted ingratiation of the rest of the world as good people and the only true religion. It extensively tests with arbitrary prohibitions how far one can oppress people and, for example, force them into concentration camps without losing the iron loyalty of the oppressed. It instigates enormous quantities of humans to take on worst disgraces on itself and collects in this way experiences, how one can bring the manipulation of humans to the best possible success as God-channelisierte thought authority purposefully. The wealth of experience of oppression and paternalism in the Watchtower Society is so comprehensive that even the fraud potential of the Catholic Church and the secular secret services cannot keep up, because they do not think so long-term and are more subject to short-lived developments than the indoctrination and manipulation apparatus of the Watchtower Society.

Anyone who finds these remarks all too conspiracy-theoretical should please get seriously involved with the Jehovah's Witnesses in the longer term. He will either be spiritually subjugated and appropriated by them, or he will return from the attempt with exactly the insights described here. It is the experiences in which fear and spiritual limitation absolutely intelligent people are held in the religious community of Jehovah's Witnesses.


A hostile distant state of the Watchtower Society and thus of Jehovah's Witnesses is the basis of the organization. This hostility consists in the fact that in daily practice existing state ordinances are replaced by Jehovah's Witnesses' own. The fact that this exchange is always practised exactly along a certain line of conflict is self-explanatory when one considers that the objectives of the Watchtower Society are very long-term.

But the emergency is rehearsed again and again in the Watchtower Society. It remains to be seen when the faithful and intelligent slave will again send his herd to the mountains to experience the day of Jehovah. Then again many existences will be destroyed (by people who have given away house and farm), many will then turn away from the WTS and wait inwardly empty and dried up for their death because they have been made incapable of accepting the state and human society and possibly discovering Jesus as their God. But these stress tests must be repeated again and again! Because the most lively thing about the Watchtower Society is the hope for the total system upheaval and the violent death of all those who think differently.

Today (03.07.2009) in the mailbox: The new end of the world with a mountain hike
Jehovah's Witnesses Congress " Watch steadfast"

How much this doomsday doctrine gets under the skin of Jehovah's Witnesses (i.e. becomes an inner substance) can be seen from the fact that Jehovah's Witnesses keep saying: "If other people were like us, the world would be all right. The danger of the Watchtower doctrine for the state community lies not in the uprooted and distorted anti-Christian teachings, but in the demanded loyalty of Jehovah's Witnesses. The internal attitude of Jehovah's Witnesses towards their faithful and intelligent slave is characterized by something that the Hitler SS already practiced. Their motto was: "My loyalty is my honour! If the state is not in a position to prevent Jehovah's Witnesses from becoming a church, at least every Jehovah's Witness should seriously consider the extent to which he has already fallen for this spiritual disloyalty.


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