Adventists catch fools! Anti-Christian Religion

Adventists are a special group from which Jehovah's Witnesses emerged. Adventists are always under stress! Being saved by believing in Jesus is always on the edge for Adventists, because not only Jesus is the yardstick, but also the height of their donations and the keeping of the Sabbath and much more. For Adventists, salvation consists of Jesus and this and that and something else – that's how they have detached themselves from Jesus. "He who has Jesus has life" does not apply to Adventists. The religious oppression of the faithful is particularly bad and subtle with Adventists.

On Youtube there is a video of the Adventists, which brings a lot of truth – especially in things "Religion does not save". The video is cleverly made. What shocks, however, is that the oppression by religion is denounced, but it doesn't become clear that the protagonist himself belongs to a group that lives from the oppression by religion.

The video: Bible, Religion and Church – An invention of mankind? (Werner Renz)

Adventists are never really saved.

Adventists worship the Sabbath. For them, keeping the Sabbath is a condition of salvation. Adventists are dependent on the writings of a spiritualistic prophetess named Ellen G. White. In 1844 Jesus was to come visibly to earth. The Advent movement is reminiscent of the Jehovah's Witnesses, who stood on the mountains with tinned milk and wool blankets to greet the returning Jesus. The Adventists also reinterpreted the self-calculated date of 1844, on which Jesus was to return visibly (as Jehovah's Witnesses did the date of 1914) and said that Jesus had gone invisibly into the sanctuary to atone for the sins of the people. Adventists, despite Jesus, are still saved by keeping the (somewhat slimmed down) law.

If one asks an Adventist how he is doing with the thought that Jesus would come again today, then one receives a defensive reaction: One is not yet so far away and one is glad that Jesus does not come again today.

Adventists hold a cunning doctrine and hide the fact that they themselves are among the worst of the religious oppressors. The Adventists are the prototype of the tactical application of religion to man. Adventists are knitted similarly to Jehovah's Witnesses. They propagate a religion that does without the personal salvation through Jesus. They have mixed Jesus with the Sabbath rule and many other rules.

Mega lie by omitting an information

Adventists show us in their video how to lie brutally by telling the truth, but leaving out a little info. The information concealed here is the authorship of the video. This misappropriated information is first brought to the website, which is shown in the video. Quote: "HOPE Channel is a radio and TV station of the Protestant Free Church of Seventh-day Adventists". End of quotation. Whoever does not know at this point that the Adventists are full of false doctrines may fall for them.

Logo of the Seventh-day Adventists

Logo of the Seventh-day Adventists with the cross upside down


I assume that you have a written permission to use, distribute and use the official Seventh Day Adventist logo?!

In addition, your New World Privacy Policy is not accessible.

Anonymous [October 17, 2020]

If there is an overriding journalistic interest, no permission is required. If a religion adorns itself with a suggested upside-down cross, then one must be able and allowed to show it. – Thank you for the reference with the New World Privacy Statement. [RH]


Please do NOT forget that Jesuits ALSO go into Adventist churches and cause confusion there as well as slander against them! I have known the Seventh-day Adventists for 25 years and I have found NO doctrines of them wrong - they have received the WHOLE message.

They pray FOR all other Christians in the world and HOPE for salvation just like everyone else. So, don't let anyone confuse you and check everything yourself. Everything is also in the Bible, read the Luther Bible for example.

Mr. Seeker [February 07, 2021]

There is nothing in the Bible about Ellen G. White. There is nothing in the Bible about the STA teachings, which are also rampant among Jehovah's Witnesses. If Jesuits make the false teachings of the STA interesting by confusion, does that give you even more security? Incredible! A Mr. Seeker is guided by even more irritation. [RH]

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