Freemasonry and Baphomet

Even better than the denial of Christ as God or as a good alternative to this denial is the abuse of Jesus. All over the world, Jesus is said to have done everything from the great social teacher to the great prophet to the greatest madman who ever lived. The Watchtower Society takes this game to extremes by being more devout than any other religious community, but at the same time linking Freemasonry and occultism purposefully to Jesus.

2006 Calendar of the Jehovah's Witnesses, page 2

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This connection is not openly expressed in the texts, but only proclaimed under the cloak of special Watchtower theology. The images that the Watchtower Society disseminates, however, depict the occult and freemasonic interrelations quite clearly again and again. The role assigned to Jesus within the Watchtower doctrine is one. This misinterpretation of the Bible has been comprehensively refuted on these pages. The other is the portrayal of Jesus as an ungodly but superhuman bearer of the counter-gospel, the message of the New World, which man can build himself with the help of the Watchtower Society and in which everyone can survive eternally if he observes the Watchtower Laws. Freemasonry's ancient dream of the unified world under a unified universal religion manifests itself in Watchtower theology as a recurring pictorial litany.

Quote Wikipedia: »One of the charges in the trial against the Templars of 1307 was that the friars of the Order would "worship an idol".«

Also in the Watchtower theology Jesus only plays the role of an idol. For Jehovah's Witnesses he is nothing more than a role model to strive for. Forgiveness of personal sins, perfect redemption and eternally valid reconciliation with God are not believed in Jesus and are not expected of him. For Jehovah's Witnesses, Jesus is merely a leading figure who is set up as a great example (idol) for the implementation of the Watchtower theories. Jesus does not have anything to say to Jehovah's Witness personally, but he only leads by example. Of course, from village to village, from house to house and from door to door.

Quote from Wikipedia (origin and meaning of the word "Baphomet"):
»"Abufihamet" – is said to be of Arab origin and to mean "father of understanding".«

The Watchtower Society does not build on faith, but on knowledge and on the constant development of an ever more intensively expanding knowledge. To this end it even rewrites the Bible and turns the simple word "recognize" into the sharpened formula "continually take up knowledge".

The Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses redirects Jesus' words from pure faith without occult cognition to the classical Masonic quest for a cognition that perfects human beings. Of course, she herself is the only bearer of the new light and presents herself as the extended arm of the watchtower-specifically changed Jesus, who is portrayed as the great teacher, "father of understanding". This also points to the Watchtower Jesus, who is only Baphomet.

Quote Wikipedia: Because "Baffomet" ... is nothing other than the Provençal word for the prophet Mohammed ...

The Watchtower literature very often depicts the first Christians and the prophets of the Old Testament with turban and thus conveys a high affinity to Islam. The beliefs of Islam correspond at their core exactly to the Watchtower doctrine, except that Jesus still plays a role in Jehovah's Witnesses which is afflicted with an alleged Christian characteristic. This is done to conceal the fact that Jehovah's Witnesses are not and cannot be Christians. They are servants of a two-god religion by deliberately breaking the commandment: You shall have no other gods beside me.

Jehovah's Witnesses have transformed the monotheism of Islam, which banishes Jesus from the almighty triune God of the Bible, into a dualism of gods that portrays the sub-god Watchtower Jesus as unworthy of worship. But the law is not based on worship, but on having (... other gods beside me have). In this way, the anti-Christian religion Islam finds its entrance in order to undermine Christian thinking and understanding. In the eyes of many people Jehovah's Witnesses are regarded as Christians who are especially faithful to the Bible. But in truth they have subverted Islam to the Bible in its antichristian pure form. The exchange of the Christian gospel of the salvation of the individual with the Watchtower gospel of collective mercy in the annihilation of all human beings is the result of this mixture of religions.

Awake! April 2007, page 26

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The horned commissioner of human enlightenment and the great knowledge that is to replace the childlike faith in Jesus finds direct entry into the literature of Jehovah's Witnesses. The Jehovah's Witness Governing Body does not shy away from confessing this Satan descendant through the illustrations in its writings. To this day, she has succeeded because enormous numbers of misled people cannot or do not want to recognize the real connections.

The core of heresy and waste

God saves by faith. This fact is clear to anyone who opens the Bible. The Watchtower Society explicitly emphasizes knowledge and defines faith as "the practice of faith". This actually impossible exercise of faith (faith cannot be a work) is, according to the teaching of the faithful slave from Brooklyn, of course the preaching service and the sacrificial commitment to the Watchtower Society with the exclusive view of the spread of the Watchtower "knowledge". For Jehovah's Witnesses, faith in God is only a means of spreading Watchtower knowledge.

The Watchtower doctrine is completely "purged" of the original intention of Christianity and discarded. Faith in Jehovah's Witnesses has degenerated into a pure duty exercise and is no longer the actual connection between God and man. Although God does not make everything dependent on faith without reason, which establishes the connection between God and man, the Brooklyn Jehovah-God replaces faith with knowledge. And the biblical references to the fact that only faith can save are shifted to the hours and the iron loyalty to the Watchtower Society.

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Many think that these Jesus-domposing tactics are just an attempt by some extremists to make a name for themselves. But this repression of the gospel by other masters and their teachings has a certain meaning. After Jesus redeemed men in the fullness of time, the adversary has only one chance to drag men with him to death: he must disfigure Jesus and build a substitute. He seizes this chance very successfully in the religion of the Watchtower Society and even more successfully in Catholizism.


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