The Bible – what does it want to tell us?

The Watchtower Society represents a covert anti-gospel and designs its texts in such a way that the normal reader does not recognize the anti-Jesus image to be imposed on the Bible. The title of the brochure "The Bible – what does it want to tell us?" reads quite harmlessly to the uninformed or ill-informed person. But for a Christian who was allowed to get to know Jesus in faith, this title already has a completely different effect. The title "The Bible – what does it want to tell us?" directly brings along something that feels like the core situation of American entertainment films. Father Bob and mother Mary are standing there looking bewildered. Tim, the owner of the long-haired collie bitch Lassie, calls: "Pa! Ma! Lassie wants to tell us something." The dog keeps barking and wagging his tail. Father Bob asks: "What does the dog want to tell us? Yes, what does he want to tell us?" – That's the title of the brochure "The Bible – what does it want to tell us?".

Thus the Watchtower Society first of all gives the impression that the Bible cannot speak for itself, but is dependent on the specially trained hearing of a Papa Bob, who can only correctly interpret the barking and wagging with his tail. The enthusiasm with which Klein-Tim and Collie Lassie then run off to free the kidnapped girl in this film or to convict the thief of the stolen 500 dollars is the enthusiasm of the Jehovah's Witnesses in the Watchtower version of Head Cinema: "The Bible – what does it want to tell us?"

The commercial aspect is the first

As the first great answer to the question of why one should be interested in the Bible, the Zeitungsverlag Watchtower-Gesellschaft provides the logical answer for him: "The Bible is the world's bestseller in book history." The commercial success that this book promises a newspaper publisher may also have persuaded Charles T. Russell to found this humanlogic-based know-it-all religious community. The commercial aspect of Bible marketing is still at the top of the Watchtower Society's agenda today. The follow-up sentences in this introductory paragraph are then only generalities that every reader knew and already knew. However, they are structured in such a way that the impression is created that nobody knows "what is written in this unique book". After this impression is implanted, comes the facilitating promise: "This brochure is intended to give an overview of the Bible".

Is an overview of the Bible at all possible?

The promised overview of the Bible remains in the interests of the Watchtower religion. The overview of the Bible offered by the newspaper publisher with an associated Jehovah's religion does not serve to open people's eyes to the Bible, but merely serves the veiled interpretational preferences of the Watchtower Society. People who trust the good purpose, the good promise of the Watchtower Society at this point, that is, after a few looks at this brochure, have already lost the ground of reality under their feet here.

An overview of the Bible is impossible. The Bible is so complex that an overview can only ever be given of what someone has recognized from the Bible. Christians outline an overview of the faith they have gained from the Bible. Likewise, the Watchtower Society only sketches an overview of its own heresy. The Watchtower Society's irredeemable promise to provide an overview of the Bible is logically led to the erroneous testimony of Jehovah's Witnesses, that is, those who allowed themselves to be completely manipulated: "We have found the truth." The illusion that anyone on this earth could actually give an overview of the Bible must inevitably lead to a fraud situation in which the originator of this illusion has all spiritual power of manipulation over the misguided.

Details Important to the Watchtower Society

To give the impression that anyone can understand this booklet and the Watchtower Bible overview, the text starts with the simplest information you can think of. The Watchtower doctrine of Masonic origin sticks to "facts" that each child can determine for itself (number of books, etc.), avoids the time "before or after Christ" like the devil the holy water, to come to the adversary God Jehovah immediately after mentioning these purely technical data. The Watchtower Society therefore only gives introductory hollow phrases and empty phrases at the beginning and immediately enters into the content of its opponent God Jehovah with relevance.

This rapid transition from nothing to Jehovah is hardly noticeable to people who have already fallen for the overview promise. This Jehovah is established as the author of the Bible, although the name Jehovah was only invented by Catholic monks in the Middle Ages, and although Freemasonry and its adult sects actually see Satan behind this Jehovah, whom they worship by that name. Directly on the first sitemap page of the brochure, "The Barking Lassie, what is she going to tell us?", uh, no, "The Bible – what does it want to tell us?" the introduction of this unblilical god Jehovah has succeeded perfectly for those who do not know Jesus. The seduction methods of the Watchtower Society, perfected over decades, pay off and the man far removed from Jesus actually believes that he can learn something about the Bible from the Watchtower religion.

The bomb bursts right after the introduction of the Jehovah God!

Brochure of the Watchtower Society, The Bible – what does it want to tell us?, page 3

For the understanding of the Bible it is also crucial to know its main theme. It can be summarized as follows: God's heavenly government will confirm that God has the right to rule over people. This theme runs from Genesis to Revelation like a red thread through all of Scripture.

The facts are different! The right of God to rule over the universe has never been challenged, is never challenged and can never be challenged, because once God would not have this omnipotence, he would not be God. God already has this omnipotence by definition. Anyone who assumes that God can be God without this omnipotence does not speak of God, but of a being who wants to be God. But precisely this is Satan's heart's desire to suggest to people that God does not have the omnipotence that is automatically his own as an Almighty. Satan wants to convey the impression that God has to justify Himself before human beings, and thus assigns to God the role that He Himself, Satan, has and always had. Satan, who allows himself to be worshipped as Jehovah in Masonic-infiltrated religions (including the Mormons), tells the God of the Bible his own Satanic destiny of having to justify himself, and in this way performs a kind of role reversal. This is the role reversal the devil has always wanted. Taking God's place is the same as putting God in the devil's place. The Masonic breeding ground gives birth to a Jehovah God who cleverly makes a wrong role assignment.

This inverted role assignment is the main theme of the Watchtower doctrine, but not that of the Bible! The Bible tells of a God who humbled himself to death for people. The main theme of the Bible is Jesus, who stands for the forgiveness of sins and through whom God has given us his infinite love in a very practical way. What sense should a "confirmed regency" make besides this love? In the love of God, whose embodiment is Jesus, man's absolute connection with God is accomplished. In this absolute community, there is no need to govern, nor is there anything to be confirmed that is obsolete anyway. The way of reconciliation Jesus has settled everything between God and man, nobody needs a ruling power that has to confirm itself. Within the reconciled relationship between God and us human beings there is no need for a government in the conventional sense, because in the reconciliation through Jesus the reign of God over human beings is already realized. A "heavenly" government, which is still unconfirmed, takes place exclusively in the political dreams of the Watchtower Society, which would like to take over world domination by means of its ideology. And if at some point a state should be reached that suggests that humanity considers Jehovah's rule, represented by the Watchtower Society, to be confirmed, then there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth, for then the Watchtower Society will rule with an iron rod from the new Jerusalem (New York).

No doubts about the Jehovah God have been mentioned, yet the lie about this false name must be established and affirmed!

As if someone had complained about the false name of God "Jehovah", the Watchtower Society adds a box dedicated especially to the naming on page 4 of the brochure "The Bible – what does it want to tell us?":

In the Holy Scriptures there are various names for God, such as Creator or Almighty. Some of these terms emphasize his holiness, his power, his justice, his wisdom, his love, or some other quality. But God also gave Himself an incomparable proper name: Jehovah. This name appears about 7000 times in the original text of the Bible, beginning with Genesis 2:4. The name Jehovah means "He causes to be caused". God's name gives courage. He stands for the fact that God does everything that he sets out to do and keeps every promise.

God has expressly refrained from introducing "an unmistakable proper name" until Jesus completely fulfilled the JHWH. The tetragram JHWH means: I will be who I will be. The future form of the JHWH is an indication that Jesus is the name of God. Peter confirms this by saying that the name Jesus is the only name given to people under heaven that we must be saved in this name.

Jesus mentions the establishment of the name of God, which enables us to praise His name, in the prayer that He addresses to the Father:

Johannes 17,11+12 I am no longer in the world; but they are in the world, and I come to you. Holy Father, get them in your name you have given me that they are one like us. As long as I was with them, I received them in your name that you gave me, and I kept them, and none of them is lost except the son of perdition, so that the Scripture may be fulfilled.

Johannes 17,26 And I have given them your name and will gladly so that the love with which you love me may be in them and I in them.

Jesus speaks here of the name that the Father has given him. The angel of the Lord said when he informed Joseph:

Matthew 1,21 And she will bear a son, to him you shall give the name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins.

So the name Jesus is given by the Father, the name Jesus is the name that Jesus made known, and this making known of the name Jesus takes place to this day. There is no further, even remotely similarly clear statement about the name of God in the Bible. The tetragram JHWH also points to Jesus – I am who I am – I will be who I will be. No one has made a name in the world as well known as Jesus made the name Jesus! This is a fact which is everyday experience worldwide and cannot be denied by anyone.

The Watchtower Society's claim that the name Jehovah appears about 7000 times in the original text is a plain lie. The original text does not exist, but only copies of it. The basis of Jehovah's lies is the rumor that Jehovah's name has been removed from the Bible, a rumor that was spread by the Jehovahists themselves, but that was successful only among the Watchtower tempters. This rumor is supposed to entitle the Watchtower Society to arbitrarily use the name Jehovah in appropriate and inappropriate places in its New World Special Translation. The whole thing merely amounts to excluding the name Jesus from human worship and selling the artificial name Jehovah, whom no one knew until the 12th century, as the name of God. This is to undermine the work of Jesus (I have made your name known to them and will make it known), establish a counter-religion, and prevent salvation through Jesus Christ in as many people as possible.

In the Watchtower religion, all activities that would benefit the name Jesus are abolished, forbidden, tabooed or so strongly modified that they are no longer recognizable. The Lord's Supper turns into an event where demonstratively bread and wine are only passed through without anyone taking it, the prayer to Jesus is classified as blasphemous, Jesus is only admitted as an angel who bears the title "God". So the Watchtower Jesus' right address would be: Lord God Jesus. But this salutation is avoided, because no one comes up with the idea that the word "God" is only meant as a title. And this Watchtower-Jesus may not be addressed, although he is the messenger of God, thus the contact man.

The Watchtower religion thus has a God who has imposed a ban on contact on his own envoy, who has had his own name "Jehovah" developed by Catholic monks, who has yet to have his claim to power confirmed by the steadfastness of the Jehovah's Witnesses, who lets people bleed to death as a sign of their loyalty, and who has to be represented by a human organization. All these are attributes of Satan and the assumption that this Watchtower Jehovah could actually only be Satan does not seem very unlikely against this background.

The lies of the Watchtower Doctrine are unmanageable in just a few sentences!

On less than 4 pages the Watchtower Society brings the reader of the brochure "The Bible – what does it want to tell us?" already on wrong ways without return. It has established a counter-god who acts in opposition to the biblical God. This God accepts Human Sacrifice. This God turns Jesus, who came into the world to save sinners, into an avenger who wants to destroy all evil people. This is Satan's heart's desire: the annihilation of mankind. There is no man who is not evil. The Watchtower religion is the religion of a destructive adversary God named Jehovah. The illusion that man can ascend to the favor of any god through good works is buried in every human being. We find this illusion of factory justice in Catholicism, as in all natural religions, and also in the Watchtower-Jehovah religion. The Watchtower Society does not need to lose many words about this imaginary chance, it only has to use enough energy to exploit man's natural urge to increase his prestige before the respective God through religious good humankind and to steer it in the desired direction.

The American newspaper publisher Watchtower Society, founded by a High Grade Freemason, endowed with an all-destructive counter god (the fantasy that the exterminator will omit Jehovah's Witnesses is absolutely ridiculous), is the most dangerous sect after Catholicism. Once you have been captured by this newspaper publisher, you won't be able to do anything with the actual Jesus, the messenger of God.

The Watchtower Society is selling itself as God's people.

How ridiculous the idea that Jehovah's Witnesses are the true (spiritual) Israel is can be seen in the insolence and brutality with which the Jehovahists interpret the Bible. When Pharaoh (described on page 10 of the booklet "The Bible – what does it want to tell us?") orders to finally let the people of Israel go, the Watchtower's own scribe comes up with the statement:

A mass exodus was organized immediately.

You have to imagine that vividly! The Leadership Body of the People of Israel first calls for a meeting of the Leadership Body in which the implementation of the Exodus is precisely regulated. Then the decisions made and precisely documented will go to the writing department and will be approved again by the governing body as a finished magazine. When this organizational process is complete, flyers will be printed with the title: "Our Exodus from Egypt – How to Make" This flyer will go by mail to each local assembly and the elders will have to acknowledge receipt with a short letter. This confirmation states in the small print that the Governing Body is now empowered to this or that expansion of power. Any assembly that does not return this form signed to the Governing Body will be left in Egypt and declared dead. A 700-page Prophecy Special Edition is then produced, meticulously recording the exact date and schedule of the Exodus. Each Israelite is, of course, obliged to take one copy of this 700-page special prophecy edition. Then the Israelites all have to take to the streets with the latest magazines and when the date for the Exodus has passed, a magazine has to be produced as to why the expectations of the Israelites were exaggerated and that the Governing Body never made a firm statement about the time and place of the Exodus. The readers alone had too high expectations of God.

The Watchtower organizers are not too good at presenting the exodus of Israel from Egypt as an organized action and thus equating the people of Israel as an organization of God with their own organization! The infamous willingness of the Watchtower-Verlag to lie can already be seen from this absolutely absurd insertion, which the Watchtower makers could not resist. The possibility that the leaders of the Watchtower organization will bend over with laughter while writing and checking their own texts is less absurd. The brothers of the great Masonic religion have every day reason to laugh sickly at those who let themselves be seduced by them!


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