Watchtower Mockery: Man from the Bible depicted without trousers

Watchtower hatred against the Bible

Picture from the Watchtower January 1, 1964, page 8

When Freemasons amuse themselves with the Bible

Teaching, teaching, teaching! The hobbyhorse of the Watchtower Society is teaching. Jehovah's Witnesses are good by teaching and those who do not receive instruction cannot be saved by the Watchtower Wisdom. So it happens that Timotheus has to serve as a prime example of the teachable human being for the Watchtower doctrine. He is regarded as the one who became great through teaching in the congregation and found recognition.

But even not to mock the Bible just once, because at this point it is actually something that can be completely abused by the Watchtower Society, does not occur to the Freemasons. Someone who serves a Jehovah who is worshipped as Lucifer in the high degrees of Freemasonry is forced to ridicule even this completely abusive passage. The effect of the mockery of Jehovah's Witnesses must also come to bear. They are seduced and led by the nose through the village. They have entered into a Masonic religion and must therefore be abandoned to the exaltation.

Proof: Watchtower lie contempt of man lie press of lies Freemasonry Mainstream – The greatest fraud of all time

The mockery

The Watchtower on 1 January 1964 depicts a man sitting on the floor, dressed only in a kind of ballet fiddle, with his alleged mother smilingly looking into his crotch. This is of course unthinkable for a Jehovah's Witness, which is why he must immediately suppress this perversion when he sees the picture.

Now when someone waves (about 8 million Jehovah's Witnesses) and claims that the one who names and makes known this perversion is only a victim of his mental illness, this can and must be countered: Why does the oversized and bright red curtain form two bent knees? The leg gown that the man lacks is depicted as a special reference in this curtain to prevent any excuse. Jehovah's Witnesses as victims of Freemasonry must, of course, be mocked to the last. This is why in the Watchtower illustrations one often, if not always, finds these hints that the perverse allusion is not a coincidence but planned.

If you look at the Masonic mockery of Jesus and click further, you see the little funny insertions that are simply there to prove to the viewer that Jehovah's Witnesses have sat on a devised religion and that Jesus must be mocked at all costs, wanted and planned.

Jehovah's Witnesses! You are betrayed by the devil. Do not be like the Greens who believe in the imminent end of the world.


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