Jehovah's Witnesses in the False Doctrine

After Jesus won the victory on Golgotha, Satan has only one thing left to do with believing people: He must relativize the absolutely valid Salvation through Jesus for the believer. He must suggest to the people who could possibly come to believe in Jesus Christ that Jesus not absolutely saves because of faith, but that this and that must still be achieved, done, strived for by man.

The fundamental attitude of the human being, only very very reluctantly to take something from others without consideration, comes to the adversary thereby very conveniently. Man is easy for Satan to calculate and accordingly easy to outsmart. After all, Satan comes directly to meet the upright, independent, proud character of man with the thesis that one must do this or that besides believing in Jesus. How difficult it is to accept a gift from someone! One knows immediately that one remains obligated to this person until one is redeemed from this unpleasant duty by a return gift.

But the nature of Jesus is different from ours. He loves where we negotiate, he loves where we weigh, he loves where we still frown sceptically and would like to hold us back best. To accept Jesus' gift of salvation is therefore not possible for everyone in the same way, because some people must have a special reason to accept this gift. He cannot compensate for it all his life and remains committed to Jesus all his life. Many therefore have the courage to accept this gift of liberation from Jesus only in great need. When they are so broken and so low that they see no other way out than to accept this Jesus and accept his gift.

Others find the way to Jesus even without great tribulation, but have nothing ahead of some. But they took the step without having been led there by special circumstances. They have honored Jesus by taking from his hand this gift which they can never make up for. But the result is the same. No one can count himself having more or less honored and trusted Jesus, for as the owner of the vineyard pays out his workers at the end of the day according to his own standards, so will all who accept the gift of Jesus be rewarded for their faith. (Matthew 20:1-16)

People who turn to Jesus and make themselves dependent on him will all get the same. Eternal life in communion with Jesus and thus in communion with God.

Satan's countermeasures

In order to render ineffective this unique thing in all worlds and times, Satan must thwart the trusting dependence on Jesus of the one who is willing to take the gift from the hand of Jesus. Satan addresses man's good will and paired it with man's natural inhibition from ever accepting anything from anyone for nothing. From this also results the word of Jesus that it was given to the minors! Because the bums and antisocial people have learned on account of their fate not to consider the repayability of a charity. Bums and antisocial people are exactly the characters who are most likely to go to Jesus and say with all their heart: Give me, Lord!

But the clean citizen, the person who thinks he has made something out of his life, the uplifted, so clean and smoothly integrated into society person has it much harder to accept a gift from someone without any consideration – just like that. You just feel like a parasite, like one of those at the bottom. Ugh! – This is where Satan comes in!

Satan develops religions parallel to Jesus to blind people. The closer these religions created by him come to Jesus, the more successfully he can prevent people from accepting Jesus as their Lord. Satan's religion only has to deviate from Jesus' teaching in one single point. Satan must prevent people from accepting Jesus without anything in return. He likes to say to people: Don't be a bum, don't be an antisocial! And he says to people: Anyone who wants to be saved by Jesus must do something about it. These two things are the real axis of Watchtower tactics. Jehovah's Witnesses always have to strive to be the opposite of a bum, and Jehovah's Witnesses have to earn their wafer-thin hope for a possible salvation all their lives.

Satan uses these two patterns of thinking, which are already sufficiently at home in our good citizens, to make people who have already come very close to Jesus their own obstacle to their chances. He makes them the absolute lack of opportunities. It makes Jehovah's Witnesses never again manage to meet Jesus without bad. Jehovah's Witnesses are eternally averted from Jesus in the extreme of human reason.

That Jehovah's Witnesses can nevertheless come to Jesus is a miracle in each individual case.

How the Watchtower Executes Satan's Plan

The religious statements of the Watchtower in their overflowing mass are always held in such a way that Jesus himself appears only as God's henchman. The Watchtower avoids mentioning Jesus as the Saviour with the most embarrassing precision. The Watchtower is basically about Jehovah saving, not Jesus. For this purpose he introduced the term redeeming sacrifice. This term manages to portray Jesus as a mere functionary. But the fact that Jesus himself is the supporting, redeeming factor does not fit into the watchtower's stuff. For then the believer would have to turn directly to Jesus. That would be deadly for the Watchtower, because then the Spirit of Christ would lead the believer out of the Watchtower society.

Let us look at a small example from the Watchtower for 1 March 2008. On page 7, left column, middle paragraph, distortion of meaning and immediately following misinterpretation come together like a clapping fist:

What does God expect from us? John 3:36 says: "Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life; whoever does not obey the Son will not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him." God therefore expects us to believe in Jesus' sacrificial death.

The correct translation does not say "exercise faith", but only "believe"! Here the Watchtower changes the blessing into a bad blessing with minimal effort. Faith in Jesus, who takes the gift of eternal life from his hand, becomes fluxily a life-filling task with an uncertain outcome. One does not have to believe, but to exercise faith. One has to be a practicing Jehovah's Witness. Doesn't that remind you very nicely of the phrase: I am a practicing Catholic?

And indeed both heresies have this point in common. Both claim that man has to work all his life for his salvation. For without this assertion they could not profit from the believers. Without this assertion – and this is much more important – they would not destroy the cross of Christ.

But the crowning glory of this false translation of the Word of God is the subsequent interpretation of the faithful and understanding slave from America:

So God expects us to believe in Jesus' sacrificial death.

Whoa! It's like a Christian running cold down your back! Jesus is not the center of God's faith demand, but only the act of redemption. Sure! If one believes only in a logical context and in a suitable functionality, one has nothing to expect beyond that. Jesus, who promised to introduce us to all truth, Jesus, who is the way, the truth and the life, simply falls away as influencing factor in this "theology".

Thus a living relationship between man and the Lord Jesus Christ becomes only a working level, a platform from which the Jehovah's Witness has to work his way up. If, according to the words of Jesus, everything is given to him by mere faith, the Watchtower Society, with its misinterpretation, deprives him of exactly this salvation. Jesus saves, the Watchtower chains. The Watchtower attaches more importance to nothing than the lifelong work responsibility of every Jehovah's Witness.

The Watchtower text continues:

So if you want to be saved from sin and death, it is very important to believe in Christ's ransom and obey His commandments.

Very important

That sounds like a grandmother's recommendation to her grandson. That sounds like medical advice. That sounds like a stock market expert's instruction, like a prescription. But it is a deliberate distraction from the fact that anyone who does not depend on Jesus will be lost. And the peak of the twist is: belief in the ransom and obeying the commandments of the ransom! The unneeded reader will read this differently. But the message of the Watchtower is to "believe in Christ's ransom and obey His commandments. The ransom is put in the foreground so that Jesus disappears in the background. No personal relationship is possible with him who is the only one in whom we are to be saved.

Jehovah's Witnesses are victims of a theology made and designed by Satan. No one will free them from Satan's hand but Jesus alone. But we Christians must pray for these people who have been brought down and consciously pray that this seduction is stopped.

Jehovah's Witnesses are captured by Satan. They boast to themselves how much they have done for God. But they did not understand the redemption of Jesus. How also! For Jehovah is a "God" who accepts Human Sacrifice. He demands to let people die although they could be saved with a Blood transfusion. This Jehovah must be Lucifer. Because the God of the Bible never wanted Human Sacrifice!

On the contrary! God gave Himself to save us. He became man for our sake and in Jesus Christ opened the door that leads to life. Whoever enters through this door of faith will be saved.

Many Jehovah's Witnesses ask, how can one be saved without works? That is not possible! No one can be saved without works. But! No one can do good works without having been saved by Jesus.

The good works – the airstream of faith in Jesus Christ

Without the power of Jesus there are no good works. And all good works we do through him. And the good works are not the reason for our salvation, but a necessary result of our salvation. This logical order is exactly reversed by the Catholic Church and the Watchtower Society. In these dark religions of human sacrifice and magic, good works save people. In Jesus, good works are not the means to salvation, but they are only another result and sign of his salvation and the sign of the changes he brings about in us.

But the salvation and guidance of the Holy Spirit can only happen through Him. Any change in our character and life can only come through Jesus Christ. Every recovery and every healing can only take place in our lives through his power. Anyone who ever believes that he can work on himself and thus please God has been seduced by Satan. Because Satan has an overwhelming interest in hiding the power of Jesus from people. But as soon as a person turns to the Lord Jesus in childlike confidence and uses his power and follows him as his Lord, Satan neither the naked breasts of the Catholic heavenly Mary nor the sacrificed human flesh of Jehovah's Witnesses help. This is the worst thing for Satan: when a person finds his trust in Jesus and realizes that without him we cannot do anything.


Because then the believer would have to turn directly to Jesus. This would be fatal for the Watchtower, because then the spirit of Christ would lead the believer out of the Watchtower society.


Johannes K. [January 21, 2023]

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