How the faithful slave gives his error to the people to eat

The former corporation »Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania« has established itself as "faithful and understanding slaves", basing itself on a Bible passage in which Jesus generally speaks of a faithful and understanding slave whom a householder, according to his conduct, places above his possessions or not. In this parable Jesus speaks of all landlords and slaves of this world and wants to make it clear to people that an unrighteous, selfish person who calls himself a Christian is not a Christian because he has no hope of being appointed by his Lord.

This parable speaks of the fact that mere running along has no value, but that everyone who converts to Jesus is in some way appointed and used by Jesus according to his will. This parable also makes the thought resonate involuntarily that every person who trustfully joins Jesus will not only receive salvation and forgiveness of sins, but will also be integrated into the Kingdom of God in a meaningful way. With God there is no "unemployment" and everyone finds his task with the help of the Holy Spirit. Where Jesus places him.

This wonderful experience is witnessed by all true Christians and those who do not yet see themselves with certainty in this distribution of tasks of Jesus in the place he wants, may have the legitimate hope that they will be appointed according to his will and that he himself will then confirm them in their ministry.

From this great promise, which Jesus expresses here in the clearest and simplest way so that everyone can really understand, Satan pulls a construction by the hair by wrong interpretation, which says the exact opposite: No Christian has an individual task and all administrative power lies in the hand of this "faithful and understanding slave", who in Satan's interpretation quite surprisingly does not mean the general term but:

Hooray! The Watchtower Society!

Hooray! The Watchtower Society!

A newspaper publisher makes itself the channel of God

All of a sudden the responsibility that Jesus places on each one of his disciples (My yoke is gentle and my burden is light) becomes a general irresponsibility of the individual, which leads to the concentration of power in the Watchtower Society. All of a sudden, the great liberation of each individual believer is twisted into a spiritual prison in the cellars of the Watchtower Society. With one blow the Christians, who Jesus wants to make his co-workers with all consequence, are moved into the position in which they only have to swallow the chewed-up misinterpretation of the Watchtower Society.

And Jehovah's Witnesses swallow everything!

According to the teaching of the Watchtower Society, Jehovah resides somewhere far out in the heavens. He influences the world solely through the reach of his "effective power," which he uses from where he resides. God himself always remains beautifully at home. His son Jesus also lives there. But he is an angel. He also lives far away from us, somewhere out there behind the seven clouds, and so he is only with us in spirit until the end of the world.

This arbitrary interpretation of the Bible (more info) poses problems that the Watchtower Society very much finds passport to. They suggest to people that they only have to be afraid of this distant God when the time comes. Until then, they must fear the Watchtower Society and eat their teachings. Until then there is still a lot of time and nobody has to panic. After all, we have the Watchtower Society, which incidentally also claims to have the Spirit of God alone at its disposal. Not even the infantry, who have no meaningful activity in the Kingdom of God other than preaching, have access to the Holy Spirit.

This interpretation of the Bible automatically plays all the advantages that Jesus wants to give to each individual person to the glorious Watchtower Society. This interpretation of the Bible is the epitome of a share company management that wants to establish a monopoly for itself. And the Jehovah's Witnesses actually believe that the New World (Jehovah's Kingdom), which of course will be built on the ruins of the old world, will be led by the Watchtower Society.

But this interpretation of the Bible has weaknesses. Satan can deceive millions, but not all!

If God only works on earth through his Holy Spirit, not much dishes have been broken yet. You can actually find that in the Bible. But the thesis that God is not omnipresent, because he lives somewhere far away in his domicile, and Jesus too, makes the matter extremely questionable. For then the statement of Jesus that he is with us to the end of the world would be without sense and understanding. Now one or the other Watchtower dogmatist could object that Jesus is with us with his spirit until the end of the world. But then it doesn't fit again, because Jesus is supposedly just an angel. And he cannot send the Spirit of God. Moreover, omnipresence – even if it only happens through the Holy Spirit – is an absolutely divine quality that no angel has.

So one of the two statements cannot be true. Either the dwelling of God and Jesus is too talked up and adapted to purely carnal watchtower needs, or Jesus' statement that he is with us to the end of the world is without truth. For Jesus, as an angel, who according to watchtower views is supposed to be, can no longer perform this balancing act between claim and reality. Here the false promise of the Watchtower bites its own tail. Either Jesus is actually God and can thus act from his far away home, or he is not God (as the Watchtower claims) and cannot fulfill the promise he has given us. So Satan must allow himself to be caught up in entanglements, but he will prove to Jehovah's Witnesses point by point in the judgment that they should have recognized these errors even without Jesus' help.

In the Watchtower Book "The Revelation – Its Great Climax is Near!" there are so many open lies and contradictions that it will probably take years to name and prove them all. Check out these Antichrist Watchtower pages periodically to learn what is being done to people by the Watchtower Society.

But it is easier and quicker if you trust Jesus. He leads you into all truth.


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