What distinguishes Jehovah's Witnesses from Christians?

The sin a Jehovah's Witness can commit is to choose!

From the beginning of the discussion on the Watchtower doctrine, the question arose: Wherein do Jehovah's Witnesses really differ from Christians? We find different interpretations of the Bible all over the world. But what is the universal point of criticism that marks spiritual apostasy? Where does the reign of Satan begin? What is the evil that often so subtly looks out of the Watchtower publications attached to?

Strangely enough, all Jehovah's Witnesses worldwide always develop a common feeling under the spiritual nourishment of the Watchtower Society that overshadows all impulses of reflection, testing and critical self-assessment. This consciousness, which is unique to all Jehovah's Witnesses, is the connection: If the Watchtower Society goes under because it is wrong, then that is its responsibility – not mine! How does such an ethical and moral distance come about from every reality? How is it that Jehovah's Witnesses develop this common guiding idea without it ever being pronounced in the Watchtower literature? Where is the knot that causes these attitudes common to all Jehovah's Witnesses?

From the outset, when testing Watchtower theology, there was a need to identify the core of Watchtower evil, to find the central switch on which the entire evil supply to the Watchtower system depends. This is something that even Jehovah's Witnesses don't really know, let alone can express in their own words. Finding and naming this central key to the concrete evil of the Watchtower religion is not only a central breakthrough for critics of the Watchtower religion, but also Jehovah's Witnesses can finally see for themselves which spiritual hook they were hung on and which nose ring determines their thinking and acting when they recognize the key.

Without some help from the Watchtower Society itself, it is hard to find where the spiritual centre of their human enslavement lies. The Watchtower writers must give hidden clues to the nature of their spiritual prison, without which they could not hold Jehovah's Witnesses in their power. But they also know very well that someone who only looks at the matter superficially cannot see this key to Watchtower death. So the Watchtower writers were enraptured to print a single little word italic on page 10 of the Watchtower on June 01, 2002. In this way they wanted to sharpen the reader's focus once again on recognizing one's own choice, one's own decision as the original sin and imagining that one can avoid Adam's original sin if one remains loyal to the Watchtower Society.

The own decision as original sin

What the Bible presents to us as the sin of Adam and Eve is in fact not free choice, but uncritical persuasion. For the free will which God has given us is the only real chance against a seducer's art of speaking. Adam and Eve (like, by the way, all the seducers of this world interspersed with religions) narrowed down their own free choice and followed convincing words addressed to them by someone who once wanted to talk to them about God. This lack of criticism is the root of error and we see that in all religions there is a call to follow without criticism. Only Christians demand to examine everything critically! How does the Watchtower Society circumvent this basic Christian condition – the testing of all facts?

How does the Watchtower Jehovah avoid checking all the facts?

The key of the Watchtower religion to the outpouring of evil and the worldwide spread of a pseudo- and thus anti-Christian religion is the stigmatization of human free will as dangerous, as deadly and as disloyal – precisely as the original sin itself. With the division of free choice into what sin and the loss of paradise are supposed to have brought upon humanity, the Watchtower Jehovah ideology lays the foundation for fanatical loyalty to the earthly part of Jehovah's organization. The support of the organization by the Jehovah's Witness's own fanaticism, which not only corresponds to Hitler's ideology of absolute leadership, but is also to be regarded as the primal evil that characterizes Islamists and Mafiosi, is elevated to salvation by the Watchtower Society's Writing Department. The Watchtower Society warns against its own free decision!

The Watchtower Jehovah prevents his own decision as sin!

The small hint given by the Watchtower writers through the word "choose" in italics is easily overlooked, but at least semi-consciously conveys to every reader the call to salvific loyalty to the earthly mistress of Jehovah's Witnesses and their deity Jehovah. It is the same Mechnanis mouse that causes the Catholic Church to declare salvation non-existent outside the Church. It is exactly the same mechanism that makes a Nazi a Nazi. It is the mechanism of God's devotion that is repeatedly shown in Watchtower scriptures in the fact that many of the protagonists depicted in them wear a turban, even though Islam did not even exist in the epochs depicted.

The Watchtower devotion of Jehovah's Witness is the inner key, the core of all evil emanating from the organization of bleeding to death. The free choice and thus the freedom of decision of man is abolished and labelled as sin. The loyalty repeatedly demanded by the Watchtower Society for itself and the "God" Jehovah is to justify the Jehovah's Witness before God instead of faith in Jesus Christ. While the Christian in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ relies on the living God of the Bible, the Jehovah's Witness can only hope for his loyalty to the universal sovereign Jehovah and the visible part of his organization. To remain loyal in the deepest spiritual derangement in the face of overwhelming enlightenment is the way of salvation promised to Jehovah's Witnesses. Jesus never spoke of loyalty, but always of love and trust in him and in his power. The Watchtower Society presents its own thinking as sin, because it cannot and will not save, but only wants to accumulate power and destroy people.

People who have fallen for this "holy" devotion can be found in Islam, National Socialism and the Catholic Church. The cult of loyalty as a way of salvation, however, is still most clearly depicted as ideology in the actions of the Watchtower Society. Jehovah's Witnesses begin their careers with a clear commitment to bleed people to death for religion. They agree to such absurd and unworthy plans and at this point give up themselves and their own thinking. A return is rarely possible and even if people leave this MURDER ORGANization, they have not yet accepted the ability to vote or the will to vote again and recognized it as a necessity to enter into a personal relationship with the Father through Jesus Christ.

You will know them by their works!

Quote Watchtower Society (THE Watchtower – 1 JUNE 2002, page 10).

However, our ancestors were not left without every directive. On the contrary, they were warned of the consequences of wrongdoing (Genesis 2:17). Thus, the evidence suggests that Adam chose in the face of a moral decision, which he found useful or beneficial. He joined his wife's sin instead of considering his relationship with his creator or the long-term effects of his actions.

So the sin of Watchtower Adam and thus the original sin of Jehovah's Witness is his voting. If Adam had failed to choose, burying his thinking in a fictional loyalty to the fictitious Jehovah assumed by the Watchtower, Adam would have embodied the figure of a faithful Jehovah's Witness. Then the sin would not have happened, and the Jehovah's Witness who reads such a thing knows very well at this moment that only through brutal loyalty to the Watchtower Society can he avoid the sin proven to Adam "conclusively". This is where the lever of Watchtower fanaticism comes in as a way of salvation and resolutely displaces the work of Jesus Christ, which is in any case presented as ineffective to the normal Jehovah's Witness.

The vehicle of fanatical fidelity (SS saying, which also exists among Jehovah's Witnesses): My fidelity is my honor!), this never positively effective characteristic of human gang behavior is elevated to the path of salvation by the Watchtower Society. Through which man from Hitler to Catholic orders to Anders Behring Breivik, a Norwegian terrorist, and to the Islamic state has sown nothing good, but only murder and destruction, the Watchtower Society wants to save Jehovah's Witnesses! Jehovah's Witnesses hope for the worst thing people have ever produced, namely brainwashed loyalty. They call themselves the only true Christians and must not see their works as what they are: Murder and destruction.

The God of the Bible invites people to think for themselves and wants to be recognized and acknowledged in this very independent way of thinking. For God, human beings are not puppets and not vicarious agents with an empty conscience. Jesus said that we should love him. He never said that we should be loyal to him. The outburst of loyalty of one of his disciples, when he struck an ear off a Roman soldier at the arrest of Jesus, led to a corresponding reaction of Jesus. Jesus forbade him to use the sword. Jehovah's Witnesses, however, bleed people to death out of Watchtower loyalty and cover up child abuse. Christians are brothers and sisters of Jesus, Jehovah's Witnesses are slaves of the Watchtower Society. Christians believe Jehovah's Witnesses are convinced.

What has always led to the worst result since time immemorial, the proud and unchecked loyalty to an organization, is the Salvation Way of Jehovah's Witnesses!


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