Watchtower Hatred: Our Calculation of Time

Sensation! Exception found in 666 tons of Watchtower literature!

Quotation Watchtower 1 January 1964, page 8

No further inspired writings were added to these Hebrew "holy scriptures" until the Christian apostle Matthew wrote his gospel about the life of Jesus Christ (first in Hebrew) around the year 41 of the so-called Christian calendar.

"Before or after Christ" is not found in the Watchtower literature

Those who read all 666 tons of Watchtower literature will never encounter the phrase "before or after Christ. The Watchtower Society hates Jesus Christ so much that it only ever writes in our time. The religion of Jehovah, openly worshipped as Lucifer in the Masonic highs, is forced for tactical reasons to somehow include Jesus Christ in its program. He is dragged through to be considered Christian. It is obvious that only a few scraps of the Jesus of the Bible remain after this gate tour. One grinds it through and has the effect of a meat grinder.

I haven't seen ARD and ZDF for some time now, so I have more time to read Watchtower fonts. This alleviates the withdrawal symptoms and is very suitable for falling asleep. In addition, there is the possibility to analyze and denounce the lies of the Watchtower Society.


After the seemingly endless annoying experiences of always having to endure this o.c. and having to experience the hatred of the Watchtower Society for Jesus, I actually came across a passage in the Watchtower of January 1, 1964 on page 8 with the date "Christian calendar". Normally one writes "before or after Christ". The Watchtower Society itself does not achieve this at this point! It uses the term "Christian calendar" and at first glance the reader is amazed and briefly looks at the ceiling of the room. But then the little word "so-called" comes into its own. So-called the meaning turns around. Just as the Islamic state in talk shows and news programmes must always have the preceding attribute "so-called", so that it is clear that it is not a state, so this "so-called" turns the meaning into its opposite. In this "so-called" the penetrating hatred of the Watchtower Society for Jesus once again comes out.

The same applies to the quotation marks at the word holy scriptures. They reverse the meaning. And the formulation "the Christian apostle" implies that there are also unchristian apostles. One sees in so many details the destructive power of the Watchtower Society. There the naked hatred of Jesus Christ is rampant.

It is fascinating to read the Watchtower scriptures as a Christian. You not only see through the motivation of the United Nations, but you can also do without ZDF and ARD.


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