Check everything! Which Lord do you serve?

The Watchtower propagates that it is idolatry to worship Jesus. And the Watchtower claims that even the Original Christians, as today the Jehovah's Witnesses, did not worship Jesus. For according to the teachings of the Watchtower they would then have practiced idolatry. All biblical passages that point out that someone turns to Jesus in prayer are interpreted differently by the Watchtower or simply omitted. Even Revelation 5:12 to 14, where it is written that the Lamb is worshipped in absolutely the same way as the one who sits on the throne, the Watchtower tries to deny by strict misinterpretation. These biblical passages are never found in the Watchtower literature as a whole, but always fragmented and placed in a false context.

All the Watchtower's efforts amount to presenting Jesus only as the greatest Jehovah's Witness and the greatest man. The central point of this thesis is that he allegedly never wanted his own worship and that accordingly the first Christians would not have worshiped him. Completely ignored is the fact that Jesus clearly pointed to his own glorification. (Jn 12,23: But Jesus answered them and said, The hour has come that the Son of Man may be glorified.)

An interesting document for the reason of the execution of Jesus!

In the Talmud we read: "On Friday and the evening before the Passover Jesus (Yeshu of Nazareth) was hanged and the crier went out forty days before him: »He goes out to be stoned because he has conjured and seduced Israel to idolatry. Anyone who knows anything about his relief, come and bring it up for him.« But they found no relief for him and hanged him on Friday and the eve of Passover."

Thus the historical proof is given that the theses of the Watchtower coincide conspicuously with the views of Judaism in considering Jesus as a reason for idolatry. Just as for the Jews the official religious reason for the execution of Jesus was seduction to idolatry, today this is the reason for Jehovah's Witnesses not to talk to Jesus and not to worship him. The teachings of the Watchtower Society take over the blame of the then religious authorities of the Jews, in order to crucify Jesus again today with every Jehovah's Witness won.

With nothing in the world it is better to condemn Jesus in his entirety than by accepting the death sentence of those who crucified him. The turning away of Jehovah's Witnesses from Jesus, who is God, is at the centre of the whole orientation of the Watchtower doctrine. Therefore, the WTS-Jehovah cannot be God, the WTS-Jehovah is not the Father of Jesus Christ.

Jehova esoterically as Elohim

(From a lecture by Walter Veith)
The text reads in German: Jehovah – esotheric (like Elohim) – is also the serpent or dragon who tried Eve, and the "dragon" is an ancient image for "Astral Light" (simple principle), "which is the "wisdom of chaos." (Blavatsky, Secret Theorem P73)

The frightening coincidence of the WTS-Jehova, the substitute God of that society that scorned Jesus for the same reason as those who crucified him, with the Jehovah concept of Freemasons consists in the removal of the Christ who is God. Thus the Watchtower Society joins the colorful heaps of human associations that want to eliminate Jesus as God. The Watchtower Society follows the same path as all other human organizations. It wants to present the perfectly valid salvation solely in faith in Jesus as non-existent and ineffective.

Jehovah's Witness, if you will ever be asked by God why you never let Jesus into your life, it is not enough to shrug your shoulders and say: "I believed faithfully the Watchtower Society."

You have the responsibility to check everything. Even if the Watchtower forbids it. No! Just because the Watchtower forbids it!

1 Thess 5, 21: "but test all things, hold fast the good;"

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