How the Watchtower keeps Jehovah's Witnesses stupid in the long run

Jehovah's Witnesses react with indignation and holy wrath when they encounter the thesis that Jesus saves people by pure grace. They raise their voices or suddenly write everything in capital letters (meaning shout on the Internet) to underline the Watchtower Society's basic assumption that only by seeking the truth can one enter the Kingdom of Jehovah.

As if in blind rage, they then throw Bible passages around them and you can feel their necks stiffening and their hearts petrifying. At this point every communication is categorically interrupted. At this point the witness stands with all his power against the one who claims that Jesus saves without precondition and only by believing in him.

How does the Watchtower program these people that way?

The assertion that Jehovah's Witnesses only read and receive into the brain and heart what fits the Watchtower doctrine is based on the principle that only the completely mixed Bible can bring the truth. And this according to the new thoughts of the "governing body". Thus, in the eyes of Jehovah's Witnesses, absolutely understandable and unambiguous passages from the Bible are nothing to themselves. They are meaningless to the Witnesses.

Example: Am I in the midst of them

In Matthew 18:20 Jesus promises us: "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in their midst."

Here Jesus says about himself that he can be in different places at the same time. Just like omnipotence, omnipresence is an absolute attribute of God. Since there is no angel who possesses this ability of omnipresence, Jesus states in this promise that he is God. This simple conclusion is so dangerous and deadly for the Watchtower teaching that the Watchtower Society has actually managed to withhold this passage from the crammed spirit of Jehovah's Witness.

Jehovah's Witnesses who are otherwise so versed and trained do not know this central word of Jesus. Even their technical aids (Bible dictionary on CD) do not seem to help the Jehovah's Witnesses here. They fall from every cloud when they hear about this passage in the Bible.

But even if they open this passage under guidance and see it in black and white in front of them, they save themselves in the emergency exit that "this passage must be read in context". They do not have the courage to believe this direct word of God to be true. They carry deep within themselves the attitude that they could be lied to by the Bible if they did not wait for the "new light" of the Watchtower Society.

In this way her heart is closed to the truth. It is only the interlaced explanations of the Watchtower, which seem captivating in terms of human intelligence, that create a feeling in these lost people that they are not being lied to.

This attitude towards the Bible is the opposite of faith. It is artificially created and taught in Jehovah's Witnesses by the Watchtower Society. Jehovah's Witnesses can no longer attribute value to the Bible or value it. Only the peculiar nesting of the Watchtower Society doctrine is valid for them.

The Watchtower Society has thus closed its eyes to these people forever. They read the Bible, but cannot understand with their own brains. They are experts in turning pages, but cannot grasp the simplest thoughts with their hearts. This incapacitation, which prevents Jehovah's Witnesses from simple faith, justifies the public statement that the Watchtower Society is Antichrist.


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