The faithful and understanding slave

While Julius Caesar still made himself believe that he was a god, and the Roman Catholic Church, with its state recognition, postulated the succession of Peter for itself, today we are confronted with a modern religious rule, which claims to have been established by Jesus as something like the "faithful and intelligent slave". The Watchtower Society makes many people believe that it is the sole owner of the Holy Spirit, the sole administrator of Jesus.

The faithful and understanding slave administers the Holy Spirit

The faithful and understanding slave administers the Holy Spirit

An indication that the Watchtower Society has cheekily committed itself as custodian of Christ lies in its serious will to dismantle Jesus Christ as God and to settle him only in the higher strata of the angelic race. But this is a bad administrator who discredits his own Lord and makes his act of salvation ineffective. For the all-encompassing saving power of Jesus' sacrificial death can only work if he is God.

The Bible proves that Jesus is indeed God: Hebrews 7:22: "so Jesus also became guarantor of a better covenant". Who can vouch for another? Only one who is and has at least as much as the one he vouches for. The mere fact that Jesus is the guarantor of a new, better covenant that God has made with us human beings is an irrefutable statement that Jesus is God. For Jesus vouches for the covenant made by God.

The unwavering slander of Jesus is the supreme duty of Jehovah's Witness. To practice this slander permanently, he testifies to Jehovah as the only God and claims that Jesus is only an angel. Through this degradation to an angel, Jesus is eliminated as a saving power. The Watchtower Society then closes this artificial gap calmly with a human rescue concept that all other religions actually have: Salvation through morality or something similar.

The Watchtower Society placed itself in this Jesus leverage mode, in this substitute mode of salvation, in this sole mode of representation by choosing a biblical passage that it could use to make people believe that it was the only instrument used to save humanity. As a framework for this delusion, she systematically gave the impression that Jesus was somewhere far away and certainly not effective on earth. Thus she had created a factual basis for herself to act as the fulfiller of salvation. But salvation can only happen through Jesus and this is testified worldwide by the true Christians who make themselves dependent on Jesus in simple prayer.

The "legitimation clause" that the Watchtower reads from the Bible states that the world was virtually abandoned by Jesus, but that Jesus had used him, the Watchtower, to complete his work in this world. The efficacy of Jesus, witnessed by people who are in Jesus, therefore does not exist in the Rules of Procedure of the Watchtower. It is not provided for. As a substitute for the direct influence of Jesus in the life of a person who believes in Him, there is the duty of obedience of the Jehovah's Witness to the Governing Body, which functions like a managerial floor of a corporation.

Once a person has understood this biblical passage in such a way that he thinks he has recognized in it the legitimation of the "faithful and understanding slave", there is never again the possibility for him to communicate directly with Jesus in prayer. Jesus is completely excluded in his power and thus as guarantor for the new covenant. He only plays the role of a good role model in the life of this person and is regarded as the founder of the redeeming sacrifice. But he can never work directly in the life of Jehovah's Witness again. And that is the devastating thing.

With the legitimation clause that the Watchtower has built, a reversal of the conditions takes place that directly and forever causes the exclusion of Jehovah's Witnesses from the power of Jesus. While true Christians may experience the power of Jesus now and here, Jehovah's Witnesses are so starkly separated from the possibility of coming to Jesus that it is difficult to make it clear to a normal person. Jehovah's Witnesses perceive the direct personal turn to Jesus as blasphemy. And this despite the fact that Jesus stands before us as guarantor for the new covenant!

A guarantor I can't claim is not a guarantor.

This removal of Jesus from office by the Watchtower is the actual core of the Watchtower interpretation of Matthew 24:45-47. But the fact that Jesus said that he is with us to the end, must be removed, so that Mathhew 24:45-47 can be even remotely connected with the Watchtower. But the entire text is a whole chain of thoughts as a speech of the Last Days, the meaning of which is totally distorted if we isolate a few verses from it in order to knit ourselves a special legitimation.

Much more true are the verses that follow, which speak of evil slaves. Here the Watchtower is much more likely to be hit and marked. But not as the only evil slave, because there are many of them. There the reality is depicted much more accurately, because that slave separates the people from Jesus.

Every person and every organization that reads a claim to sole representation from the Bible and puts people under pressure has nothing in common with Jesus! Unfortunately, this also includes the Catholic Church. The only mediator between God and man is Jesus alone. And he has guaranteed us direct access to him. We may come to him and have direct contact with him.

There's only one church. It is the community of those who are in Jesus. This community is cross-denominational and not manifested in human organizations.


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