Jesus is God

When Jesus was among us as a man, he was not yet transfigured and glorified and his true being secret from men. We often find this in the Bible, that Jesus did not reveal everything to us when he was on earth as a human being. He only indicated many things in parables. Today we would say: He spoke in riddles.

One of the most important characteristics of his disciples was that they followed him without knowing exactly about him. One can be really surprised at their attitude, that they did not ask for anything, but followed him with faith, in the certainty that he was already telling them what was necessary.

So we are like the disciples of Jesus when we accept Him as our Lord and speak with Him extensively and listen to His words. For he speaks to us as the messenger of God, the Messiah, who brings us closer to the Father in all things. Jesus is the address that God has given us so that the connection between God and man may live in faith.

For the true disciples of Jesus, it is irrelevant to what nature Jesus is according to the definitions of mankind. The true Christian follows Jesus because he knows his voice and not because he thinks he has an irrevocable Technical Supervisory Association report about Jesus in his pocket. So it is not surprising that the true disciple of Jesus is prepared in all things to freely allow knowledge and to revise possible misjudgments at any time. For this Christian is accustomed to receiving knowledge and guidance from the hand of Jesus.

So the true Christian will never make any recommendation other than to listen to him, Jesus. He would never recommend: Listen to the Catholic Church, listen to the Watchtower Society, or listen to this or that human organization. This is exactly how these pages are to be understood. It must never come to the point where someone follows a person! Only what he receives from Jesus in faith counts.

Therefore the warning is against all human organizations that are convinced of this or at least give the impression to the outside that they know all that is available about Jesus and can determine his being. I warn against teachings that bring his work into a certain shape. These pages do not serve in their determination as doctrine, but should only show the madness of the Watchtower Society as what it is. Namely as the successful attempt to alienate Jesus from man in such a way that they can no longer pray to him.

In the overall view of the human reaction to Jesus, we can see that all those who pursue a goal other than to glorify Jesus want to see him respected as little as possible. This goes from the determined will to destroy to patterns of thinking like "he is only the son of the mother" to "he is almost like God, but ...". What is striking about them all – in the Catholic Church as in the Watchtower Society – is that they replace salvation through Jesus with their own measures of being good. The Watchtower core thesis on which the Watchtower Society bases its false teaching is this something between the angels and God characteristic of Jesus. This is the "market gap" in which the Watchtower Society is spreading to keep millions of seekers away from the power of Christ.

That is why the question of whether Jesus is God is so important!

For more than a century, the Watchtower Society has been practiced in eliminating Jesus as the one who leads us and is directly responsible for his ground personnel, and in presenting him as someone who has only taken his place as co-regent in heaven and is no longer directly responsible for people's concerns. With this, the Watchtower Society is entrenching itself as a leader in the Jehovahist world and bathing itself in the power to rule millions of people.

When Jesus says that only he is the way, it categorically rules out that anything in the universe could lead to the Father than he alone. So the theological and theocratic ways of mankind are never suitable to replace Jesus. And especially organizations such as the Catholic Church and the Watchtower Society, which proclaim salvation valid only behind their own bars, are the blocking tip of the adversary, who is only interested in leading people astray.

The Watchtower Society

In order to expose the bottomless destructive power of the Watchtower Society, it is therefore necessary to consider the question of whether Jesus is God or not. For the Watchtower Society bases its theses on a view that Jesus represents as an angel. In the Watchtower Society Jesus is only a medium-sized functionary and does not come close to God. And with the propaganda that Jesus is only a mediocre intermediate figure and should not be worshipped, the Watchtower Society takes from him exactly what he gives us when we follow him in faith and talk to him.

For Jesus' work in our lives, when we follow and look with faith, is something completely different than the work of that Watchtower Jehovah, when we "knowingly" apply only human theses and assumptions from our free Bible study. The Jehovahist's way is to know everything about God beforehand. But only what the Watchtower Society has dictated. So God can no longer show Himself in the life of the Jehovahist and communicate individually with him.

What is the nature of Jesus?

On the former website you could read: "How could Christ, if he had been God, have exclaimed on the cross? »My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?« (Mt 27,46) God cannot forsake himself."

This is precisely the highly primitive human approach that the Jehovahists cite as one of their "evidence". But with our primitive human brains, Jesus cannot be recognized. Each one of us needs the guidance and explanation of the Holy Spirit, who communicates with those who believe in Jesus. If human logic were so important, one could have said the same: If God is omnipotent, why doesn't he make himself a stone that he can't lift himself?

The truth is that this abandonment of God's self in Jesus on the cross is the deed that no one understands and can only become effective in faith. For Jesus completely emptied Himself to death. His love for us brought about the punishment for our sin against Himself. This punishment – this execution of punishment – happens exactly at the moment when God leaves Himself.

A man who is beside himself is a pale copy of this divine situation. We have all experienced that under strong emotions something happens to us that we can no longer control. This is only a breath of what God has endured in Jesus on the cross. It also shows that Jesus did not perform a pseudo-victim painlessly and like a superhuman. The pain that went through him, the pain of leaving himself, is the greatest pain that he could inflict on himself. He did this for your sake and for mine.

We read on the same website: "And if the Scriptures say that Christ was raised from the dead by the power of the Father (Col 2:12), why was the power of the Father necessary when Christ Himself was God?"

And I say, "Hello. Anybody home? Have you ever read the Bible?" For in John 10:17-18 it says: Therefore the Father loves me, because I lay down my life to take it again. 18 No one takes it from me, but I leave it from myself. I have authority to let it go, and I have authority to take it back. Here is another attack of primitive human logic on the Holy Spirit by the Word of God repelled.

Never believe people! Even if they claim to have gathered all the information about God. Believe only Jesus. Follow him in childlike faith and he will lead and guide you and you will be grateful to him. Please spurn any kind of free Bible study. Because there is no such thing. It always costs you your life! Because if you are taught by the wrong people ...

Just believe Jesus!


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