What you're going to ask me

Jehovah's Witnesses love the truth! They say they are in the truth and they use vast amounts of time to bring others into the truth. The Jehovah's Witnesses' love of truth knows no bounds. To know the truth, they probably spend most of the time humans have ever directed toward that goal. They spend all 7 days of the week morning, morning, noon, afternoon, evening and night searching for the truth and confirming the truth through regular study of the Watchtower Society literature proving the truth.

Jehovah's Witnesses use all their strength, with the greatest sense of duty and seriousness, not only to find the truth, but also to learn it by heart. They are trained to open a particular Bible passage faster than any other person in the world, and they spend the most important part of their lives studying the publications of the Watchtower Society. In doing so, they particularly mark true passages in the booklets and books with yellow, red, green or blue so that – hopefully – they can remember the truth well even later.

The great sacrifice of Jehovah's Witnesses is their exuberant zeal in seeking the truth and their willingness to spend most of their lifetime studying the truth, which they receive directly from the hand of their master craftsman, the faithful and understanding slave.

The slave supports the Jehovah's Witnesses

To make it easier for Jehovah's Witnesses to find the truth, the Watchtower Society, led by the faithful and circumspect slave through theocratic authorization, supports the Watchtower Society with extensive information material in paper and electronic form. The electronic media contain the collected works of the truth-loving Watchtower Society. With much time and lifelong meticulousness, ingenious Jehovah's Witnesses may use these tools to find the truth.

The Trust of Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses have a trust in the true Watchtower society that is rarely found in the world. They leave no doubt about any part of the Watchtower truth and insist on the accuracy and authenticity of all claims and conclusions drawn from them. This trust of the Jehovah's Witnesses is incontestable. No argument, no objection can shake their will to let nothing work in their mind except the truth recognized by the faithful and circumspect slave. Jehovah's Witnesses submit completely to the true influence of the Watchtower Society and draw from it the hope of escaping the death promised to all men.

Through their lifelong Bible study, Jehovah's Witnesses gain a comprehensive knowledge of what the Watchtower Society has intended for them and prepared for them. They take advantage of it and never need to think about themselves or life again and are pleased never to have to worry again whether they have been saved ...

... oh! This is where the trouble begins! The fact is that Jehovah's Witnesses, like all other people, are subject to doubt. Probably their doubts are very profound, because they do not trust in God, but in a newspaper publisher and its fantasy God Jehovah. They must – in order to maintain their trust in this newspaper publisher – lock out all information that could shake their trust in this American Masonic Society. So they are not allowed to read the Bible on their own, but must always wait for the instructions they receive from the center of contempt for humanity.

The Protection of the Watchtower Society

The Watchtower Society makes sure that Jehovah's Witnesses are not shaken in their truth with many undertakings. A great action of the Watchtower Society is the comprehensive rewriting of the Bible, which is available to Jehovah's Witnesses as a New World translation. A spiritist (devil worshiper) has done this translation for the Watchtower Society. He received the help of his wife, who served as his medium. He himself saw spirits and scriptures floating in space and always received all the right hints on how to translate the Bible. With this edition of the Bible, Jehovah's Witnesses are so effectively protected from irritation that they can usually preach to themselves carefree for the rest of their lives.

The faithful and understanding slave after rewriting the Bible

The faithful and understanding slave after rewriting the Bible

What is admirable about all the undertakings of the Watchtower Society is how it always finds a way to remain so close to the truth, despite all the diabolical lies, that ordinary people have no way of recognising the huge tower of lies of the faithful and intelligent slave. Thus the Watchtower Society replaces the word of Christ "I in you and you in me" always with weakened phrases like "I in connection with you and you in community with me". With this almost imperceptible reformulation, the Watchtower Society reverses the true meaning of Jesus' words in the manner of a good devil's henchman, thus underpinning the old lie that one must only "exercise faith". This exercise of faith means nothing to the Jehovah's Witnesses other than hours of absence, congresses, and watchtower obeying.

The Worldwide Work of the Watchtower Society

The Jehovah's Witnesses, operating worldwide, are targeting one thing! They do not want Christians to follow Jesus and worship and worship Him, but rather a certain Jehovah whose name story in itself sufficiently reveals the lies of the Watchtower Society. With all their might the "truth" is spread that Jesus is only the greatest man who has ever lived. As a compromise, they add a certain angelic nature that makes him a spirit being, as we find in many esoteric teachings. And by granting Jesus, as the only begotten Son of God, a high position directly below Jehovah, they backstage install the impression that Jesus is only a creature. Just a generated son.

In order to install this extravagant truth of the Watchtower in people, they spare no effort and meticulously rewrite the entire Bible in its neuralgic places. One of the boldest and boldest lies is the omission of the word "me" in John 14, 14. For if Jesus had ever said, "What you're going to ask me, I will do!" millions of Jehovah's Witnesses would no longer have any basis to believe their earthly foreman. For they are calibrated so that one may not pray to Jesus, not worship Him, not worship Him.

What you're going to ask me ...

But Jesus actually said this and it is written in black and white in the original scriptures. On the basis of Linear Bibles, which reproduce the original texts word for word and verifiably for every layman, we can prove that Jesus Christ has indicated himself as the one whom the believer may ask. Jesus pointed out that he is the one who answers the prayers. With this fact, the entire Watchtower Lodge becomes a single large pile of rubbish of lies and reveals itself to the Bible reader as a cunning organization of Satan.

Interlinear John 14:14

The literal translation of John 14, 14 is: if ever anything you should ask me in the name of me this I shall do. – In English: if ever anything you should ask me in the name of me this I shall do. That "me" is not to be found in the New World translation of Jehovah's Witnesses. Because if it were found there, millions of Jehovah's Witnesses would have to leave the Watchtower Society with contempt and anger and denounce her for being a liar.

John 14:14 marked

The great lie of the Watchtower Society, manifested in this tiny omission, is based on Satan's will to keep people, if possible, away from Jesus. For Satan knows that the salvation of men is exclusively in Jesus Christ. This is why, as early as the 13th century, this Jehovah Satan, with the help of Catholic monks, ensured, through the arbitrary introduction of the name Jehovah, that the Freemasons of modern times found a way to build a religion that seemed almost equal to Jesus, so that he could drag as many people as possible to death.

John 14:14 broadly marked

John 14:14 breiter markiert

Not in all the originals

Now this "me" is not in all the old manuscripts! This could, of course, tempt the advocate of Jehovah's Witness truth to stomp his foot triumphantly and see himself confirmed in his denial of Jesus Christ. But why does the same verse say that Jesus does everything that (he or the Father) is asked for? Isn't the second half of the verse even more drastic in disproving the lie of the Watchtower? Even if the Father is meant by the request, Jesus will fulfill the request. This states that this "me" even exists in content, even if it is not written down in some original writings.

What can we ask?

What does a Christian ask of his master? Our petitions are manifold and their center is always the salvation, the grace, the help that Jesus should give us. We ask for forgiveness for our sins and for His help in our daily experience of our weakness. We ask him to save us and reconcile us with God. – What can Jehovah's Witnesses ask of him? If they were allowed to talk to Jesus at all, they could not ask Him for His grace, His salvation, His help, but only for Jehovah's grace, Jehovah's salvation, Jehovah's help. They must always address their requests to this Jehovah. And they would have to "be disappointed" to learn that their requests are not being fulfilled by this Jehovah. If they did, then their requests according to John 14:14 would be fulfilled by Jesus. But they expressly did not address him. And they also could not even count on the fact that Jesus is the one who fulfills our requests. For the Watchtower Society teaches that it is not Jesus who fulfills our petitions, but only the Jehovah.

So we see that the Bible makes a quite different statement than the Watchtower Society spreads in the world. Every Jehovah's Witness in preaching is guilty of spreading a diabolical lie. Every Jehovah's Witness spreads with the Watchtower literature the saga of a Jehovah, to whom due to his weakness and untruth the additional attribute "God" must be added again and again. Even the meetings in honor of their substitute god Jehovah they only call meetings. For they are not worship services!


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