What does the Bible really teach?

The image of God and the teaching set up by the Watchtower Society are a mixture of Christian and Muslim components. The emphasis is on Islam, for which it is an abomination that God should have a son. Therefore, the Watchtower religion teaches a specially Islamized Jesus created by this Watchtower Jehovah. This is very similar to the nice story of that old man who carved himself a son out of loneliness, who then miraculously came to life and, whenever he lied, got a long nose. Pinokkio. The Watchtower-Jesus is only a creature like all other creatures and the Jehovah of the Watchtower religion is as little father as Allah, the God of Islam.

Freemasonry aims to incorporate all the religions of the world into a unified world religion in order to eliminate religious conflicts among human beings. Freemasonry, in its rites, practically practices the integration of all "Holy Scriptures", but attaches none of these writings more importance or weight than any other. Monotheism, the view that there is only one God, cannot be eliminated in this way, but must be trickily circumvented. This is reflected in the Watchtower Religion, which expands the concept of God to such an extent that a new name had to be found for the formerly only, but now only supreme God: "Supreme Ruler" or "Universal Sovereign". The original term "God" is degraded to the nature of a title. (The granting of titles to God was thus adapted to the practice of Catholicism which had always been practiced until then, the leader of which calls himself "Holy Father". "Holy Father" is the highest name of the God of Israel.)

When Jesus made himself equal to God several times, thereby triggering the crucifixion of his person, his being God was, after the change of concept of the Watchtower Society, only the self-assignment of a title. According to the Watchtower religion, Jesus was only executed because he acquired a title.

The knitting pattern of the Watchtower religion is the same in all facets: all appearances are Christian, all core theses are Muslim. Unfortunately Jesus had to be retained, because otherwise the Watchtower religion would have betrayed itself as an anti-Christian component and would no longer have been usable on the way to the world unity religion. The most important product of the Watchtower religion is the degradation of Jesus to a small wizard's apprentice, who is basically only in competition with the Jehovah-God and must not be worshipped under any circumstances.

With the book "What does the Bible really teach", the Watchtower Religion has published a work that contains the Watchtower doctrine in a condensed form and, in the sense of the art of persuasion, attempts to draw the reader massively into a Muslim-structured religion. Grey boxes with memorized sentences summarize the direction and gait of the Watchtower religion and are intended to be firmly remembered by the reader. For 100 years this Watchtower religion has adopted a hostile attitude towards all Christian churches and tries to appear in this book as the better informed channel of God. The book assumes that the reader does not really know anything about the Bible and refrains from convincing genuine Christians of the Watchtower religion. The creators of the Watchtower religion are absolutely aware that they cannot lie to real Christians and so for many decades only the hope for the annihilation of Christians has been taught. At this point, at the propagation of the annihilation of Christianity, the core of the Watchtower religion merges with the core of Islam. To characterize these and other Muslim religious components of the Watchtower doctrine, here are the famous grey boxes from the Watchtower book "What does the Bible really teach?" analyzed.

What does the Bible really teach? page 17

God cares for each one of us (1 Peter 5:7).

God's name is Jehovah (Psalm 83:18).

Jehovah offers to bring us closer to him (James 4:8).

Jehovah is loving, kind and merciful (Exodus 34:6; John 4:8,16).

What's the point of the Watchtower religion? – The analysis!

Quote Watchtower Religion: "God cares for every one of us." This is a true statement. This is about God and not about the substitute God Watchtower-Jehovah. The God of the Bible, not this Watchtower Jehovah, is indeed the causer and sustainer of every single being under the sun. Anyone who sees creation and has not fallen into Darwinism must recognize God as the one who explicitly cares for and cares for each and every one of us. It is Jesus who died as God made man for each one of us on the cross.

Quote Watchtower Religion: "God's name is Jehovah." This statement is absolutely false and lies. Even in 1931 – when the Watchtower Society theatrically gave its literature distributors the name "Jehovah's Witnesses" – everyone could read in the Little Brockhaus that the name Jehovah could not be considered God's name. The name Jehovah was first used in the Middle Ages by a Catholic monk and thus comes from the abysses of the arch-enemy of the Watchtower religion, which the Watchtower Canal of God likes to call "The Great Babylon". However, the name Jehovah had to be incorporated into the Watchtower religion to replace the only name in which people had to be saved: Jesus Christ.

Acts of the Apostles 4:12 And in no other is salvation, neither is there any other name under heaven given to men through whom we shall be saved.

The second, quite pragmatic reason for the introduction of the name Jehovah in spite of better knowledge available everywhere, which was already accessible to all people in 1931 through the reference book "The Little Brockhaus", is the desired integration of as many false and lied details into the Watchtower religion as possible. For on the Masonic basis of thought all religions shall pass away and with them also this religion established by Freemasonry itself. For this purpose the Watchtower religion had to be positioned as far away from the truth as possible.

More important than that, however, was the Watchtower inventors' goal of replacing the unique Jesus Christ, who could no longer be removed from the world, with a sonless Jehovah (with only an adopted, self-carved son). God is given a humanly invented proper name that obscures the real activity of God as testified in the Bible. The real activity of God is Jesus Christ. He is God who became human for us and called Himself the Son of Man to show that He is God Himself who came into the world.

Quote Watchtower Religion: "Jehovah offers us to come closer to him." Getting closer to Jehovah is nothing more than internalizing the teachings of the Watchtower Society and defending them to the blood. To come closer to God is to accept Jesus and to have contact with Him in prayer and through the Holy Spirit. For Jesus is the only way to the Father. No one comes to the Father except through God, who became man for us. Whoever wants to approach God cannot pass by Jesus. No religion, no organization, no knowledge and no study can bring about closeness to God, but only Jesus himself. The claim of the Watchtower religion that one can approach Jehovah thus concerns another God. The Jehovah approach statement is described neutrally at the beginning. They do not say that it works without Jesus. But in the course of the book "What does the Bible really teach" more and more the Watchtower Society and its teachings are described as the way to go. This goes so far that they claim that they and Jesus are the "Great Messiah" together! This way, this "Great Messiah" cannot lead to God. From this, we must conclude that the Watchtower Jehovah is not the God of the Bible.

Quote Watchtower Religion: "Jehovah is loving, kind and merciful." This is a brutal lie, as are the allegations about Allah. Allah and Jehovah are gods or a god who bleeds to death for himself humans, annihilates Jews, sees women as less than donkeys, men in paradise promises eternal sex, lets people cut off their hands and operates a channel that exploits people according to all the rules of art. Allah and Jehovah embody the destroyer of man. Both forbid contact with Jesus. Both are part of sad religious attempts, which only result in destroying people by bleeding to death or assassinations. Both gods, introduced after Jesus, are said to be greater than Jesus. Both demand devotion to God. Both do not promise salvation, but only talk about the possibility of being saved. Both are supposedly merciful, but cause a great deal of error and human disgrace.

Conclusion on the grey box on page 17 of the book
"What does the Bible really teach?"

The Watchtower religion contains the content of the Islamic Allah and calls him Jehovah God. The Watchtower Society strives to eliminate the one who became man in order to invite each individual to himself. The hostility towards Jesus in the Watchtower religion is not as clearly recognizable as in Islam. But the analysis of the grey boxes in the book "What does the Bible really teach?" makes publicly recognizable that the Watchtower religion is a Masonic product that wants to realize Islam under a Christian cloak.


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