Antichrist WTS – Partner Mediator next to Christ

by Eddie

Foreword to this writing

The word "anti" in Greek means not only "counterpart" or "opponent" or the like, but also stands in the sense of "substitute for" or "instead of". The "Antichrist" from the Bible, for example, must not only necessarily be an opponent on the battlefield, he can also be accepted as a "substitute for Christ" and thus stand in this sense. So if we speak here of the Watchtower society of the Antichrist, this can (and will also sonach!) be seen as "Christ's replacement" or "instead of Christ". And exactly that is the case as follows.

The governing body (Governing Body) of the Watchtower Society (WTS or also JW.ORG) as the supreme body understands itself as a "mediator" next to Christ, in a fairly accurately reported number of 144,000, which it takes from Revelation, the last book of the Bible (chapters 7 and 14). Whereby it must be noted that the 144,000 mentioned there by no means refers to a kind of "government" in the sense of the WTS later in heaven, but as the remnant of 144,000 Jews.

Anyone who reads chapter 7 of Revelation carefully with sense and understanding (although not so much understanding is necessary, for it is literally said at this point that these are fleshly Jews from every tribe and not "spiritual" Jews as the WTS falsely claims) will very quickly find out that no reconfigurations of the actual text of God ("Theopneustos") are necessary here, but that the Bible text has to be taken quite simply as it originally stands. Without ifs and buts. But because the WTS is known for reconfiguring texts from the Bible over and over again, i.e. even changing its own Bible translation partly to its teaching, it makes itself a Bible falsifier and antichrist.

For this reason, dear reader, this testimony was written in the form of an essay. It is far from us to defame anyone, be they individuals, organizations or churches, but – and our biblical knowledge and conscience compels us to do so – it is inevitable to warn of things that we know are going in the wrong direction. And the WTS, surely also among others, but also these, is going in the wrong direction and some people, who know about it, out of their faith and their knowledge, partly also with personal experiences in the background, announce all this publicly. What the individual reader then makes of it is his decision and thus also his consequence, which he will and must draw from it. See also the following texts: Ezekiel 33 verses 1 to 9 and chapter 3, verses 17 to 21.

The present sheet of paper here is arranged alphabetically from A to Z and shows some key points which can be assigned to the WTS on the pages of the Governing Body. From "A" like "Anti-Evening Meal" due to its satanic – yes, the word "satanic" is quite correctly chosen – way of alignment in the application at the Jehovah's Witnesses to "Z" like "Anti-Sign of the Presence of Christ" in the handling of this WTS philosophy is thus submitted to a broad spectrum and prepares the interested reader a basis for how he can meet the members of this sect, if he would like it, if they ring his doorbell or address him on the street or elsewhere.

Of course the Jehovah's Witnesses will contradict him in such an encounter what he confronts them with this material. Sure, what else. But, with the collection here, equality of arms is created in the discussion and the unsuspecting non-Jehovah's Witnesses, who knows all this only from hearsay (if at all), can meet the Jehovah's Witnesses at eye level. And as is well known, that's already something.

So, let's go to the full and start with our "handcrafted"


A Anti-Evening Meal (german: Anti-Abendmahl)

JZ celebrate the Lord's Supper like Satanists, the majority reject the symbols for body and blood; only a "remnant of the 144,000" from Revelation 7:14 may take this. Also, as a dogma of the WTS, the Lord's Supper (=other name for the breaking of bread or the Lord's Supper) may only be celebrated once a year (according to the Jewish calendar on the 14th Nisan), whereas in Acts chapter 2 it is literally shown that the followers of Jesus at that time did this every day, see "B" "Anti-Bible".

B Anti-Bible and Anti-Biblical Studies / Anti-Blood Transfusion

Anti-Bible: The WTS has its own Bible translation, the so-called "New World Translation", abbreviated NWT. Before this came out, in the 1960s, the Elberfelder Tranlation was used (in German), still a very good translation today, although in the meantime there are also revised editions here – this is normal. The question remains: Why did the WTS issue one of its own? The answer is – from its own mouth – because the name "Jehovah's" was inserted everywhere where it actually belongs. See some details under "S" like "Anti-Spiritism" and "U" like "Anti-Translation".

The fact is that this translation has been bent many times, in its choice of words and also in its composition, to underpin its own teachings. Although WTS itself vehemently denies this, it is nevertheless the case. One only needs to look up Ray Franz in his books or Mehmet Aslan's "The Falsified Watchtower Bible". There he goes into great detail on various passages where this is the case. There are also in various neutral circles, which are not opponents of the WTS, but strongly biblically oriented and therefore in some respects critical, especially as far as the accuracy of the choice of words in the translation is concerned, enough reading material, which prove this.

You only need to enter such terms as "Bible translations" or similar accompanying vocabulary once on the Internet and you will find them very quickly. With summary words: Whenever and whenever one begins with the Jehovah's Witnesses to bring a so-called "Bible study" "onto the wallpaper", one is also always taken on the Jehovah's Witnesses's own track and other emphases in the translaton are ignored by nature.

It's a pretty subtle way to trick, deceive, deceive. An example: In Scripture it says "to have faith in Jesus", but in the NWT it says "to exercise faith". The freedom of the translator, one might think. But far from it, if one knows the background for it. "Exercising faith" already points in the direction of activity, namely one that points in the direction of the WTS doctrine: To "practice faith" belongs for the Jehovah's Witnesses to go into the preaching ministry missionizing from house to house, because only in this way a Jehovah's Witnesses can be sure to have done enough for his God (topic: works righteousness).

Another example: In the Acts of the Apostles, chapter two, it is mentioned that the disciples and other Christians met daily in Jerusalem after the bodily ascension of Christ and also broke bread. Well, "breaking bread" is synonymous with the Lord's Supper, the Lord's Supper, or the memorial meal. Since, however, the Jehovah's Witnesses only allow the Lord's Supper to be celebrated once a year, namely on the 14th Nisan according to the Jewish calendar, one naturally wants to cover up this part of the Bible and instead of "breaking bread" one then writes "they took the meal", because one can use the misleading argument "they only took their meals". Only with a footnote to this text is then said "or: broke the bread". Question: Why so awkward when it is much easier and more precise? Answer: Deception and camouflage are the order of the day here. We also had that in the military; there the enemy must always be deceived. OK: Military is military, but by God? Further information see below at "S" and at "U".

Anti-biblical studies: Instead of studying the HS, the articles of the WTS literature are studied and "underpinned" with (from the point of view of the WTS) suitable biblical passages, instead of the exact opposite. This distinguishes the inductive from the deductive approach to exegesis (Bible or Scripture interpretation). There are two basic approaches to exegesis: deductive and inductive. What is the difference? In deductive logic, concrete conclusions are drawn from general facts, usually using syllogisms (Elliot E. Johnson: Expository Hermeneutics – An Introduction, Grand Rapids, 1990). This leads to many false conclusions. An example of this (not according to Jehovah's Witnesses doctrine, but neutral):

People who are not born again are dead.

Dead people can't react to anything anymore.

So not born again people are unable to respond to the gospel (e.g. to follow Him, our Lord Jesus).

Any questions?

A clearer misconduct in thinking is hardly possible anymore.

But what does this have to do with WTS teachings?

Well, there are several false premises here, too. For example, the premise that only 144,000 Christians can go to heaven. One could then draw the following conclusion from this (which the WTS leadership also did in 1935):

Only 144,000 people can go to heaven.

We, the Jehovah's Witnesses worldwide, are however already beyond this number, there is more than this limit allowed.

So there must be something else "in the bush" with those who go beyond that.

So all these do not go to heaven, but remain as eternal beings on earth in an earthly paradise.

This is (better: was, but remains so until today, the principle) 1935 the reason for the separation of heavenly and earthly calling and the system WTS was saved again because of this "new light".

All right?

Now to the inductive approach:

In inductive logic, general principles are derived from concrete cases. For the interpretation of the Bible, this means that all relevant biblical passages on a topic must be systematically examined before general principles can be formulated (John F. Parkinson: Election: Who, how and for what?). Of course, here, too, there can be different results, depending on the history of the individual, his professional and life experience including way of thinking, level of education and many other influencing variables (parameters) more. This is exactly where we find the biblical passage that works best: Epistle to the Romans, Chapter 14, complete chapter finally. But, this is not a broken leg, if you take a closer look at such things.

It is quite clear from the Bible passage just mentioned that different backgrounds of individual persons can also lead to different results and that this is nevertheless accepted by God as long as this person acts according to his conscience (Acts 24 V 16; 1 Peter 3 V 16; 1 Tim 5-6; 2 Cor 1 V 12; Heb 13 V 18; 2 Tim 1 V 3; Rom 9 V 1). Such things are unthinkable in faith communities like the WTS, because it is a dictatorial structure that acts strictly from top to bottom and cannot accept deviations, even those of personal conscience. In this context there is always talk of "unity in faith" and reference is made to 1 Cor. 1 V 10; Rom. 15 VV 5 and 6. But the fact that other things are meant there and that the WTS confuses synchronous step (one could also say stabbing step) with unanimity is a) not seen and b) also reluctantly heard.

Anti-blood transfusion: The fact is, the blood of the animals should not be eaten. This has already been declared by God at the beginning of mankind. This is shown, among other things, by Genesis 9 verse 4 and several other passages in the Old Testament. Everyone who eats blood sausage disregards this commandment. This was also repeated in the New Testament during the so-called Apostle Council, mentioned in Acts chapter 15. This can be read by anyone who has a Bible at hand.

This thought was never applied to humans, because it would presuppose or imply that the rest of humans, i.e. human flesh, could be eaten. But that would be cannibalism and it is forbidden anyway. So such a ban made no sense anyway. But now the WTS claims that this idea is also transferable to human blood. Question: Where then does this stand in Holy Scripture? Answer: Nowhere. On the contrary: Jesus himself says that the God of Abraham (the Israelites) is a God of the living and not a God of the dead. This same Jesus also says that laws were made for human beings and not the other way around, that human beings were made for laws.

This also clearly emerges from the following biblical incident: David and his men, who had nothing to eat but hunger, were given the shewbread prepared for the God of Israel for food by the priest. But that was actually forbidden. However, in order to save people (from hunger), this was permitted. Readable in 1 Samuel chapter 21. The actual commandment was therefore clearly broken in the sense of keeping people alive. As Jesus, mentioned above, said: "The law is for people and not against them. The God of life, therefore, and not the God of death.

But if now a single person wants to handle it in the way that the WTS absolutely prescribes to its believers, because his conscience tells him so, that is of course his own business. But to construct a law out of it, to demand it from the church and from its followers in obedience, is a strong piece, especially in connection with the fact that the conscience of the individual is not even taken into account, which is able to view it quite differently, depending on personal faith and circumstances. So here the WTS is by no means concerned with the conscience of the individual, but with its published dogma, which demands unconditional obedience. Moreover, as the WTS repeatedly argues, if the doctor forbids alcohol, it is not only to be considered orally, but also intravenously. Yes, of course. However, where is this prohibition of the consumption of human blood in the Bible? We have just explained that this commandment does not exist.

And something else: If a Jehovah's Witnesses-doctor is supposed to give blood to a patient, because he wants and demands it, the argument of conscience is conjured up here, because the WTS-tenor, the doctor also has a conscience, just like the patient himself. Question: Which conscience counts then? That of the doctor and/or that of the patient? If the patient refuses the blood, the conscience of the patient counts. If he wants the blood, that of the doctor counts. Paragraph 1, WTS is always right and paragraph 2, WTS is not right (which is very often the case) paragraph 1 comes into force. In the old GDR there was once a well-known song: "The party, the party is always right ...". So identical probably here.

C Anti-Christianity

The WTS sees itself as "the channel of God", without which one is not able to understand the HS, like the Roman Catholic Church, whose head is the Pope and without which one (ex kathetre) can do just as little (see also e.g. the "Church Father" Augustine (4th/5th century)); one always speaks of 144.000 + 1 Mediator and Jesus, who is however clearly described in the HS as the one mediator to God, becomes only the "main mediator" followed by the 144,000 "secondary mediators", degraded from it then the false doctrine develops, a dogma that misleads millions of Jehovah's Witnesses. See also Anti-H. Here one tramples Jesus with feet, so to speak. And how this is considered in the HS and how it is dealt with, can be read in detail in the Epistle to the Hebrews chapter 10, verse 29.

D Anti-Triunity (german: Anti-Dreieinigkeit)

There is much controversy on this point: Is there such a thing or not? That is the question. Well, one can see it one way or the other, but to deny eternal life to all those who advocate such a Trinity (from this perspective/from this "model") and immediately condemn it to eternal damnation is not right (Romans 14). From the point of view and the platform of the text just mentioned a certain tolerance should certainly grow, which one should have, even if one has a different point of view about it oneself.

E Anti-Unity in the Interpretation of Holy Scripture/Anti-Knowledge (german: Anti-Einigkeit in der Interpretation der Heiligen Schrift/Anti-Erkenntnis)

It is argued that "crossing at the wind" is on the part of "the only true religion", sometimes "gee, sometimes hot" – but no uniform "growing" or "increasing" knowledge according to 1 Corinthians 12 (metal mirror) can be seen in the doctrines (dogmas) of the WTS. On the contrary: Frequently a brainless romping about becomes rather recognizable as with a "gch-gch" with clapping hands while chasing chickens or other feathers; "new light" would be a knowledge to be taken in but not a single cross and cross; this is only insulting to the Spirit of God, to whom one assumes that he constantly feeds "his channel" wrong information, which must be corrected after years, often decades. So this is a sign of bungling and not one that would correspond to a "God channel".

Or did a prophet of the Old Testament or a "missionary" or Bible book writer of the Bible in the New Testament (Paul, for example, or one of the evangelists, writers of a letter, etc.) have to correct his letter at some point because he had misunderstood or misinterpreted the Spirit of God ("Theopneustos")? By the way: This approach comes very close to Islam, because: If two suras contradict each other in the Koran, then the newer one has validity and the older one is "outdated". Also here one could use the term "new light" for it. Only with the difference: Mohamed is not the light – that is Jesus alone.

F Anti-family

Family is affirmed, but only in the sense that all members of the Jehovah's Witnesses community remain in it. As soon as a member of the family leaves voluntarily, because according to his conscience and knowledge he cannot and does not want to support the complete conception of this faith community anymore, but rather clings to the word of God, the Bible, himself than to a human organization, this "apostate" is ostracized to death. Thousands of experiences worldwide confirm this.

G Anti-Obedience/Anti-Community Withdrawal (german: Anti-Gehorsam / Anti-Gemeinschaftsentzug)

Obedience to the JW.ORG counts much higher and more than obedience to the Bible. This results in many deprivations of community, all of which are unbiblical. See examples in various writings, all of which are available on the book market or on the Internet.

H Anti-hundred-forty-four thousand / Anti-Heaven

Only 144,000 go to heaven and have this hope as "mediator or secondary mediator" (see also under "C" and "Z"). All others, who also follow the satanic ritual "Anti-Evening Meal" and let the cup of the blood and the bread of the body of Jesus pass by, i.e. consciously refuse it, have only earthly hope, although the HS makes no difference to it – see Ephesians chapter 4 verses 4 and 5; One faith, One baptism and One hope and not one faith, One baptism and Two hopes (one earthly and one heavenly). New misinterpretation of the Bible.

I Anti-Information

When it comes to the "opposition" of WTS, whether in doctrine, politics and/or whatever, official WTS pages always issue false information that leads to false conclusions; it is a kind of propaganda war. On the one hand, the WTS openly condemns participation in political disputes, but even here it acts completely contrary. Anything that comes to her mind that is otherwise wrong, but right for her, is – not least of all – politically exploited. Examples are the "King of the North", who "will soon be destroyed" (so the jargon of the WTS; Russia is meant by this, because its government expropriated the WTS in its country), because it "surrounded the ornament of Jehovah" (in the HS it means Israel, but in the WTS context the WTS itself, because it is the "connecting channel" from heaven to earth) and thus attacks. The king Jesus Christ then attacks this land directly from above (from heaven) and totally destroys it.

Thus the WTS takes a clear position for a (unfortunately!) US-west-oriented side, which thus very clearly means a step backwards in the direction of a cold war. See also the agitations of the WTS and their internal English-language writings, which reflect the "policy" of the same as for example the "Branch Office Book" and / or "Defending our Faith", of whose existence often not even elders of the local assemblies have any idea, as well as "Theocratic Warfare" by Jerry Bergmann and Mehmet Aslan. By the way: Did you already know, rather in this respect of the naïve reader, that the WTS has introduced a so-called "information service" sometime in the last 25 years? Allegedly (so official data) to be available for the local press and the like. Sounds harmless, doesn't it? In reality, however, there was another reason: local elders who were chosen for this service were also sent to information events directed against the WTS. Yes, why? You may ask yourself – well, the answer may be up to you. But did you know or do you know why these elders are no longer sent to such events? Quite simply: Some elders learned about some things and especially about procedures and their backgrounds for the first time on site at such information events at that time, and then "boldly" asked the WTS inquires according to the motto "yes, is that really true ...?". One or the other "delegate" got, so to speak, "to the taste" of questioning – which of course was very, very embarrassing for the WTS. The writer of these lines here witnessed this himself in southern Germany, how it happened at that time.

J Anti-Jesus / Anti-JHWH

How much Jesus is degraded by the WTS has already been described under C, H and Z. Even if the WTS claims that its head is Jesus Christ, in reality it acts completely past him, because it gets its directives directly from the Father Jehovah. So where is the son? What is interesting, by the way, is how much WTS omits (or suppresses) the Bible texts written in honor of Jesus in its publications. The text from John 5, practically the whole chapter, but especially verses 22 and 23 can hardly be found in the search criteria of the WTS literature, and if at all, only so completely hidden in the back door, as if one were best not allowed (or wanted) to see it. That in the HS Jesus himself is referred to as "the light" (e.g. in John 9 V 5 and many others) is not a fact. The fact that he was worshipped already during his lifetime on earth (same chapter, verse 38), that even angels will worship him (Letter to the Hebrews), is deliberately ignored or only mentioned as if it were completely unimportant ("worship" is degraded to "worshipers" and the same is then clearly differentiated from each other, so as not to give the impression that one is allowed to worship Jesus and this certainly does not represent "idolatry"). Again, let us refer to the Epistle to the Hebrews, chapter 10 verse 29.

JHWH: "Jehovah" is demonstrably an artificial term from the High Middle Ages. Well, we don't know the real expression for J-H-W-H. However, anyone who does not accept this term, as it is represented in the WTS, does not have the meaning of the biblical God in him and is a rebel. So at least the interpretation of the WTS.

K Anti-Kingdom of God

God's 1000-year-old kingdom, as the Watchtower describes it, will rule the world as a visible organ here on earth according to Armageddon (or the "Last Day" at the great Christian churches) once from the WTS. They do not say this immediately and always directly, but it is indirectly apparent from their writings. There are many hints and articles about this, even illustrated. If one should actually take that so literally, the horror would come to one. This system has very little to do with the real kingdom of God on earth. It would be a rather arbitrary "theocracy", i.e. dictatorship, which would be oriented according to the WTS directives and which could only creep you out.

L Antigoverning Body of JW.ORG or WTS/Anti-Light (german: Anti-Leitende Koerperschaft der JW.ORG bzw. WTS / Anti-Licht)

Augustine of Hippo (354 to 430) is regarded as an idealistic co-founder of the Roman Catholic church. He was thus the father of Roman Catholicism, the basis for a church system that for centuries (actually: more than one and a half millennia) was responsible for inquisition, crusades, witch trials, oppression of all kinds. And much more: The WTS is scolding this state of affairs in its publications, and rightly so. But, it does the same in ideological direction, partly also in practical regard (see ostracism after deprivation of community, action of judicial interests, etc.). Two types of measuring cord adorn the WTS's retinue here. But that is exactly what the God of the Bible hates. Just like the topic of wealth of the Roman Catholic church, other churches and the WTS (see "R").

Anti-Light: The WTS repeatedly claims to bring "new light" to light, i.e. new knowledge. What it forgets is that there is no "New Light" and that cannot exist either, because light has been shining with the same brightness for almost 2,000 years now. The Light is Jesus himself and not a human organization! He also says this quite clearly in John's Gospel 8 verse 12 and chapter 3 verse 18. In other words: Whoever has Jesus Christ also has the bright light as a whole and there is no drop by drop "subsidy" or "aiding and abetting" via a special "channel of God". Whoever believes in the latter is clearly wrong. When Paul speaks in the First Epistle to the Corinthians of the Corinthians of the fact that we only recognize in bits and pieces and that knowledge increases (the parable with the metal mirror), he does not mean that the light that has been clearly recognizable since the last book of the Bible (=revelation) will increase, but that we human beings can recognize more and more where we stand because of the fulfillment of the prophecies. But this requires the Spirit of God, who is poured out on all people at the same time, but whom only those can receive who also have a personal access to him through Jesus Christ (1 Timothy 2 verse 5 "a mediator"). These are millions of people and not only a handful of arrogant and partly already senile and autocratic "gentlemen" in Warwick (formerly in Brooklyn). See also the following Bible texts: Gospel of John chapter 8 verse 12, same book, chapter 9 verse 5, same book, chapter 12 verses 46-48 and again same book, chapter 5 verses 39 – 40.

M Anti-Millennium

See "K" Anti-Kingdom of God

N Anti-neutrality

See "I" as anti-information and the following true story: The WTS regards the UNO as a structure resisting God, from which one would in any case keep distance. Nevertheless, it joined as a member of an NGO, and that only – so it said – to have access to the library there. Interesting question: What if a non-Governing Body member, but a "Feld-Wald-und-Wiesen-Jehovah's Witnesses", a "Otto-Normal-Konsument" of the lower ranks, had made it to register with the UN for the same reason? Wouldn't he at least have come close to exclusion? – Interesting question, isn't it?

Another thing: Why are such topics as "political neutrality" and "may a Jehovah's Witnesses go to the military or not" handled so differently in different countries (see "Theocratic warfare" in M. Aslan and others)? Why does the WTS, because they are forbidden in certain countries as religious community, which they are, then appear as "cultural association" and thus deny the actual message, the faithfulness and devotion to our God? – See also here again the same indication of source as just or ask you concerning the country Indonesia (the richest Islamic country on earth), why this is so there?

O Anti-Administrative Forces/Anti-Organization (german: Anti-Obrigkeitliche Gewalten / Anti-Organisation)

Sure, you have to obey God more than human governments, that's right. But the question that arises is this: Is this obedience owed to God or to a (too) human organization that blasphemously claims to be "God's channel" of itself? Let us take up again the theme from above, "I" as information: There it was reported that in Russia the WTS was expropriated, but the congregations as such were not forbidden, because of the religious freedom that also prevails there in this country. But now – again: see above under "I" – it is claimed that the "newly recognized king of the north", Russia thus, is an opponent of "the truth", that is to say, the WTS and one should (actually: must) from a "Christian point of view" (meaning the WTS point of view) in this country refuse the obedience of the "true" Christians (thus, the Jehovah's Witnesses from the WTS point of view) in certain things to this country. It's great how you can turn certain things upside down, isn't it?

P Anti-prophets

First of all, a quotation from the Holy Scriptures. There it says, in the Second Epistle to Peter, Chapter 1, verses 20 to 21: "For this first of all knows that no prophecy springs from any private interpretation of Scripture. For prophecy was never brought forth by the will of a man, but people spoke of God as they were carried by the Holy Spirit. – quoted from WTS's own Bible translation.

These inspired words, which refer exclusively to biblical prophets and prophecies, the WTS and their "faithful" followers are all too happy to use in door-to-door service. And they more or less automatically add themselves to this, because the WTS is "God's channel" and thus – from their own point of view – the only "true and legalized way from God to man". And so the highly stylized prophecies expressed by WTS – whatever their direction – are always correct. One reads the words of God Fifth Moses chapter 18, verses 19 to 22. Please read this text yourself, dear reader of these lines, and keep it clearly before your eyes. Then go through the list of all the prophecies which the WTS took out as the "channel of God", to give of itself and how they later did not arrive or otherwise had to be corrected (if the WTS did that at all!). You can find a list of such (false) prophecies in the already mentioned writings of Ray Franz, Mehmet Aslan and other sources (e.g. Bruderinfo) on the Internet. And now – as the final coronation – hold the biblical passage from Moses quoted above against it. And, what is the final conclusion of wisdom now? It is written here:

The WTS is a false prophet from whom one should not be afraid!

Q Anti-sources (german: Anti-Quellen)

WTS is known for deliberately misquoting or distorting sources on numerous occasions. Clear evidence is provided by Ray Franz, former and already deceased member of the board of directors in his two books "Der Gewissenskonflikt" and "Auf der Suche nach christlicher Freiheit" as well as by Mehmet Aslan and Jerry Bergmann in the book "Theokratische Kriegsfuehrung", who thus outed the leadership of this sect as liars.

R Anti-rescue / Anti-wealth (german: Anti-Rettung / Anti-Reichtum)

Anti-rescue: JZ are based on the principle "without preaching (i.e. missionary service, mainly carried out door-to-door) no rescue would be possible" and thus build on factory justice. But the HS says exactly the opposite: We cannot contribute anything to our salvation out of ourselves. And if we take James 2,26 (a faith without works is dead) as "proof" that this is the case, then we quickly forget that faith gives birth to works and not the other way round and that despite all this we cannot earn salvation with works. This is – and this quite exclusively – the work of our Lord Jesus Christ alone – the merit of him through his death, which he suffered for us.

One also only needs to read through the Epistle to the Hebrews chapter 11, in which it is clearly shown that faith was first present among the persons listed there, and that faith then produced the works, and not the other way round. Paul himself, too, describes this most clearly in his Epistle to the Ephesians, chapter 2, verses 8 and 9. Faith is hereby juxtaposed with the works, and on this basis it is shown what contributes to salvation, namely faith and not any works. How often did Jesus himself reproach the Pharisees and scribes of his epoch with exactly this!

To want to equate faith with merit is therefore a false doctrine. Already with Augustine of Hippo (354-430), the father of Catholicism, these false assertions appear. Many of his teaching practices can be equated one to one with those of the WTS – consciously or unconsciously. The WTS differs here from the origin of the Roman Catholic church practically by no tittle, although it presents itself as a great opponent of said institution. Here is a famous quote from Augustine: "I would not believe the Gospel if the authority of the Catholic Church did not move me". Does this quotation not sound very similar to the credo of the WTS that without it one would not be able to understand Scripture correctly?

Anti-wealth: Very often the wealth of the different churches and faith communities was chalked up by the WTS. And rightly so. However: Examples for own riches, both personally, and advantages when travelling, which the members of the Governing Body have, as well as the different offshore possessions etc. show clearly the hypocrisy of this committee/directorate. One only needs to look at the corresponding video clips or, on the other hand, to read Ray Franz to learn about such things. Again as result: Two kinds of measuring cord.

S Anti-spiritism

A lot has already been said about the subject of the Anti-Bible – see A. This is now to be extended a little with the letter S for anti-spiritism. How so? The name Johannes Greber plays a bigger role here. Johannes Who?

Now, Johannes Greber, born on 2 May 1874 in Wenigerath near Bernkastel an der Mosel (today Rhineland-Palatinate), deceased on 31 March 1944 in New York, was a former Catholic priest who in the course of his life turned more and more to spiritualism and thus in Christian religious circles mutated into a controversial person. He also wrote several books and his most famous and "important" work was titled "Intercourse with the Spirit World of God, Its Laws, and Its Purpose. A clear spiritual work. He also translated the New Testament with some peculiarities, which were based above all on his very own occult convictions.

Greber, for example, represented a modern form of Arianism, according to which Christ acted as the first creator and thus, so to speak, as the primal angel. His dual opponent is his "brother" called Lucifer, who fell away from God the Father. Since the WTS holds a rather identical view and demands this exclusively from its members to believe in it as well, these teachings of Greber were very helpful to it. This contributed, among other things, to the fact that Greber's convictions flowed into the NWT of the WTS.

One can therefore conclude very well that the foundations of the NWT contain spiritualistic elements. Coincidence? We know that Satan does not only appear as a "brisk sparring partner", but is quite capable of appearing as an "angel of light", i.e. with much and great cunning, as the HS itself says. He is always an ice-cold strategist, and the means to an end justify his actions. In the end, success counts for him, no matter how he got there. Even corpses are no obstacle for him. At best, collateral damage that does "nothing more harm". This can already be seen in his way of proceeding, in the Garden of Eden, where he also did not say to Eve "God never said that", but he cleverly posed the question that gave rise to doubts, "Did God really say ...?

Furthermore, the following facts are also interesting, "incidentally" said:

  1. See "A" for "Anti-Evening Meal" and
  2. The reference to the fact that occult "side effects" occur again and again in the publications of WTS literature, which can be seen subliminally in pictures. A book with the title "Hour of Darkness" should be mentioned, which points out and documents such structures in great detail.

T Anti-devils and demons (german: Anti-Teufel und Daemonen)

See under "S" how anti-spiritism

U Anti-Translation of the Bible/Anti-transmission (traditions)

See above under "S" as spiritualism in Johannes Greber as well as some clear twists of the HS according to various renditions of Bibles in comparison or also according to Ray Franz (see also under "Q" as sources). Take, dear reader, an interlinear translation Greek – German and/or Greek – English and compare it with other translations as well as with the NWT of the WTS, if possible and at your disposal, also with their interlinear translation of the New Testament (known at the WTS as "Christian-Greek Scriptures") Greek – English and compare all this detail by detail, especially the places where differences arise in the teachings of the WTS to other Christian communities. You will experience your blue miracle and at the same time understand why the WTS does not like you doing this at all! When you see Jehovah's Witnesses in street service again, go to them and ask them for their interlinear translation. Older Jehovah's Witnesses may know them (even if they speak English), because they don't exist anymore. Probably for good reason. If you are asked why you want these translations, say calmly (but clearly) that you want to check whether what is claimed by the "opponents" of the Jehovah's Witnesses/WTS is true.

But you can only do that if you can check the same with the same. Not pears with apples, but apples with apples or pears with pears. You are responsible for yourself and would therefore like to follow the Beroeer, which are written in the HS. You take them as role models. From the biblical point of view or argumentation, the Jehovah's Witnesses man you are talking to cannot actually hold anything against it. Nevertheless, he will try to dissuade you from this thought with false arguments. Why? Because he has learnt, in all his meetings, that you should check everything (he may now quote the 2nd Letter to the Thessalonians, chapter 5, verse 21), but this only concerns WTS's own writings and teachings (again: "God's channel"!) to look up/check. Nothing else.

Now you may even be offered a home Bible study, which is of course free of charge (Matthew 10:8), but which in reality is not an unbiased Bible study, but an already given Watchtower article study according to their own teachings. Reject this now and say that you only want to follow your conscience and do this according to the above-mentioned words and nothing else. Very quickly you will now "be allowed" to experience how important the topic of "conscience" is to the Jehovah's Witnesses. An "impeccable conscience" must be trained and this happens again exclusively by the "channel of God", thus the WTS itself. Everything else is – from the point of view of the Jehovah's Witnesses – an untrained and thus misguided conscience. All clear, right?

Anti-transmission (traditions): Freely following the motto "What must not be, cannot be either", the WTS often does not deviate from its demonstrably false doctrines, and proceeds in the same way as the Pharisees at the time of Jesus, who were accused by him of respecting more the traditions than the Word of God. Just a single example: 1914 is for every Jehovah's Witnesses an unalterable milestone of the theology of the WTS. According to WTS doctrine, this milestone shows that the "times of the nations" ended this year and God's kingdom had been established. But because one noticed at some point in the WTS headquarters that this could not be true, one would logically have had to give up this doctrine. But that would have practically broken out a cornerstone of the Jehovah's Witnesses faith community and a large part of its teachings and credibility would have fallen into disrepair.

Because there cannot be what must not be, this "knowledge" was transformed with "new light". Jesus came invisibly and established his kingdom in heaven this year and is thus "enthroned". That the enthronement already took place at his earthly ascension shortly before Pentecost (see "sit at the right hand of God") is generously overlooked. And 1914 is anyway based on doubtful input, since the foundations of the calculation of the WTS go back to such doubtful origins. But this is also a separate and longer topic in detail. So, in conclusion: One (meant is the Governing Body of the WTS) prefers to keep up the tradition of a false doctrine of the WTS, instead of throwing it where it actually belongs long ago: on the garbage.

V Anti-rape / child abuse (german: Anti-Vergewaltigungen / Kindesmissbrauch)

That the WTS worldwide does not support the courts, public prosecutor's offices in occurring cases within its own ranks, is well known contrary to its own (covering up) statements. The Internet is full of it. I will not go into it in detail; that is not the purpose of this paper. It should be pointed out that this is the case, even if the WTS quickly claims again and again that these are all lies of alumni and renegades. However, there are enough judgments to prove all this and the WTS has already paid horrendous sums of punishment for it. You, dear reader, only need to enter the combinations "Jehovah's Witnesses" with "child abuse" in the link in a search engine once and you will find dozens of reports. Once again, John 8 verse 44 proves itself.

W Anti-reborn (german: Anti-Wiedergeboren)

Only the 144,000 are "reborn" in the sense of the WTS (see under "H" as anti-hundred forty-four thousand); but the rest of the "normal mortals" Jehovah's Witnesses are not. This is a clear contradiction to the HS, which in this respect does not do any restrictions by number or anything else. The Gospel of John chapter 3 verse 3 "He who is not born again cannot see the (king) kingdom of God" is addressed without restriction to all Christians. There is not the slightest indication that these are only 144,000, as the Governing Body of the WTS claims. Since the Jehovah's Witnesses also have an Anti-Evening Meal (see "A"), it is possible (the final decision is God's thanks not to us human beings) that the rest of the Jehovah's Witnesses, that is to say the great majority, could lose their ultimate salvation as a result (written in the subjunctive out of sheer caution). Question: Who then pays the blood duty in this case?

Additional side question: If Scripture was written primarily for the 144,000 in question, why should the remaining millions of Christians still read the Bible if they are not even affected by it? Only to better serve the Governing Body of the WTS? – Contradiction on contradiction arises when one thinks all this through for the first time.

Z Anti-number 144,000/Anti-Signs of the Presence of Christ (german: Anti-Zahl 144.000/Anti-Zeichen der Gegenwart Christi)

Anti-number 144,000: See "W" for Anti-Reborn, "K" for Anti-Kingdom, "H" for Anti-Hundred forty-four thousand, "C" for Anti-Christianity, and "A" for Anti-Evening Meal. Note: The number of 144,000 does not refer to "spiritual" (actually: "spiritual") Jews, but to completely natural Jews, otherwise it would be different in the HS. Again the Jehovah's Witnesses interpret this differently and thus add something to the Scriptures and therefore also receive something from the plagues of which something is written in the Scriptures (Revelation 22,18). What they vehemently deny in their ignorance (one could also say "in their mistiness" according to 2 Corinthians 4:4) and pass on the guilt to "the world" which is ruled by Satan anyway. In the latter point they are even right. However, they (the WTS) are not victims, but accomplices in this matter.

Anti-Sign of the Presence of Christ: On the second coming of Jesus, the Bible says the following things:

Acts 1 verses 6 to 7: "... Lord, will you restore the kingdom to Israel in this time?" He said to them: "It is not your business to know about the times or periods of time which the Father has set under his own authority.

Acts 1 verse 11: "... This Jesus, who was taken away from you into heaven, will come so, in the same way as you saw him go into heaven".

Bible texts are taken from the WTS New World Translation (NWT).

In contrast, however, the WTS says the following things:

God's kingdom was established invisibly in 1914. (In earlier times, decades ago, the WTS also claimed that it was established as early as 1874). The HS thus speaks of two striking points: First, Christ will visibly come again and second, we humans do not know when. The WTS, however, knows better: It knows both when and that he would return invisibly ("new light" probably; God probably changed his plans again in favor of the WTS, contrary to his own word and prophecy in the Bible – to put it sarcastically).

This is reminiscent of an old well-known joke: a man sitting on a park bench in a city park snaps his fingers. When asked why he does this, he answers: "This drives away the lions, they are afraid of this noise". Then the one who asked him why he did it: "But there are no lions here". Then the snipper answers: "There you can see how much this helps". Now, dear reader, prove the opposite. It looks similar with the WTS claims (and the way they argue).

Question: Who is right now? The Bible as the true Word of God or the different interpretations of a human organization that contradicts these biblical statements but pretends to be God's channel of communication? So does God contradict himself? Or is it not the case that here again a false prophet is exposed? May each reader decide for himself.

A hint still for the interested Jehovah's Witnesses-reader, who likes to read this "secretly", i.e. without the knowledge of his brothers and sisters of faith, because he still has a rest of common sense and freedom: Everything that is written here is verifiable, both biblically and otherwise. One may only have to search for it (at least in the references given here in this Scripture). Search like for a buried and hidden pearl. The Internet is full of such things. Libraries as well. "Separating the wheat from the chaff" is the motto. A lot of garbage and rubbish, but, hidden away, also some pearls.

Not a church, not an organization, but only you alone are responsible for finding out what is right and acting accordingly. Once standing before the judgment seat of God, you will certainly not be asked if you have followed the rules of your church, which you belonged to during your lifetime in the world. But what you did yourself, to find out all that and then act accordingly, that will be the big question that you will not get past and by whose answer you will be judged. Of course, the WTS leadership has a hard time finding out that these truths that speak against them cannot be found, about which so much is written, and they do so much to keep it that way. It's not for nothing that courts are busy with it, lawyers are hired, etc. and so on. But, nevertheless, there are still many books and also Internet appearances which have already revealed many things and will probably continue to do so in the future.

On the other hand, of course, there are also the "renegades" of the WTS who become "renegades" or have already become so because they do not (or no longer) believe in God, because they prefer a God-independent life, because they convert to another (Christian or even not) religion, and much more. But, these people hardly bother to pull you away as a convinced Jehovah's Witness "from the truth," which was never such, at best a partial truth. They don't give a shit what you do with your life, if you are well or bad or whatever. They have now reached their goal – "their freedom". But those who have recognized that at least large parts, which this religion gives of itself to the WTS, are not biblically tenable, but represent a religious community, whose winners are only the so-called "upper ten thousand", thus, the Governing Body, and thus also concerns, and who have not separated from this religious community for the reasons just mentioned, but for reasons of conscience – yes, for reasons of conscience! – and who now want to pass on the knowledge they have gained to those who have already begun to ponder, it is those who also have a say here on these pages. Talking from conviction, from personal experience, from at least the same level of knowledge as the Governing Body of the WTS. For they have no more contact with the God of the Bible than anyone else. On the contrary, the hands of the clock tend to point in the wrong direction, as can be seen from the whole "A" above.

What you do now is your business. You can of course go to your elders of your meeting with this info here and you will see what happens. Only so much: "Helped" will only be given to you in the sense that a) you will be rebuked because you read such "forbidden things", and probably also "secretly", and b) if you then "regret" and return to the organization with flying skirt laps and promise high and holy never to deal with such "spiritual excrement" again. Well, if you want to do that, do so. No one will force you to break out of your environment. On the contrary. Read the First Corinthians chapter 13 and you know why. Then stay in a system that basically just shits you, wants your money and keeps the power over you. It will then remain the Lord over your faith for the rest of your life, something the writer of the Corinthians warns you about (2nd Corinthians, chapter 1 verse 24; indirectly also Peter in his First Epistle, chapter 5 verse 3) and distances himself from it.

But if you approach the God of the Bible with prayer and trust, he will also show you that you can walk HIS way. Peter's biblical saying "Lord, where should we go" is directed exclusively to the Son of God, our Lord Jesus, but never to any institution whatsoever. Look for a good Bible translation, such as the Elberfelder, the Luther or the Schlachter, or the crowd, and compare every text you read with the one in the NWT. Follow your conscience and (hopefully) the new knowledge growing out of it.

Take your time and then dare to jump from this sect. Don't just jump halfway, but with all your strength, but in the right direction. And this direction shows you the real word of God and not a pseudo/fake called JW.ORG or WTS or whatever! If you feel the need to get together with other Christians – which is not a must, but there are some reasons to do so, e.g. the topic of breaking bread – then find an independent local community that does not belong to any church or association that is already pursuing social or even political goals.

You can also take your time until your possible accession. Jesus said "My yoke is light" and so it is. The yoke of structured organizations and churches, on the other hand, is usually the opposite. If you feel comfortable in a congregation, even from your gut feeling, stay. If not, then you are by no means obliged to stay there permanently. God is looking for voluntary contributors, not forced labourers, who do their work only out of pressure and lack of freedom / obligation. Lead a life pleasing to God – and, very importantly! independent of Great Babylon, but free (Revelation 18 verse 4)!

This is what the writers of these lines wish you from the bottom of his heart!



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