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In the Watchtower of April 15, 2007 on page 7, the Watchtower Society depicts an Arab-looking man talking to a knowing gentleman about Watchtower doctrine. His facial expression makes an almost unbelieving impression. He raises his eyebrows and clearly shows a fundamental skepticism. In the background of this picture one sees this Arabic-looking man as someone who points the gun at the observer with a nasty facial expression.

Under this collage we see exactly this Arab man as a scholarly "ex-criminal" who explains a colorful brochure to his young, handsome wife. She is very attentive and listens attentively to him as he passes on his new knowledge.

What a wonderful situation!

The rules of conduct of the Watchtower Society, which also create a right to the earthly Watchtower Paradise, have turned a terrorist into a lamb-pious man. Should this construction really contribute to converting Islamists to peace?

Presumably every Jehovah's Witness who has seen these illustrations will have seen through the content of this representation himself as an attempt at manipulation and only deliberately accepted it for the sake of the "governing body". Too obviously this sequence of images sets off on something that no reasonable person in the world can consider possible. And this despite the fact that Islam, like the Watchtower Society, attaches great importance to the fact that Allah/Jehovah gets along without Jesus.

But the real manipulation that this sequence of images is intended to achieve is to make Jehovah's Witnesses feel that they can use Watchtower society techniques to improve the whole world. This, of course, includes an awareness of one's own change, and the Witness, in the face of this impossible conversion of a Jihad fighter, must seriously ask: How far have I adapted my life to the Watchtower Society?

Among the Jehovah's Witnesses, there's the dictum:

"How far are you in the truth?"

There's no rest for Jehovah's Witnesses. They are permanently on the path of striving and aspiring and have their dear trouble to be at the required level of truth. They have strongly reduced the pressure to perform of the bland world (satisfaction with a bad professional training), in order to be able to let the pressure to perform of the Watchtower Society affect them as much as possible. They have put on a yoke that makes them extremely better people, but they have not noticed that Jesus said: My yoke is gentle and my burden is light.

So they are on the way as better people and Islamists defusing all-rounders and put all their hope in a concept that American specialists suck from the Bible. The support they find in the Watchtower Society is tied to the merciless pressure of the Watchtower Society to perform and fortunately prevents their own deeper reflection and understanding of reality.

Thus, under the leadership of the Watchtower Society, the Jehovah's Witnesses have it easy to regard their own responsibility as non-existent and to place all their strength under the world domination-building flag of the Jehovah's organization. They let themselves be led without criticism.

This uncritical guidance through a human organization has never been propagated by God, but God keeps asking us to follow Him and accept His guidance in faith. He has given us Jesus, who in an inimitable way puts man, God, himself, in the heart. Jesus is the way that actually brings us people so close to God that he is in us and we in him.

For this purpose he, Jehovah, has decided that we should follow Jesus. Jesus Himself told us that we would hear His voice. But Jehovah's Witnesses don't want to know anything about him. They make the direct exchange of information with Jesus a taboo by claiming that Jesus is only the Archangel Michael and not God. So they have no access to him. They constantly affirm that they believe in Jesus. But their "faith in Jesus" is only the true holding of the Watchtower theses about a person who was promoted to the upper angel because of his special obedience.

This superior angel with the outstanding order of Jehovah's obedience is not God with the Jehovah's Witnesses and so cannot really help anyone. His power is only conferred upon him and has more of a decorative function. To pray to him is to pray to Jehovah's Witnesses for their polytheism and blasphemy. For as in Islam and Judaism, Jehovah's Witnesses have no God as Jehovah.

Thus Jesus is taken out of the overall context and put on a siding where he can still make a "good figure". Otherwise only the Jehovah of the Watchtower plays a role. But the fact that God tells us in the letter to the Corinthians at the very beginning that His address for us is Jesus is ignored in a tough way. The fact that God has long since put aside the path propagated by the Watchtower Society through Jesus, bypasses the governing body at its very bottom.

They want to eradicate God's decision that only and exclusively through faith in Jesus what the person who is searching for God longs for happens. Namely, to find the closeness to God that really fills one and conveys the safe rest in him already during one's lifetime.

The Watchtower Society is trying to build a world empire based on a conspiratorial community. On the same page 7, we read how Jehovah communicates with an unjustly treated lady through the devotion of her "brothers and sisters of faith who always look after me. The effect of God is reduced in the Watchtower doctrine to the community experience and thus only taken in human form as a foundation for a world-changing vision of the future. The pop effect is the same that Adolf Hitler produced. People unite under a paradigm and switch off their brains under absolute bondage to the leadership.

But Jesus is highly individual. His power depends on the person he meets. He never gives a damn about a certain comb, but approaches each individual in a very personal and considerate way. For as soon as the situation of trust is clarified, as soon as a person says to Jesus: "You take responsibility for my life before the people and before God, Jesus accompanies you as close and as loving as only God Himself can.

In Jesus is the salvation decided by Jehovah. Jehovah's law is Jesus in the fullness of time and only Jesus. Jehovah's Witnesses refuse to obey Jehovah's decision and prefer to watch manipulative image sequences in the Watchtower. They trust in what they see. They decide in their hearts only what they can see through manipulation or in their carnal simplicity.

But that a tremendous journey of discovery is open to every human being when he turns to Jesus, they will never experience. They have embraced the Watchtower and the human protective community of rectification under the manipulation of the Governing Body. Like herrings in a swarm, they are always inspired by the thought: Hopefully it won't hit me! They will never experience the divine security of salvation in Jesus. They will never experience that human settlements have nothing to do with God.

Thus the Watchtower manipulates millions of ignorant people with small pictures. The seduction of the Watchtower Society has terrible consequences. Millions of seduced Watchtower listeners will receive a sad verdict. They have spurned Jesus, who so easily and clearly comes to anyone who asks him.


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