Where does the Watchtower Society come from?

Crown of the Watchtower bricked by Freemasons
Charles T. Russell and his Pyramid Faith
Bible falsifier Watchtower
Bible falsifier Watchtower
Bible falsification of the Watchtower

For some time now, the Watchtower Society has been entitled by the state to give religious instruction in German schools. The children of Germany, very few of whom have a realistic prospect of a good education (namely only the rich), now have the opportunity to be taught truth by the Watchtower Society. But this will probably not work for the time being, because the Watchtower has so far only experience with infiltration and demagogy. Therefore, the Watchtower with its faithful and understanding slaves has to wait a little longer until lessons can hardly be distinguished from infiltration in Germany.

Before this happens, let us take a look at where the Watchtower Society comes from. The common opinion is that Jehovah's Witnesses are strict biblical scholars who are fanatical, but who basically only uphold the Word of God and make it the guideline for their thought and action. They call themselves friends of Jehovah and go from house to house all their lives in order to save other people from extermination in Armageddon. They are the only ones who know the truth and share it with us world people when we become like them.

This is wonderful because it gives us the opportunity to make friends with this Jehovah constructed by WTS itself, and to entrust ourselves to the Watchtower Organization, which promises to take us to a paradisiacal realm of eternal physical and spiritual existence in perfection. Then all men will be beautiful and healthy, and all will know the same thing that the Watchtower Society teaches them. This includes that there will be no stool in the kingdom of WTS-Jehovah. (This is what they wrote in their booklets!)

This Watchtower Society rescue plan is scary enough as it is. But if we look at what the Watchtower Society came out of, we get an idea of why it permanently and with cutting willpower passes by the grace of Jesus and suggests to people that they must submit to Jehovah, even though the Bible says that salvation is only in the name of Jesus.

The Watchtower Society is Based on Spiritism

Their spiritualistic origin is no longer publicly known today by the Watchtower Society, but hushed up. All literature, all information, which prove the spritistischen origin of the WTS, were eliminated and removed from all publications of the Watchtower. In this way, today's Jehovah's Witnesses can no longer comprehend the ungodly origin of the Watchtower Society from their own experience. Foreign literature is forbidden to them, the Internet and so on. The noose around the neck of Jehovah's Witness has contracted threateningly.

But so that in the oral conversation with the victims of the Watchtower confusion these purely magical roots of loyalty and understanding slaves can be uncovered, the necessary information shall be quoted here. Further below you will find a reference to an open twist of the Bible, which can only be found in the Watchtower Bible and which manipulates the reader from the beginning.

Quote: www.gottesweinberg.de/Zeugen/zeugen.html (no longer available)

The occult esoteric background Russels
(Esotericism = only insider accessible teaching/esoteric = secret)

The beginnings of "Bible researchers" took place in Scotland around 1906 in Masonic halls. (Jehovah's Witnesses Yearbook 1973/Page 89) Further meetings took place in Masonic halls in 1911-13. During an address to Bible students, Russel himself referred to this by pointing out that they were in rooms dedicated to Freemasonry. (Report on the Assembly of International Bible Students 1913)

The allegorical reinterpretation of the temple of God (1. Cor. 3,17) into Masonic categories (= group in which someone or something is classified) was conspicuous. Russel explained that he had consulted with the "great Master" himself and had received secret information through the Holy Spirit. During this speech Russel mentions the Pyramid of Giza, which at the time had led him to his "famous" pyramid teaching. In it Russell "prophesies" the same events of the return of Christ as in his 2nd volume "Scripture studies". Furthermore he emphasizes the importance of the pyramid in the symbolism of the Freemasons. In his 3rd volume "Scripture studies" Russel dedicated about 50 pages to this imaginative teaching, in which he developed a distinctly esoteric teaching. He calls the pyramid of Giza "the stone witnesses of Jehovah", who mysteriously holds the entire schedule of God in himself.

The pyramid doctrine was believed and spread by biblical scholars (Jehovah's Witnesses) until about 1929.

Quotation end

This true origin is completely concealed by the Watchtower Society. Like any company, it has a wealth of experience in applying the natural forgetfulness of mankind. All she has to do is close the sources and tell other new stories in order to lead the seduced people by the nose in the long run.

In order to illustrate this approach of the Watchtower Society in its density of deception, I would like to present here the development of another faith community to which I am connected in Jesus. This is a former community of heroin addicts who at some point said that Jesus was actually the greatest and most successful sorcerer under the sun. So they began to do exactly what Jesus said. They took him seriously and directed themselves to his words, awaiting the great breakthrough.

He came, too! They were transformed from a small community of magicians and sorcerers to a Christian community that was clean of soap and seeds and did a lot of good as a result.

That's the difference! While some listen to Jesus and do not have to deny anything from their past, the Watchtower Society is dependent on hiding its own roots because it still draws from this magical underground today. It cannot confess itself to itself and its true Lord in the current esoteric spirit of the times, because otherwise it would become obvious that it does not serve Jesus or God.

Therefore, the WTS-Jehovah can never be God. Therefore, it must be assumed that all the teachings of the Watchtower Society are a successful attempt to blind as many people as possible with false knowledge.

A trick of the WTS verifiable in the Bible

One of the tricks of this Watchtower society, with which she successfully manipulates her seduced ones, is to be found in her Watchtower Bible. The first book, Samuel, describes the scene when Saul, frustrated and desperate, orders a magician to let Samuel appear so that he can ask the Prophet for advice. When Samuel comes up, he is not only angry at Saul for disturbing his calm, but he also gives up a serious problem to the Watchtower Society. Because according to their teaching it is impossible to let a dead man come up. According to the teachings of the Watchtower Society, the dead are always nothing. No soul remains, no manifestation of the spirit remains. The dead simply disappears.

But the Bible describes here quite perfectly the appearance of an already deceased among the living. What a dilemma for the professional twisters of truth! But they don't make a fuss and simply put the word Samuel, which means the dead Samuel, in quotation marks. In this way, Jehovah's Witness does not even get into a conflict when he reads that it could be a real deceased, but he knows immediately: Aha! It must be something else. (A demon, if you believe the WTS.)

These quotation marks have been added as means of manipulation by faithful and intelligent slaves of the Bible. They are beautiful proof that the Watchtower Society is already circumscribing the Bible in advance so that its esoteric magic doctrine cannot be questioned by the WTS-manipulated "Word of God".

What is noticeable here is that while Jesus' words are massively distorted and repeatedly interpreted in a distorting way and he has no chance of being taken seriously by the Watchtower Society, the magician who fetches Samuel gets through with her words immediately and gets the status of a woman telling the truth at the Watchtower Society. She screams when she sees Samuel: I see a God coming up! This is reason enough for the Watchtower magicians to assume that Samuel can only be played by a demon.

Thus the Watchtower Society arbitrarily sets the priorities to support the doctrine it wants and to protect it from the truth. The Watchtower doctrine is a single great irritation project to lead people away from Jesus. Wizards and magicians determine the Watchtower interpretation of the Bible. Someone who has fallen for the Watchtower Society will find it very difficult to turn to Jesus.

That is why I appeal to politicians and the judiciary: deprive these magicians of all special public rights!


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