Is the "Governing Body" of JW.ORG (old name: The Watchtower Society) a psychological case for psychiatry?

by Eddie

Part 1

Suzanna Grieger-Langer is a profiler who accepts assignments for all kinds of companies, institutions, individuals and others. There are also several YouTube movies of her and also about her. Well, this woman seems to be a very experienced expert in psychology and deception. And that is exactly what counts in this context. She is also the author of various non-fiction and reference books. One of them carries the title:

The Tricks of the Trickers

In an interesting way, this book sums up what psychology has to say about certain people and groups of people – right up to criminal machinations. In the self-studies that I carry out in my books, I always anchor myself or network with what already exists. This also applies to the WTS (in the meantime no longer so called, but always marked with the new logo JW.ORG). If I then look at this in connection with the books mentioned here, the leadership of the WTS stands for the Who is Who of Psychopaths both in the past and today.

Under the chapter Manoeuvres, where the machinations of the tricksters are listed and processed, there are two subtopics, which work together and show how in my opinion the machinations of the WTS work and why they are so devilish and hard to understand or even defeat.

These two subtopics are Love Bombing and Informing.

She writes as follows (here follows a longer quote; inserts in brackets and italic are by Eddie; inserts in normal font in brackets are by the author of the book: S. Grieger-Langer):

(Start quote from the book Die Tricks der Trickser, subtitles Immunity against machinations, manipulations and power games, page 61, 2nd edition of 2012, Verlag Junfermann):

1. Love Bombing

Love Bombing means that the charm of the trickster (in our case the WTS) literally disarms the victim (his (potential) followers).

In Love Bombing, you (the victim) are "slain" with niceness. The more subtle this happens, the more effective it is.

This giving of attention and affection is intended to bind you (again: the victim) humanely and paralyse your vigilance. Who is embraced closely cannot move freely any more (emphasis of eddie) – and the best thing about it is that the victim does not want it any more.

What the victim perceives as a wonderful enchantment is in reality evil witchcraft, so that he can lower the drawbridge and the trickster can lead his Trojan horse into it – then the Informing begins (see below).

Sects like to use this manoeuvre to cuddle the target so drunk that they forget who their real friends are. (Colour highlighting to highlight Eddie).

Hint: Keep a healthy skepticism with all too enthusiastic (especially) new friends!

(Then follows a quote from Schopenhauer:)

With a little courtesy and friendliness you can make people flexible and pleasing. So politeness is to man what warmth is to wax.€œ

End of quotation

The next (= second) subtopic from the same source (see above, page 62) is (another quote from this book):

2. Informing

Informing is a diabolical maneuver. You become infected with information. In this way you get into the fever of a certainty that nobody else knows – except the trickster (in our case the "secret knowledge" that no one else than the WTS has due to its exclusive source as "God's channel"). It maneuvers you (the victim) by means of selected misinformation (reinterpretation of Bible passages, e.g.), which it administers in homeopathic dosage (of WT articles and dogmas), into a parallel world (see also e.g. the films at

You do not experience the world (from the Holy Scriptures) as it is. You are not experiencing your personal world as you would see it. You experience a version edited by the trickster ("the truth" as WTS calls its own teachings). It forces a fictional reality (an illusion) upon you. You will not – cannot at all – react appropriately to situations and challenges. In this way you create (further) problems for yourself. It's like a computer virus – somehow everything doesn't work properly, but for the simple user it's not clear what the real problem is, because on the surface (of the trickster) everything is fine.

The trickster promises openly or conceals remedy with his reality modulated for you. You enter deeper into the illusion. React again (and probably more strongly) inappropriately to existing and new challenges. In this vicious circle you become more and more entangled in illusions and problems.

Love Bombing and Informing weave you into a cocoon in which you perceive the rest of the world only through the distortion lens of the trickster (here again the WTS). He has deliberately resettled you in an illusionary world in which facts and fictions become blurred.

If you notice this (often after years), it is not unlikely that you (in the second or third degree of hardness) are so strongly informed that you no longer have the strength to face the real reality for you now possibly completely confused and tricky – bankrupt). Then, in spite of better knowledge, you will stay at your trickser (the WTS).

But you will go down alone, because the trickster will jump in time on another "host" (= person or group of persons or also another interpretation – "new light").

Here follows a quote from Leonardo Di Caprio as Dom Cobb in Inception:

What is the most resistant parasite?

A bacterium? A virus? A intestinal worm?

A thought! – Resistant and highly contagious!

Once a thought has infected a mind, it is almost impossible to remove it. A thought that is fully formed, fully understood, sticks."

End of quotation

So far the excerpts from said book (with the italic notes from me).

I think it is only now that the attachment of these teachings to what they do really comes to expression. "Indoctrination" is merely a weak word for the aforementioned influence on man by the agitations of a sect, religious community or whatever. And – as effect – why it is also so difficult to free the prisoners of such a system again from it.

In addition a quote from Mark Twain at the end:

"It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled".

Part 2 of this topic will follow shortly.


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