Jehovah's Witnesses have in principle the same doctrine as Islam

The internet is full of muslim propaganda videos. Among them there is a considerable number of contributions that explicitly want to prove that Jesus cannot possibly be God. Watching these videos will inevitably remind you of the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses. For there is not only the same attempt to reject Jesus as God, but the argumentation is similar and uses the same patterns of thought.

The Koran itself has verses that say that God does not deserve to take a son. As in the Watchtower doctrine, the devotee of the only true religion, that is, the devotee of Islam, attempts to portray the sonship of Christ as something impossible from the outset. Jehovah's Witnesses make a kind of loyalty out of the sonship of Jesus. In Islam the sonship of Jesus is already dismissed as nonsense in its mere assertion.

All the teachings of the two true religions, Watchtower Doctrine and Islam, are of course painted differently along the different scriptures on which they are based. But they do not bite each other. They are different and yet in principle the same ideas of the same thing, of the same exits and the same goals. Only the bloodbath that the Jehovah's Witnesses hope for does not find the appropriate space in Islam. But Islam already today and since its beginning has propagated and practiced the enforcement of the only true religion with the sword. The Watchtower Society, on the other hand, teaches that God will do this bloody job for them and establish an empire on earth whose administrator is the true religion of the Watchtower Society.

In all important matters, the Muslim could be Jehovah's Witness and the Jehovah's Witness could be Muslim. Because the most important question that moves the world is answered in the same negative way by both.

To fight against the possibility that Jesus could be God, both true religions make enormous financial and personal efforts. Reading the Koran and Watchtower Society publications, one gets the impression that the only true purpose of these true religions is to claim that Jesus cannot be God. And the Catholic Church itself, which cannot dance this dance openly, suggests to its believers that Mary is closer to them as an intercessor than Jesus and that all the power of Jesus has passed to the Catholic priests.

So we have to realize that the whole world is fighting and fighting against the divinity of Jesus. Jehovah's Witnesses are a part of this world, Muslims are a part of this world, and the Catholic Church makes itself a part of this world, without openly denying the divinity of Christ, but with all the means at its disposal.

But there will always be Christians who are directly connected with Jesus and who speak to Him. Not out of the power of tradition or conviction, but out of faith and out of the power of Jesus Christ himself.

The spirits divide in Jesus. Not at the decided interpretation of the environmental doctrines, not at a religious attitude that takes sides for this or that religion. Rather, whether someone relies on Jesus or not is the only thing that divides the spirits of this world. All men have the same chance. The whole world knows that Jesus is the only way to God. Whoever chooses another way depends on denying and fighting the divinity of Jesus as a sign of his downfall.


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