The threat scenario we find in the Watchtower consists of a supposedly predictable but still dangerous God. God is presented to Jehovah's Witnesses as a dangerous God, but one can get a grip on him with a free Bible study. The destruction of human beings is the real intention of the WTS God. Only the Watchtower Society saves its faithful Jehovah's Witnesses through Bible knowledge.

Watchtower chains

What a good idea!

First a bad problem is read out of the Bible, then a solution is invented and already you are fat in business!

But the God of the Bible is a God who withdraws completely from the intellectual grasp of human beings and shows himself only in Jesus to those who believe in Jesus, follow him in faith, accept him. The lack that we can never understand God with our human brain is the most natural thing in the world. That God reveals Himself in Jesus and tells us that we can only grasp Him in faith is as natural and obvious as the punch line of a good joke. In Jesus people find the will of God who moves towards people in Jesus and unconditionally saves and heals people.

Jehovah's Witnesses must follow another god

By propagating a Jesus who is only a functional figure and not God himself, the Watchtower Society directs the gaze of Jehovah's Witnesses away from Jesus to a God who the Watchtower Society supposedly understands as the only one correctly. Thus a threat can be excellently built up from which only the ingenious knowledge of the Watchtower Society can save. But a God who is understood by people is not God. That is what God himself says. So the WTS God cannot really be God, because this WTS God is understood by the Watchtower Society. The Watchtower Society has God under control. This God used by the Watchtower Society is called Jehovah.

But the God of the Bible is an insoluble mystery for us human beings

Besides some unambiguous hints that God gives (my thoughts are as much higher than human thoughts as the mountains above the valleys are), there are also things that must irritate even such great know-it-alls as the Watchtower Society. In 2 Kings 2, 23/24 we find something so blatantly different from our ideas of God that it should irritate even such perfect painters of an image of God as the Watchtower Society.

2. kings 2, 23/24

23 And he went up to Bethel. And as he went up the way, little boys came out of the city, and mocked him, and said unto him, Bald head, come up. Bald head, come up! 24 And he turned round, and when he saw them, he cursed them in the name of the LORD. And two bears came out of the woods, and tore up forty and two of the children.

In this event the image of God of every human being freaks out. Because we simply do not have what it takes to understand God and to cope with his decisions and actions. Therefore, we must finally realize that God must always be more than we can even imagine. How good that God approached us in Jesus and made the covenant of faith with us. But all those who see Jesus as a being separated from God belong to the clique that cannot detach itself from its self-made images of God. Thus the Watchtower Moloch sits in the same boat as the Catholic Church. Both boldly define some corner points according to which they build an image of God.

It is not for nothing that God has forbidden the Jews to get an idea of God. It was not for nothing that the Jewish people had to undergo exemplarily for the whole world that every attempt to form an image of God must end in idolatry. It was not for nothing that Jesus was crucified for the reason that one simply could not imagine that God was different. So even today people form an image of God and worship it.

The oh so open-minded easterly-minded explain everything with reincarnation, the traditionally-minded explain everything about the Mother of God track, the clever among humans hang up their dogmatism on Jehovah. But there is no one who simply asks Jesus and lets himself be surprised. Whoever does this is automatically removed from the clique of those who have a fixed image of God. Jesus frees us not only from sin, but also from a false image of God.

The boundless superiority of Jesus Christ can only be experienced by those who turn directly to Him and submit to Him. This submission is a very small step. One says to Jesus that one wants to follow him – that he should be our Lord. Then the knowledge begins! Then, over the years, all barriers of human limitation will fall. Then comes a freedom and a peace that people can neither give nor take.


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