Rescue by Watchtower Wisdom

Watchtower hatred against Jesus

Quotation Watchtower 1 January 1964, page 9

We must accept the "whole Scripture" inspired by God, the Father of Jesus Christ. Only it can "make us wise ... to salvation". If we were to reject a part of the inspired "holy scriptures," we would not be wise and thus would not be saved to live in God's new order of things.

Performance religion and self-carved sky ladder

Catholicism is a rite religion that materializes everything that comes into its clutches. So God must let himself be transformed into a cardboard cookie in order to keep the business idea of Catholicism going. The same goes for the Jehovah religion, which redirects the redemption of Jesus away to an imaginary, long-term wisdom. This, of course, requires lifelong efforts, which in turn only keep the Watchtower Society's business going.

Both Catholicism and Jehovahism make the betrayed dependent on themselves. Thus, God is eliminated as the Redeemer, because for human beings self-work and commitment are the redeeming factors. The political parties, which have long since arrived at the prediction of the end of the world, follow the same track. God plays no role in this. In all these religions, man is the measure of all things with his conduct in conformity with religion.

The slimy tactics used by the Watchtower scribes to unboot Jesus and force people to study the Watchtower for the rest of their lives read inconspicuously. The lines go down like oil and the reader doesn't even have to swallow to eat the unjust, unspiritual food. But! Religion does not save. Only Jesus saves!

What does the Bible really teach?

The Bible tells us that no one can come to God. Neither through good works, nor through self-mortification, nor through religion. The Bible tells us that all who do not bind themselves to Jesus are lost. Only those who accept Jesus in childlike trust can come to God, because Jesus created the conditions for this. This biblical fact is a bad sting in man's flesh. Therefore, a lot of theories are developed on how to save one's life without Jesus.

It's lucky those people are so irresistibly self-delivering. It is astonishing, however, that so many people still fall for Catholicism, the Greens and the Watchtower Society.


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