Jehovah's Witnesses have a Pull-Up Jesus

Hampelmann Jesus
Hampelmann Jesus
Hampelmann Jesus
Hampelmann Jesus

In every detail one can see the only great intention of the Watchtower Society. It is the joy and the fun of ridiculing Jesus. The slaves of the false doctrine make Jesus Christ appear in their writings as the exemplary leader of their sales department and propagate that he can only be an idol for Jehovah's Witnesses. The side effect of this teaching is the denial that Jesus is God and saved us from His own power.

Another detail of the mockery of Jesus is the Jehovah's Witnesses' claim that Jesus was not crucified but staked. This may seem unimportant to most. But this side stage of the Watchtower's ridicule of Jesus is an important part of the blasphemy that the Watchtower publishing house blows into the world from America.

Jehovah's Witnesses Turn Jesus into a Jumping Jack

It is scientifically undisputed and proven in the Bible that the legs of the crucified were broken when they should finally die. The breaking of the shin bones meant that the crucified man had to suffocate. For a crucified man inevitably suffocates when he can no longer push his legs off to relax his arms.

What does that look like for a person who has been chosen according to the theories of the Watchtower Society? If there had been the possibility that the chosen one could push himself off in order to relieve his arms, he would have had to be hung in such a way that either his legs sag like a western hero with O-legs or his arms sag like a football fan with a weakness attack. This picture is the mockery par excellence.

What the Watchtower Society conveys with its representations of the chosen is always only a long hanging Jesus. These representations completely ignore the need for the crucified man to be able to repel himself with his legs according to the testimony of the Bible. What else does the Bible say that in the end the legs of the crucified were usually broken when they died?

Impalement theory – extreme mockery of Jesus

With the impalement theory, the Watchtower Society did not primarily come up with something to document the cunning of Jehovah's Witnesses or "the great falsehood" of real Christians! No! The most important thing about this theory is the Watchtower Society's desire to make Jesus a jumping jack. For he who is staked according to the "insights" of the faithful and understanding slave must become a puppet if he acts according to the Bible reports. If, of course, the slack hanging down is sufficient, the impalement theory already presents the Bible as untrue from this point of view (broken legs).

If, however, the fact comes to the fore that the crucified had to stand up regularly in order to be able to breathe, as is also indicated in the Bible by the report of the leg breaking, the chosen one degenerates into a puppet. He is exposed to total ridicule because he gives a picture which is almost only "funny".

With the impalement theory the Watchtower Society turns the Bible into a book of lies. Because you can't let a man with a pull-up pole suffocate by breaking a leg. He can still do pull-ups.

The impalement theory of Jehovah's Witnesses is a very special attack on God. Jesus Christ, who died for us and with his deed in his power brought about our salvation, is deprived of his last dignity by the impalement theory even when dying. Everything that the Watchtower Society puts on its feet actually has only one goal: to make Jesus look ridiculous.


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