Erotic Jesus
He can never be God!

The Watchtower Society dreams that it can remove Jesus as God. Thus it is in honourable society. All religions of this world use their power to make Jesus forgotten as God and they feed people with masses of substitute teachings.

In addition to words, the Watchtower Society also uses images to influence people's senses with their portraits. The portraits contain hidden demons and Masonic signs. Another method of undermining Jesus is the programmatically thought-out representation of his person. In the propaganda work of the Watchtower Society titled "THE GREATEST HUMAN, THE LIVEST" we find an image of Jesus directly below the cover of the book, which clearly reflects the tactics of the Watchtower Society.

Jesus is so strikingly portrayed here as a sexy type that everyone immediately has the thought: Such a person cannot be God at all.

Jesus sexy

The plump facial features with the dripping wet lower lip, the perfect splendour of hair, the well-groomed, apparently freshly creamed hands, the magnificent clothing of the rich, the well-groomed beard – everything appeals to the bourgeois woman who also longs for an attractive man. In the Watchtower illustrations Jesus always represents the ultra type of the vacuum cleaner representative. His charisma fluctuates between an attractive macho weighty and the likeable average normal. Between these two, the Watchtower illustrations cover everything the religious woman desires.

With this psychologically perfidious influence, the Watchtower Society subtly paves the way for its assertion that Jesus cannot possibly be God. The manipulation of this lie organization is thought through and perfectly prepared from the first to the last pen stroke. This is the handwriting of Freemasons.

With the elimination of Jesus as God from human thinking, the Watchtower Society is in the normal state of all religions of this world. It operates its dirty infiltration business with the same central content as the rest of the world and is thus in the spiritual center of the system of things it so branded. While Catholicism still laboriously pushes the immaculately received Mary before Jesus in order to remove Jesus from the human field of vision, the Watchtower turns Jesus into a cardboard figure with sexual attractiveness.

The Watchtower Society was founded by a Mason of the 33rd degree (highest Masonic status) and honours him (Charles T. Russell). She unswervingly and seemingly committed to Jesus the finely planned dismantling of the Gospel by exthronizing Jesus and claiming that he was a superhuman who gave only an example to the believers.

All indications in the Bible that Jesus is God are carefully concealed or misinterpreted by the Watchtower Society. This false doctrine of lies is underpinned by highly human representations of Jesus, which cry out to the viewer: "Look! Do you also have such a good hairdresser as this Jesus?

Jehovah's Witness! Remember that you are like wax in the hands of the Watchtower Society and as worthless as a piece of soap. You will surrender to a Masonic sect and die of death. For the Jesus whom the Watchtower Society represents never existed.


Hello and good evening,

i am very very grateful for the clarification here!

In the Jesus picture, at the very beginning, you can also see strange faces again, if you look at this picture with a magnifying glass.

Sometimes it also scares me that the whole world is only devilish, no matter where you look. Without my friend Jesus, who gives me strength and peace of mind, I could no longer bear all this.

Sincerely E.

Anonymous [November 04, 2021]

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