Help yourself, then God will help you

Folk wisdom "Help yourself, then God will help you" is today largely unmasked as folk stupidity and hardly anyone pays special attention to this stupid saying. It is too clear in the world of 2007 how large groups of people are abandoned to their hopeless fate, subjected to the arbitrariness of the free market, subordinated to the great liberal ultimate goal of corporations.

The imbalance of this world, which, contrary to the view expressed in the Watchtower of 15 April 2007, has existed since the beginning of mankind, is abundantly clear these days. The asociality of man is very clearly evident in neoliberalism.

This is reason enough for the Watchtower to address this issue to the effect that

  1. this world has ever been better
  2. the people could produce something better if only they would change
  3. that man would be able to make these self-changes even if he only testified to Jehovah

But every reasonably pragmatic person has to admit that our human nature is passing by high demands for miles and that even purely human good intentions cannot be fulfilled in the long run. Every halfway honest person knows that there is no hope for improvement without a profound change in man by a power alien to him.

This consciousness is the foundation to understand that Jesus said: Without me you cannot do anything. This consciousness is the prerequisite for being able to consider that God has determined a path for us that is not based on our own human powers, but on the power of the Messiah Jesus Christ.

Without the realization that we are at the mercy of our lower instincts despite all good education, a genuine turn to the one who died for us on the cross is not possible. Whoever imagines himself to be able to improve himself, who imagines himself to have what it takes to be a good man, cannot see Jesus and his deed. Only the honest insight that we are lost in our own lusts and burdens, only the confession that we must remain as we are without the help of God, leads us to the delicate, actually strange thought that only in close connection with the true vine can we put into practice all that the Watchtower actually demands and demands of its witnesses in manual labor and from our own strength.

All these high demands of the Watchtower for a better human being can only occur if people let Jesus help them directly. But in the Watchtower the refusal of a connection with Jesus is the highest point of the program. The Watchtower Society wants to shape people on its own. Jesus, who told another Paul: "In your weakness my power is mighty, appears in this Watchtower will as competition and is therefore degraded as angel Michael to a level that can no longer really help us humans.

The Watchtower publishes a myriad of endless articles that basically say nothing but: Help yourself, then God will help you. For he always and constantly insists on man's powers of self-change. He is to live according to the principles of Jehovah, he is to value the intentions of Jehovah, he is to take Jesus as an example, he is to do this, he is to do that.

Only one is carefully left out!

Namely the fundamentally effective power of Jesus himself. It is simply not present in the Watchtower doctrine. For it would show Jehovah's Witnesses not only that they live much better in direct contact with Jesus, but it would also make Jehovah's Witnesses people that God can bear. For the one who goes with Jesus and testifies to him is pure in the eyes of God.

If the direct contact to Jesus could be maintained by the Jehovah's Witnesses, then they would immediately become Witnesses of Jesus and would recognize that Jesus is God. They would experience how Jesus not only gives them the power to change, but also the motivation to do so. They would no longer need watchtower exercise books, no special achievements, no special self-image, no outsider role. Because in Jesus they would be cleansed and healed people who were already at the goal of faith through and in his power. They would experience that they can actually do nothing without him and would happily give up their own efforts and exchange them with those efforts that Jesus has already accomplished for them and is doing daily.

This dependence of good works on Jesus, in which a Christian can only boast of the Lord, would cause all Jehovah's Witnesses to use the mountains of paper that the Watchtower has produced and is producing for other more meaningful purposes.

But they voluntarily surrender to this heresy!

The Watchtower openly exploits man's natural affinity (attraction, inner bond) with the carnal path of self-strength to create a substitute for the spiritual development that a man experiences in faith in Jesus. In order to thwart as thoroughly as possible any real connection between a human being and Jesus, the Watchtower reader is perfectly stuffed with solutions and instructions that leave no room for the realization that every single human being and thus the entire human race is dependent on the transforming power of Jesus.

In order not to appear openly as an Antichrist, the Watchtower lets Jesus flow into the Watchtower doctrine as a downright gutted marginal figure and brings one or the other article in his honour. But the great dimension of the divine will is always bound to that Jehovah who is also worshipped by the Jews and Muslims under a different name. But the fact that this Jehovah in the first chapter of the letter to the Corinthians tells us in a seldom clear way that Jesus, as a contact and mediator and saviour, is taking on his previous role, is decidedly concealed.

Watchtower carnal – Christians spiritual

The carnal man is the one who tries to please God in the conventional way. The carnal man sacrifices animals, dances incantations, lights candles in churches, kisses Madonna statues or reads every day in the watchtower. Then he gets this satisfied feeling of having done something. He can comfort himself with the uncertainty of whether he pleases God or not.

The spiritual man trusts in Jesus and renounces ritual or similar confirmations of faith. He accepts the offer of Jesus and sees himself cleansed in believing in Jesus before God. Strangely enough, the spiritual person experiences a change in the connection with Jesus that affects the whole person. It is the new man whom he attracts.

Now no one should make the mistake that this spiritual man has suddenly become something better. Like everyone else, he is standing in battle and in need. But the certainty of the forgiveness of sins through Jesus and the certainty that Jesus makes us immaculate before God, this certainty carries him through. And the miracles that happen in the community of the believer and Jesus are thousands of times more than the self-healing attempts of Jehovah's Witnesses.

This corrupt world

In the Watchtower of 15 April 2007, the theme of this corrupt world is examined from all sides. All conclusions lead to Jehovah and the accompanying information that man should help himself by trying to please Jehovah. But that since Jesus this turn to Jehovah is officially and biblically possible only through the connection with Jesus is ignored.

The Watchtower gives advice:

You can change – how?
Fortunately, God's Holy Spirit is the power of power that exists at all. It can overcome any demonic influence. The Holy Spirit promotes love and works for the good of man. Whoever wants to feel this power must, if he wants to please God, avoid any behavior that even borders on cruelty. This requires to adapt one's personality to the divine will. And what does God want? That man imitates God as far as possible. This includes seeing other people as God sees them (biblical passages, biblical passages).

This advice alone reflects the Watchtower's determination to help people help themselves. But to actually accept the power of the Holy Spirit in faith and to claim it for oneself – that is out of the question! No, then it would be obvious that all human endeavours to please God are for the cat. No! The Watchtower believer must rather regard the Holy Spirit as an instrument that can be used magically. The Jehovah's Witness must please God by his own power and by a behavior prescribed by the Watchtower.

"This requires the adaptation of one's personality to the divine will"

The Watchtower cannot allow itself to transmit to men the biblical message that the Holy Spirit Himself gives power and will and changes man's personality solely through His power. For then people would actually entrust themselves to the Holy Spirit and be enlightened by Him about the lies of the Watchtower. That would be the end of the Tower of Pennsylvania. That is why the Watchtower Society must emphasize time and again that man must change himself.

Help yourself, then God will help you

This old saying of the carnally minded man is the inner axis of the Watchtower. It is called nothing but: Make yourself independent of the Holy Spirit, you can do it already! Make an effort to please God, as other people have tried to do for thousands of years! Do it on your own and whistle on Jesus. He is not so important. Jesus is not God, so he cannot help you. – This is the core seduction of Satan since Jesus appeared in the world. Since Jesus accomplished his divine work in the world, Satan has finally lost the game. Out of pure pleasure in cruelty, he seduces people into a carnal attitude of mind in order to triumph over Jesus once more.

What would Paul say?

Paul would give you the urgent advice to change from the carnal mind of the Watchtower to the spiritual mind of the one who gives his life to Jesus. The promises and promises of Jesus are fully valid and unchallengeable. Jesus not only cleanses you of your sins, but He also gives your life the impetus and meaning that we cannot find in human thoughts. He – Jesus – is the beginner, the doer and the consummator of grace. Only in him and from his power can good things grow. May no man boast. Unless he boasts of the Lord.



you can see very clearly an E and also an S in the background on the picture with the old man whose face half shows a demon!

LG E. [November 05, 2021]

Can not discover that. On looking at the picture for a longer time, I rather see a disgusting, half-covered dead man's face to the left of the Jewish caricature. [RH]


Hello Rüdiger,

I just looked at these pictures. I see horrible things! You can also clearly see an elf, top left, by the yellow box behind the man, which is probably supposed to be a foot. Probably good now at Christmas time :-)))). Well, I'm glad I can look at these again, because I haven't been able to for over 12 years. I clearly recognize a gorilla head in the Jesus pictured. I often saw this on TV during my obsession with these Watchtower demons when mountain ranges were shown. That was my worst time. If you look at the picture in small, you can really see an S and an E, S in the sea, E in the yellow. Together they also form a grinning face.

Shalom, Jesus be praised for all eternity

Greetings, Anita [November 15, 2023]


Shalom is Yiddish!

Stop it! STOP with the shalom!

Someone who means well with you!

Shalom-Ende! [November 18, 2023]

We know what shalom means and use it with respect and love. You can go gender. I'm sure it will be good for you. Shalom! Incidentally, I am of the opinion that many Muslims have been turned into murderers and liars by Allah. Allah must be Satan. The Muslims themselves prove it. [RH]


Why the end of shalom? Doesn't this writer know that the end awaits him? And wait and see, when the Anti-Christ comes, you'll probably follow him ... and then: Good night, Charlie 🙂

Anita [November 19, 2023]

Since the barbaric event of October 7, the Jew-haters of this world have shown their true colors. For our Shalom-End man, the Jewish desire for peace is already too much. Then he goes crazy and chews his fingernails bloody. [Shalom, RH]

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