Trinity – Bible Evidence for the Trinity

by Ernst Adolph

yes, the subject "Trinity" is not an easy one and I believed for some years like the Jehovah's Witnesses that Jesus was a created being and not God Himself until I came across something that would contradict Scripture. And as Jehovah's Witnesses themselves admit, there are no contradictions in Holy Scripture!

Psalm 23, for example, contains the New World translation of the Holy Scriptures: Psalms 23:1 – A melody of David – 1 Jehovah is my shepherd. I shall not want.

Compare this passage with John 10, where Jesus Christ says of himself: 11 I am the excellent shepherd; the excellent shepherd gives his soul to the sheep.

My question to the Jehovah's Witnesses is, can there be two shepherds?

Jehovah God is said in Isaiah 44:6:

This is what Jehovah has spoken, the King of Israel and his repurchaser, Jehovah of hosts: "I am the first, and I am the last, and besides me there is no God."

And in Revelation 22:13 Jesus says the following about Himself: "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end."

My question to the Jehovah's Witnesses is: Can Jesus say for himself that he is the A and the O if he is a created being of Jehovah? Or is he the Jehovah of the Old Testament? Does Jesus not have several names in the Scriptures, see Is 9:5. For a child is born to us, a son is given to us, and dominion rests on his shoulder; and his name is called: Wonderful counselor, strong God, father of eternity, prince of peace? Or does Jesus say something that he would not be entitled to, e.g. like Satan, that he wants to be like God?

I will list some Bible passages that Jehovah's Witnesses should give serious thought to.

JHWH is God and Jesus is God
Genesis 1,1;
5. Genesis 6,4;
Ps 45,6 f
Joh 20,28;
Rom 9,5;
Tit 2,13;
Hebr 1,8;
2. Petr 1,1;

JHWH is Lord in Glory and Jesus is Lord in Glory
1st Genesis 15,7;
2nd Genesis 20,2;
4th Genesis 6,24 ff;
5th Genesis 6,4
Mk 12,35 ff;
Lk 2,11;
Joh 20,28;
Apg 2,36;
Apg 10,36;
Rom 10,9;
1. Kor 8,5 f;
1. Kor 12,3;
1. Kor 16,22;
2. Kor 4,5;
Phil 2,11;
1. Petr 2,3;
1. Petr 3,15;
Jak 2,1

JHWH is First and Last, Alpha and Omega and Jesus is first and last, Alpha and Omega
Jes 41,4;
Jes 48,12;
Rev 1,8
Rev 1,17 f;
Rev 2,8;
Rev 22,12-16

JHWH is Saviour and Redeemer and Jesus is Saviour and Redeemer
Ps 130,7 f;
Jes 43,3.11;
Jes 48,17;
Jes 54,5;
Jes 63,8 f;
Lk 1,47;
1. Tim 4,10
Mt 1,21;
Lk 2,11;
Joh 1,29;
Joh 4,42;
Apg 20,28;
Eph 1,7;
Tit 2,13;
Hebr 5,9;
Hebr 9,12

JHWH is Heavenly King and Jesus is Heavenly King
Ps 95,3;
Jes 43,15;
1. Tim 6,14-16
Rev 17,14;
Rev 19,16

JHWH is Heavenly Judge and Jesus is Heavenly Judge
1. Mose 18,25;
Ps 50,4.6;
Ps 96,13;
Rom 14,10
Joh 5,22;
2. Kor 5,10;
2. Tim 4,1

JHWH is Creator and Jesus is Creator
1. Mose 1,1;
Hiob 33,4;
Ps 95,5 f;
Ps 102,26;
Jes 40,28
Joh 1,2 ff;
Kol 1,15-18;
Hebr 1,1 ff

JHWH exists from eternity and Jesus exists from eternity
1. Mose 1,1;
2. Mose 3,15;
Ps 90,2;
Dan 6,27;
Rom 1,20
Joh 1,1;
Joh 8,58;
Joh 12,41;
Joh 17,5;
1. Kor 10,4;
Phil 2,6;
Hebr 9,26;
Hebr 13,8;
Jud 25

JHWH forgives sins and Jesus forgives sins
2. Mose 34,6 f;
Neh 9,17;
Dan 9,9;
Jona 4,2
Mk 2,1-12;
Apg 5,31;
Apg 26,18;
Kol 2,13;
Kol 3,13

JHWH raises the dead and Jesus wakes up the dead (also in the final judgment!)
1. Sam 2,6;
Mt 22,31 f;
Joh 5,21;
Apg 2,24;
Apg 3,15;
Rom 4,24;
2. Kor 1,9
Lk 7,11 ff;
Joh 5,21;
Joh 6,40;
Joh 11,39 ff

Dear Jehovah's Witnesses, please realize that like all of us, you only have the name Jesus to be saved. Why should you get lost? Just because you made a mistake? Let nothing in the world captivate you but Jesus alone. For only in this name shall we be saved.


Why do you actually argue and not remember the one thing we all have in common? We all believe in the one all-powerful and all-knowing who has many names and keep the commandments given by him?

With love

Me [October 16, 2023]

This ominous something with the many names is the deceiver and seducer since the beginning. This goes so far that, for example, Allah calls himself the greatest deceiver. It is incomprehensible that there are Muslims at all in view of this statement. Jesus, on the other hand, is the truth, the way and the life. There is no other name given to us under the heavens in which we must be saved. If you make up your own savior, you might as well go to the Greens and bow to that religion. Religion does not save. Only Jesus saves. Ask Jesus and he will answer you. [RH]

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