Masonic error firmly integrated into the watchtower theory

Denied and concealed, abandoned to oblivion and thrown with tons of colorfully printed paper – the founding of the Watchtower Society by the high-grade Freemason Charles Taze Russell must remain in the memory of the world despite everything. This information is so important because the insight into Masonic motivation and thought patterns sheds light on the Watchtower doctrine, which makes it easier to understand. The true orientation of the Watchtower Society thus becomes clearer.

All Freemasonry worldwide, at least in the highest levels of initiation, has in common that man is or can become God, and that Lucifer is the true God who, with words of wisdom, gives guidance for the ennoblement of man. Some critics of Freemasonry also claim that a New World Order is sought by Freemasons and that all religions are more or less infiltrated and dominated by the lodges.

However, the central core of Freemasons is the elimination of Jesus Christ as God and Creator, as Redeemer and Saviour, as the future of humanity. If one considers this core, it turns out conclusively that this goal is also an integral part of all religions. This suggests that at least a spiritual kinship connects Freemasonry and religions. From the Catholic Church to the Watchtower Society, we find aspirations that purposefully seek to hide the dominion of Christ and remove it from the gaze of men. From the allegedly immaculately received Mary to the downgrading of Jesus as a prophet to the degradation of Jesus as an archangel, we encounter a great idea in all religions of this world: Jesus is not the Lord. Jesus is not God.

This great commonality between openly Satanistically active associations and church forms that appear to be highly pious is a global characteristic, a characteristic, an inner connection, a kind of common principle and intention of the earthly powers and spirits.

In the Watchtower doctrine in particular the great emphasis is placed on the theory that man can increase his goodness (growth in truth, striving for perfection) through constant perfection, so that he can become pleasing to God through this. Of course, this perfection of man is only possible in the truth of the Watchtower Society. But this Watchtower truth – like all other world religions – denies the dominion of Jesus Christ as God and Creator. Thus it is established in this special truth of the Watchtower that a redemption exclusively by the grace of Jesus (as the Bible clearly states) does not exist. In the Watchtower doctrine, as it is also established in Freemasonry, man is urged to dedicate himself to self-improvement through his own continuous effort.

When Satan led men into temptation, he made this thought palatable to them for the first time. "No! Oh no! Surely you will not die, but you will be destined as God! " Here Satan himself proves that he is the Lord of all religions who rely on making man perfect beings through human works. This self-deification of man, spread all over the world and becoming more and more self-evident, makes faith in Jesus a unique event in this world of mankind hoping for divinity and perfection. For faith in Jesus is the only faith that acknowledges that man is saved by God's grace alone, and that there is nothing that man himself can add to his salvation.

The view of Freemasonry, on the other hand, is quite different! Freemasonry wants to

  • develop higher
  • divine
  • refinish
  • enhance morally
  • open for higher
  • balance inner emptiness on the spiritual level
  • differentiate from others through knowledge
  • expand people's opportunities for development
  • with their knowledge change the prevailing conditions
  • by their nature and work serve all mankind
  • talk to truth seekers
  • set the common basic idea for all times

The teaching of the Watchtower Society proceeds in the same way

In order to clear the way for the salvation of man through his own efforts and good works, the Watchtower doctrine makes use of the creeping clouding of the spirit. With the same art that Satan applied to Adam and Eve, it leads facts into the absurd and thus creates circumstances that actually do not exist. The fantasy of this society always blinds the Jehovah's Witnesses anew. Thus the confused believe that they are only too stupid and imperfect to understand the mysterious brain acrobatics of the faithful and intelligent slave.

An example: "By participating in creation, the Son did not become a co-creator with his Father." This is one of the fundamental tenets of the Watchtower Society. This does not exist again in the world. Nothing in the world agrees with this unthinkable. For a participant is always a participant and thus a participant in the cause in which he participates. There is nothing and nobody in this world that could support this thesis of the Watchtower Society as in our experience. The Bible also speaks a completely different language. It even says that everything was created in Jesus Christ. Everything was created through Jesus Christ. In Jesus Christ everything was created. And he should not have been creatively involved in that? Is he not the one who makes everything new? Does not all creation long to be renewed by him? Strictly speaking, isn't reconciliation with the Father already an act of creation? Is not Jesus the one who, through his sacrifice, gives us the possibility of reconciliation with God? Is the preservation of creation through Jesus' reconciliation not at least already co-creation?

The open contradiction that Jesus would have cooperated, but then still not, this contradiction reads like butter for the seduced foot people of the Freemason superiors. The spirit of Jehovah's Witnesses is as twisted and manipulated as that of Adam and Eve. They are not in the redemption of Jesus Christ, but are vegetating under the deception of the Watchtower Society.

With the introduction of such a contradiction, with the invention of a human paradox, the Watchtower Society, like all Freemasons, prepares the way for suggesting to people that they can help themselves, that they must help themselves. For at the moment when Jesus, as in the Watchtower Society, is presented only as a substitute scapegoat to whom God passes sin on, there is no reason for hope. This freehand watchtower scapegoat does not differ in any way from all sin offerings that have been and will be brought by the people of God over all times. For in the replacement scapegoat doctrine of the Watchtower Society only the sacrifice, which is constantly becoming necessary, is depicted again.

But Jesus Christ made this sacrifice for all time (forwards and backwards). This unique work can only work for all time and for all creation if Jesus is not some superangel who had to act as a scapegoat. But only when we assume that God loved us so much that he turned his righteous wrath against himself so as not to have to kill us, does atonement become perfect through Jesus. For the absolute love of the absolutely righteous God needed the absolute compensation, the absolute atonement, to make us human beings absolutely free from sin. The absolute that God constitutes is also found in the absolute sacrifice in which God abandoned himself for us, accomplished the absolutely impossible and emptied himself to death.

The greatness of our God is reflected precisely in this boundless divine act, which we should not understand with human brains, but only accept in faith. In the realization of the absolute elimination of sin, divine absoluteness manifests itself as an absolutely humiliated and shattered, slaughtered lamb. In this absoluteness of God, both in the absoluteness directed upward into the immeasurable power and glory, and in the absoluteness of the unjust death endured for us, God shows us his perfect nature. He is all in all. Only – we do not know it yet. We may only believe it (1 Corinthians 1).

For this unavoidable dependence on God the Almighty, who showed himself to us in Jesus, so that the believer might be saved, this irrefutable dependence will, according to the Bible, have to be seen by all people some day. Then every knee will bow before the Lamb and the one who sits on the throne. (Revelation 5:12-14).

The sign of recognition of the groups of people led by the adversary is the denial of the divinity of Jesus.

Some info about Freemasonry (nicht mehr erreichbar)

The Templars were getting more and more away from Christianity. Satanism was even widespread at the tops of the Order. With the knowledge they possessed, they were on their way to create a counter-church, based exclusively on faith in one Creator God. The development of the temple religion must be linked to the Masons and that what led the Templars to the opposite course was handed down and is now part of the secrets of Freemasonry.

Another interesting representation at St. Stephen's Cathedral is called "Christ as Freemason". Christ sits blessing on a rainbow, with the Book of Life, Truth and Wisdom in the left and is held in an oval shape by two angels. This representation, clearly Masonic, is astoundingly found on a church structure. Here it is assumed that the master builder wanted to make his own worldviews public through irony. The exposed left leg with the knee corresponds to the Masonic custom of having the neophyte (aspirant) wear the left knee exposed when accepted into the degree of apprentice. The reason why he was depicted in this way can be found in the answer to the 67th question of the oldest known Masonic Recording Catechism. It describes the custom of the apprentice entering and explaining the box with his left knee exposed: "Because the left knee is the weakest part of my body, and an apprentice is the weakest part of masonry." The medieval foremen wanted Christ to appear as a Freemason.

High Grade Mason Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Katsch 1897 in his book: "The Masonic Body of Works was only temporarily used by the Masonic Federation to better conceal its true intentions and more effectively achieve its purposes. A striking feature of the Masonic League is that it has always used systematic forgeries to systematically mislead both the profane public and even members of the League, from whom the true intentions of the League should remain hidden. Already the authors of the Constitution Book of 1723, the Masonic Haupturkunde and the Masonic Basic Law falsified the historical truth in the clearest consciousness of the reasons of expediency dominating the Grand Lodge."

George Washington and other presidents after him took their oath of office on a Masonic Bible that is still preserved today.

It is incomprehensible how the representatives of the High Grade System preach humanitarian goals of Freemasonry on the one hand, and on the other hand, in their professional and political decisions, go about corpses, and not only in a figurative sense. If Freemasonry were to carry out its objectives consistently, such "brothers" would have to be excluded from the Order.

All human associations led by Satan have in common the hatred of Jesus, who is God and Savior. The same hatred is directed toward the God of the Jews, the Almighty, the Father of Jesus. As an antithesis, they proclaim man's self-improvement and dare every lie and shameful act to distract man from God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Striking equality between Watchtower Society and Freemasonry

Characteristic of Freemasonry is the division of the organization into three groups. According to a quote from the book "Le Pouvoir Occulte" ("The Hidden Power") by Copin Albancelli, Mason of the 29th degree, on this division exists as follows:

  1. The blue grades that are not privy to a single important secret / corresponds to the baptized and unbaptized heralds
  2. The red grades, who think they know the secrets, but are not clear about the real goals of the Order either / corresponds to the elders and their supervisors
  3. The "International Inner Circle", the true lords and masters, who hide behind the high degrees and in truth lead the Order / corresponds to Watchtower Society Governing Body

The World Headquarters of Jehovah's Witnesses is not distributed around the world like the leadership of Freemasonry, but sits as a closed unit in Brooklyn. This difference with Freemasonry suggests that the Watchtower Society is only a section of Freemasonry that does not act independently. If we consider that the Masonic founder of the Watchtower Society by no means introduced the bulk of the Masonic structures within the Watchtower Society, it becomes clear that the Masonic control of the Organization must be effective beyond its founder Russell to this day.

In addition to the structural similarity of the Watchtower Society and Freemasonry, the Jehovah's Witnesses' unconditional corpse obedience to their Leadership Body is the main hallmark of Freemasonry. The rejection of Jesus and the exclusion of Jesus from contact with the Watchtower member is the spearhead of the anti-Christian orientation. The absolute sovereign claim of the Governing Body in Brooklyn establishes the worldwide unique correspondence between Watchtower Society and Freemasonry. Apart from the Watchtower Society, there is no other organization in the world that equates one hundred percent to the thought control of Freemasonry.


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