Rescue substitute mercy

While everyone who knows Jesus knows that sin cannot be attributed to him forever because Jesus himself was punished for it, the poor Jehovah's Witnesses must continue to work for their supposed salvation. While every true Christian knows that all good works can only come from Jesus Himself and the saved believer only "performs the power of the Lord Jesus as an auxiliary," the poor Jehovah's Witnesses must still fear that they will somehow balance their heavenly account. For this the Wachttrum offers them a possibility.

This possibility of beautifying Jehovah's register of sins through good works of mercy (here, of course, the preaching ministry) must inevitably deny that Jesus has long conquered and eliminated evil in the world with his death on the cross.

How did Jesus remove evil?

This victory and this elimination of evil takes place directly between God and the one who believes in Jesus and assumes that Jesus died for him. Jesus makes everyone who believes in Him handsome in God's eyes. God does not see any blemish or fault in and in those who claim salvation through the Lamb. This is the true act of Jesus on the cross. By believing in him, the believer is completely saved.

What's the Watchtower's emergency response now?

The Watchtower's rescue replacement provides food for mankind's ancient need to temper God with something mild. In the attachment in the Watchtower on page 25 of September 15, 2007, decorated with a staked Jesus, the thought is sharpened that one can improve one's chances with God through merciful deeds. The only valid grace of the Lord Jesus is set aside and the construct of the merciful deeds is installed next door or even better on top of it.

The highlight in German is: Work off your sin. Not with money like the spiritual brothers of the Watchtower in the Catholic Church, but with merciful deeds! ("Because David himself was a merciful man, after the sin with Bathsheba he was treated mercifully." page 25) But that true mercy can come only by the power of Jesus, when one accepts him as Lord, is denied. The Watchtower pretends that human "good" works are pleasing to God. Thus it hides the truth that only mercy worked into us by Jesus can satisfy God's claim. For He purifies us from our sin and brings about in us the good that God wants and can accept.

That's not what the Watchtower wants to know. It advises people to rely on their own mercy, and in this way it also spares the possibility of knowing that without it (Jesus) we cannot do anything. This earthly tower of Pennsylvania, which suggests to people that one can soothe God with one's own deeds, follows Satan's line knowingly or unknowingly. He has only one interest: To hide the effect of Jesus' salvation somehow.

To do this, the Watchtower first thoroughly removes the feeling that Jesus turned the key in the lock so that no one who believes in him can lock the door. Then comes the tactical measure of renouncing the power of Jesus with many words and Bible quotations. The Watchtower lets people know: You can do this with your own strength. Just make a decent effort! Do something! Be merciful! Of course he doesn't leave these misguided ones in the dark about what is really merciful!

In the next article titled "Practice mercy – how?" which begins on page 26 in the Watchtower of September 15, 2007, the Watchtower comes to the peak of its knowledge and truth: "The best way to show mercy to outsiders is to acquaint them with the biblical truth." (page 30, Watchtower of September 15, 2007)

It had to be that way, of course. Anyone who has seen through the Watchtower knows that the ultimate goal of Watchtower teaching is maximized sermon service. In order to deprive people of the choice of what they can do good for others, Jesus must first be removed as the driving force, then the necessity of one's own efforts must be built, then preaching must be presented as the only true good deed. This approach is found in all Watchtower dogmas. First man must be detached from Jesus. Then this person, who then considers it a sin to worship Jesus, must be filled anew with Jehovah's alleged demands and lastly must be communicated to this person: Yes, you can really do something: go from house to house and distribute our literature.

In the same article on page 30 in the Watchtower of September 15, 2007, the Watchtower depicts a photo of a sermon minister holding the Bible up to a newspaper reader who looks rather disinterested, and pointing to the Bible stiffly with his right hand, as if he were about to slap the newspaper reader in the face. The audacity of Satan is immeasurable!

Unfortunately, for copyright reasons, it does not seem possible to make such treacherous images available to the public. But in this case, for example, it would be very helpful if readers could look directly at this image to see that the Watchtower's manipulations embody Nazi propaganda in many respects and promote the old human principle of rule and leadership. Unfortunately, a certain Watchtower no longer exists, whose front page depicts sick people as malformed Jews in the Nazi period.

What have we learned?

The Watchtower must first make Jesus ineffective, so that people can make themselves dependent on the Watchtower. For everyone who knows Jesus is no longer dependent on anything in this world. Then the Watchtower must fill the seekers with fear. Then he gives them the Watchtower solution: preaching.

What could we learn?

If we were allowed to pray to Jesus, then we could quickly check what is really there about him. Then we could accept his promise that the Comforter will introduce us to all truth. Then we could let Jesus guide us directly and let His power be effective in us. Then we would be able to experience how he triggers good works in us, carries them out and gets the glory for them. We would boast of the Lord and no longer need to shine before God and men with merciful deeds.

All of this remains a pretence to the poor Jehovah's Witnesses. They will continue to call on and appease the God called in both Judaism and Islam. They may have Jesus as angelic messengers of prayer, but they cannot accept Him as God Himself. The Jews and Muslims also do the latter.


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