Dogmas (in) of the WTS

by Eddie

Short Foreword

The Watchtower Organization (WTS) always claims for itself not to have dogmas. This does not correspond to the truth, although it always says of itself (like all its followers, the JW) to be in the truth or to pretend to possess the truth.

The present document will prove the opposite on the basis of the Holy Scripture (HS), the Bible; there are some of the dogmas of the JW again. The doctrines – or dogmas – which the WTS prescribes as unconditional doctrines, which must not be doubted by their faithful, like the Catholic dogmas, which, ex kathetre, are likewise published by the Pope's chair and are also not to be called into question.

Whoever does it nevertheless is a renegade, because he "denies" the "truths" communicated by the given leadership.

Thus the dogma is already manifested per se or per definition.

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