Can sin be worked off? Guilty before God

Rescue through Watchtower Knowledge?

As a young person the whole world is open to you and the way to faith in Jesus and the way to insight that everyone needs forgiveness of sins is not easy to find. But with increasing age, one's own actions and reactions begin to develop a kind of life of their own. What was once done wrong, what hurt others, which in the end can only be traced back to one's own ignorance and egoism, begins to persecute one regularly. Getting up in the morning turns into a middle battle of insights with the result that one feels like a watered poodle before God and the world, as inferior and guilty.

None of what a person has done in the course of his life can be undone. Every single (in)act continues in an astonishingly active form of accusation and pushes itself forward again and again into the series of accusations that one's conscience brings to consciousness. In the face of this ever-present self-accusation, one develops one or the other behaviour which is intended to bring relief to one's inner being, soul and conscience. From the simple excuse we hear from any thief to the craziest tactics, strategies emerge that everyone knows won't last long and will eventually have to give in under the pressure of their own past to make way for renewed and repeated accusations.

A temporary escape route is the use of drugs and other distractions. There is the one who takes strong drinks directly after waking up to have a pleasant feeling for the duration of the day and can look forward to falling back into the alcohol coma after a short time. Next to him is the brave man, the successful man, the hard-working high performer, who has manoeuvred himself so successfully out of his own guilt that he no longer realises what his work rage is actually for. He is oriented with every conscious thought to his work, so that he does not have to deal with his own sin. With zeal, he throws himself into the day and is glad that his life seems to consist only of work.

Wipe out blame

One of the most widespread strategies to overcome sin and possibly eradicate it is religion. The fact that religion has a place in the human world at all is due to its helpful function of giving people the feeling that they can erase their sin. The intense desire for purification and a new, clean existence inherent in all human beings drives the religions to the most diverse blossoms and outgrowths. After the knowledge, which cannot be suppressed, that one's own sin remains, the respective religion is operated as cultish esoteric self-anaesthetization and pilgrim paths and magic means win new customers. All sorts of rumours about miracle cures and self-cleansing paths fill our hearts with hopes which in the end cannot keep what they promise and which in the end could not take away any part of our burden of sin.

Self-help through biblical conduct

More soberly and seemingly spiritually founded, the strategy of perfect Bible knowledge comes into play and the alignment of one's own behavior with the Bible. The Bible is used as a kind of recipe book to develop a concept that only needs to be trusted to have a saving effect.

The Faithful and Intelligent Slave from Brooklyn claims that the way out of sin (to God) is to be made with the help of the measures he gives. After all, he correctly understood the Bible as the only institution in the world – and that because of his own wisdom! This means that the aberrations and confusions of the Russell and Rutherford eras profoundly influence the Bible understanding of Jehovah's Witnesses. Mr. Fred Franz, who without having exchanged a single word with Jesus not only led individual areas of responsibility but the entire Watchtower Society, applied the finishing touches.

The general thesis of the Watchtower Society corresponds in every detail to the theses of all religions: We can exclude sin from our lives by always finely implementing the special laws imposed upon us by each organization. The fact that liberation from sin can only be achieved by God Himself is systematically ignored, because this realization would drive people directly into the arms of Jesus. He who recognizes and acknowledges his own sin cannot avoid Jesus. Whoever feels the burden of his own sin and does not repress it will never be able to be satisfied with a religion. Anyone who has realized that he is unreservedly dependent on God lets go of every effort of his own, even if he is repeatedly tempted to want to pull himself out of the swamp.

But the struggle against the consciousness of sin continues on the religious level as well as on all levels of distraction and numbness, even when it is clear to all people that only Jesus can save from sin.

Why is Jesus rejected in so many ways?

(1) A motivation to reject Jesus often lies in the fact that he claims that nothing works without him. Whoever gets involved with him later sees no other chance to counteract the burden of sin, because he has learned that only Jesus takes away this burden. Whoever once relies on Jesus can never again consider achieving or getting something through something else or someone else that even remotely reminds one of what Jesus works. This absoluteness in choosing Jesus frightens many.

(2) Many believe to be incapacitated by Jesus. They are too important to themselves to want to give their lives to Jesus. But they cannot experience that Jesus is exactly the one who helps one to the true self, who gives full freedom and the fullness of authenticity. They do not dare.

(3) Accepting the gift of salvation is just too easy for many. What costs nothing is worth nothing – this is the credo of our materialistic world. The zeitgeist does not look inwards, into the human being, but looks outwards: What do the others think of me? What do they think of me if I rely on a given solution? It's better if I donate a few more euros and go to church for Christmas.

(4) Individuals who work against Jesus fear the unique effect of Jesus. Therefore they try to manoeuvre people past Jesus by all means. They practice religion as opium for the people in order to prevent that even more people experience Jesus and confess him. Some operators of the religions shine by child abuse, others by cleverly hidden demon illustrations and perverse allusions.

Only one Redeemer

Humanity has only one Redeemer, Jesus Christ. He does not save the collective humanity, but each human being individually. Jesus is the mediator and no one on this earth needs an organization to come to Jesus. All institutions that act like the Pope, the faithful and intelligent slave, like cardinals and their subordinate organs, are only an invention to distract from Jesus. The forgiveness of sins only exists in direct prayer to Jesus. Any theological formula that denies this comes from below. The life that reaches beyond death exists in Jesus and only in him.

Doubts allowed

Even those who even say YES to Jesus without moving their hearts, i.e. only from the head, will experience him already on earth and will recognize and experience his greatness. Especially those who thought that they had to experience a special kick in order to be able to honestly believe in him, and who nevertheless decide for Jesus against their resistance, will be especially rewarded.

John 20:29 Jesus saith unto him, Because thou hast seen me, Thomas, therefore thou believest. Blessed are they who see not and yet believe!

Whoever accepts Jesus because Jesus has urged him to do so, because Jesus' deeds are so great, because Jesus is the highest thought of mankind or for whatever reason, he will experience Jesus' power. Peace, which is higher than all reasonable logic, will come upon him and can no longer be taken away from him.


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