The Role of Women in the Watchtower Society

The structure of gender roles among Jehovah's Witnesses does not reflect Christianity, but only the old bourgeois system of oppression. Western civilization has always left subordinate activities to women. These have no independent part in the construction of the Watchtower religion, but are limited to the execution of recurring processes that do not overtax the woman. Just as the woman in the bourgeoisie cares for her children and her pet and is perhaps still socially committed, the sermon service is comparable to the lap dog of the aging lady – the trademark of a Jehovah's Witness. In most cases, it is women who go from house to house and take on the embarrassment of false worship and denial of Jesus. The male Jehovah's Witnesses are less often seen preaching. They take care of the more important things of the Watchtower religion. They form legal committees to show the world again and again how to make a liar out of Jesus. They create renegades – hundreds every day – to prove to the whole world that the following words of Jesus are untrue:

John 10:28-29 and I will give them eternal life, and they will never perish, and no one will take them out of my hand. My Father, who gave them to me, is greater than all, and no one can snatch them out of the Father's hand.

The Jehovah's Witness turns to a mixture of science and religion in order to fill the apparatus with human material with preparatory measures and to enable the ruling caste of men, as elders and supervisors, to produce new excluded people at any time. This will prove to the whole world that Jesus must be a liar. Either Jehovah's Witnesses do not belong to Jesus and are not introduced into all truth by Him, so that the constant production of the excluded can function as a mechanism of slander of Christ, or Jesus has indeed lied. – If Jesus is to be taken seriously, the system of apostate production, as installed in the Watchtower Society as a dominant characteristic, proves that this religious community belongs to everything but God. If Jesus is a liar, then the business of the Watchtower Society is truly Christian.

Under the impression of inferiority, the woman bites herself deeply into the activity of recruiting new organizational members. She thus corresponds to the principle that Horkheimer had already recognized with the Nazis: "The blood thirst of the woman in the progrom outshines the male one. ... The lonely takes refuge in conglomerates of science and magic, in mocking births from the ideal of the Privy Councillor and the Nordic visionary. She feels drawn to disaster. The last female opposition to the spirit of male society degenerates in the swamp of small rackets (rip-off, fraud [RH]), conventions and hobbies, it becomes the perverted aggression of social work and theosophical gossip, the activity of small ranches (confrontation [RH]) in charity and Christian Science." – (Gesammel Schriften, Volume 5, Max Horkheimer, 1987, Pages 282 and 283)

While Jesus liberates from the Pharisaic bourgeoisie, Jehovah's Witnesses, as the prototype of the bourgeoisie, fall prey to the division of labor as it has prevailed in the male society of all unpleasant cultures. The woman performs the mechanical work for which she was once instructed and for which she is controlled and honed by permanent watchtower study. The man rather keeps himself in the background and stands ready for the job of destroying the credibility of Jesus. No woman has ever been a member of a legal committee, but the women are intensively involved in the spying services to bring about a new personified accusation of lies against the words of Jesus. The process is repeated daily and bears the features of a ceremony which serves only to prove to the world every day that Jesus was wrong when he said, "No one will rip it out of my hand.

The subjugation of the Watchtower woman serves in the division of labor just like the subjugation of the soldier-breeding Nazi mother to the breeding of sufficient human material to be able to complete the final goal, the annihilation of the faith in Jesus, at some point. Of course, the Watchtower woman is unaware of this inner context and its ancient historical worldliness. Here, too, she does not differ from her predecessors, who once served the preservation of the German racial unity or as nuns made and still make their socially approved contribution to priest fascism. The Watchtower Society is the old mania in new paths and is only created to make faith in Jesus impossible by making it a religion that is worse than anything that Jesus attacked as a human being in his sermons.

Deeply accustomed to her own oppression and in the promise of survival in the event of her fidelity, Jehovah's Witness clings more strongly than the man to the cornerstones of Watchtower theology. While the man savours the joy of power to be able to judge apostates, the simple preacher in the sermon service enjoys the procurement of new candidates and the wife of the mighty basks in the procurement of information and the spying service, to which she has very often fallen for. The Watchtower system of perfect mind control and the hundreds of renegades who emerge from it every day is as far removed from being a Christian as the back of the moon is from sunlight. The resurrection of all dictatorial systems of the world in perfected form takes place in the Watchtower Society and uses women exactly as civil society has done since its inception. Nothing distinguishes the "channel of God" from the world, except for the intensity of the wickedness that hides behind the good appearance.

The development of the woman's role in the thought control system of the Watchtower Society is characterized by a fascistic-looking, iron "attitude of conviction", which withholds even the clearest facts from one's own knowledge. Even once information has been taken in, it is quickly pushed out of consciousness. The role of the world-woman has always been, under the pressure of the world-man rule, the escape into the self-integrative position of power in the small. This division is not only confirmed in the Watchtower Society around the world, but is also pushed to extremes with the very highest perfection and seems to be indispensable for Jehovah's Witness. Blessed is the Jehovah's Witness who does not leave her husband when he turns to Jesus! The spiritual position of the woman in the Watchtower society is the more concretized one within the two sexes.

Thus the women form a majority of Jehovah's Witnesses on the spiritual level, they form a kind of cohesion, the quality of which is inertia. This inertia of the feminine mass creates a rest pole around which the changing heresies wind and yet do not cause the apparatus to fall. This fanaticism of the spiritual feelings of home is not based on the Bible in its root and in the tribe, but on psychosocial mechanisms which helped Hitler and his henchmen to make great. The dull screaming people, who run after the leader with closed eyes, give the otherwise hardly buoyant ship its low centre of gravity. Up on deck captains like Fred Franz throw most of them out of heaven and simply settle them on an eternally existing earth. Up on deck, the leading corporation violates its own rules on a daily basis and knows for certain that the mass at the bottom of the ship's hull is very immobile.

The price that Jehovah's Witness pays for her spiritual feelings of home are boring men who, without possessing the power of the elder, are not attractive because, like women, they belong to the immobile basic mass. All of them are in line under the spiritual fox that has always characterized the oppression of women, and the male role in the manner of the Western patriarchy falls to only a few rulers. The life of Jehovah's Witness was and is for many a lifelong hope for the right partner and just as often ends in the fate of the dried-up old woman who was destined for it from the very beginning. The hollow, Jesus-far piety of Jehovah's Witnesses is the vehicle whose tank must be filled with all life and its meaning. The woman sets herself up and presses the accelerator, unaware that she is promoting the great error and giving it an unhealthy rigidity that is understood as stability. It is she herself who gives the "channel of God" its infallibility – but only in her own heart and in the hearts of those who, like herself, have fallen for him.

The bourgeois reason, which Jehovah's Witnesses continually notice as a surrender to God in disguise, is nothing other than the self-discipline which also worked under Hitler, and nothing other than the oppression of women, as it has always been cultivated in Western civilization. This bourgeois reason is sold to them by the faithful and circumspect slave as "good standing before Jehovah". Jehovah's Witnesses do not realize that their religion is only a socio-political and sociologically well-defined phenomenon of human origin. They seek the pharisaically pious extreme with untenable laws. They breathe the nitrogen oxides of the elitist muff of educated people who don't want to admit their monotony. The Watchtower Society serves a clientele worthy of protection, most of whom have been consistently warned against their own thinking from childhood on and are punished with shock therapy if they try it.

The letter of the Governing Body to Adolf Hitler with the sitemap that one basically pursues the same goals as he does, gains importance from this point of view. It is no coincidence that it was written to Hitler in this way.


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