Quotes from the Canal of God

Watchtower Quote No. 1

With the above words to the prophet Isaiah, Almighty God Jehovah described his ability to predict the future.
The Watchtower 1 October 2008, page 3

This sentence refers to Isaiah 46, 9 and 10: "Remember the former as it was from time immemorial: I am God, and no one else, a God to whom nothing is like. I have proclaimed from the beginning what is to come after, and from time immemorial what has not yet happened. I say: What I have decided will happen, and what I have planned I will do."

In the Watchtower reading the word "predicted" is actually used instead of "proclaimed".

Jehovah's Witnesses consider God to be a man. While it is clear to everyone that God, unlike a prophet, does not prophesy, but merely announces the information, the Jehovah's Witnesses actually assume that God would behave like a man and predict the future. But the word "predict" includes, as is well known, one's own ignorance. This is human and highly inappropriate for application to God. For God is in the past, in the present and in the future. He does not only know what happens in the future, but he is present in the future. Therefore Jesus said: Truly, truly, I say to you: Here Abraham was, I am! (John 8, 58)

By twisting this very thing, the Watchtower Society magazine organization once again suggests to the readers of these magazines that God behaves like a human being. It must do this so that all the other false assumptions made by the Watchtower Society can be kept. These include, for example, the assumption that God depends on justifying His name. This assumption of God is blasphemy itself. It lives from the fact that God is deeply implanted with human qualities. And Jehovah's Witnesses believe this nonsense willingly and with desire.

Watchtower Quote No. 2

If God wills, He can foresee exactly how individuals and nations will behave.
The Watchtower 1 October 2008, page 3

Here the Liesschmiede Watchtower Society intensifies the alleged human qualities of God. It draws the picture of God that a special decision of God is needed to observe individuals or entire nations and "extrapolate" their future behavior. Yet, contrary to the qualities of God's adversary, omnipresence is the reason why God and so everything and everyone "observes" and knows. How else would the psalmist rejoice at God's preservation if he had to assume that God would sometimes focus his attention on man and sometimes not?

That's just the quality of the devil. He cannot be present always and everywhere and is therefore dependent on leaving his servants and slaves alone for long periods of time. From the idea that this is a quality of God (for Jehovah's Witnesses it is this Jehovah), the misbelief is generated that God does not always have one in mind. Straight to abstruse is the resulting imagination that there are moments in a person's life when he is unobserved by God.

Isn't it fatal that Jehovah's Witnesses actually assume that God has times when he is quasi absent? Must his angels then take over the job of watching us? Is there a heavenly system of spies? The teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses create an image of God that imposes error on people.

Watchtower Quote No. 3

In addition, he can determine the course of developments because he has unlimited power.
The Watchtower 1 October 2008, page 3

The deception of the Watchtower doctrine consists precisely in the point that God is made a kind of "Universal Player". He appears in the imagination of Jehovah's Witnesses as a figure who interferes or does not interfere in everyday life at will. This creates an interplay of fears and appeasements in which Jehovah's Witnesses vegetate and wither. All their attention is directed to a fiction of God, which, like a penalty shootout, sometimes hits and sometimes does not. The God of Jehovah's Witnesses is a highly unreliable greatness.

The God whom Jesus made known to us, however, stands out precisely because in Jesus Christ he made himself absolutely "predictable" for us human beings. The new covenant which he made with us in Jesus and for which Jesus is guarantor gives us the certainty that God is always with us in Jesus Christ. To the end. The Holy Spirit accompanies the believing Christian every second of his life and covers up every sin. He who trusts in Jesus is cleansed by his blood and in the eyes of God we are completely healed, sanctified beings. We have this promise in Jesus Christ.


The by the Jehovah's Witnesses to God attributed qualities only apply to Satan, who does not have omnipotence and omnipresence. This is a strong indication that this Jehovah is actually Satan. For the Watchtower Society teaches people an image of God that is more suited to the devil.


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