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The Watchtower Society likes to place a true statement right next to a lie in its literature, so that the lie gets a very good chance of being swallowed by the reader. One is a fact and the other is that the person referring to it is a lie. This technique has proven itself not only within the Watchtower apparatus, but also with political parties.

This small parallel between the Watchtower Society and the nature and approach of political parties cannot be the basis for the fundamental statement that the Watchtower Society is indeed a political organization. But on closer examination, so many similarities between the Watchtower organization and political parties can be identified that this accusation cannot be avoided in the end.

In every watchtower, the Jehovah's Witness leadership emphasizes that it is apolitical and not racist. That it is not racist cannot be denied. Here we find the true statement. Right next to it is the lie: the Watchtower Society is apolitical! This statement is such a blatant lie that it should attract the attention of everyone. But the arbitrarily changed definition of the characteristics of the Watchtower organization by the Watchtower organizers causes that in the everyday perception of the people the political organization of Jehovah passes through as a religious community, although it is demonstrably completely political party. This party abuses the Bible and ridicules the Christian faith. Its ultimate goal is the annihilation of Christianity.

Signs of the political organization

Every Jehovah's Witness will vehemently deny that his "religion" is only a political party pursuing world political goals! He has usually been told from childhood that the organization of the Jehovah God is a religious community. But reality is completely different! On closer examination, the Watchtower Society is a genuine world political party!

The signs of the political Watchtower Party present themselves to the attentive and non-indoctrinated Watchtower reader himself!

The political party Watchtower Organization
Election campaign Door-to-door service,
the worldwide work of Jehovah's Witnesses
Party conference Congress
Line loyalty, party discipline Spiritual unity
Corpse obedience Loyalty to the slave
Political programme New World hope or earthly hope of paradise
Internal party cleansing Abandonment
The great chairman Faithful and understanding slave
Party executive Governing Body
Propaganda material Watchtower Literature, Image Films on DVD, Study Material
Party meeting Meeting
Disposition Attitude, conviction
World revolution Armageddon
Worldwide enforcement Realizing a New Just World Under Jehovah's Rule
Political Utopia Hope for Jehovah's Kingdom
Party official District supervisor, Branch supervisor, Eldest
Committee Legal Committee, Branch Committee
Party office Branch office
Party organs Structures and facilities
Delegates Commissaries
Political Drill Education in justice

This list can be continued indefinitely if you make the appropriate notes when reading the Watchtower program. The parallels between Jehovah's organization and a normal political party do not end. People who have violated Jehovah's guidelines (God's purposes) come before a legal committee to put them through their paces. Like in an extremist political party. The Jehovah's Witnesses' attitudes replace faith, the effect of the Holy Spirit is replaced by the global directive of the Jehovah's organization. The Watchtower comrade is called Brother and can shine before the organization and before Jehovah with the hours he spent campaigning for Jehovah.

Political Party Watchtower Society

The Watchtower Thesis of Political Neutrality is Lie

The hope and planning of Jehovah's Witnesses is a political overthrow vision, as communism has claimed for its world doctrine. Christians were persecuted at all times by being accused of wanting to change the world order. But the hope of Christians never refers to this world. Jehovah's Witnesses, on the other hand, have only earthly world change in mind.

Give a thorough testimony to God's Kingdom, pages 2 and 3 (please click)

Anyone who gets involved with this party experiences a consistent change in their language. He then no longer understands much that normal people understand, but is at home in the party jargon of the Watchtower Society. Lead Jehovah's party members back to reality by occasionally asking them: What was it like in the party today?

Then this person has a certain chance to recognize his error. – But do not exaggerate! Jehovah's Witnesses are very vulnerable at this point.

Jehovah's Witnesses are very dependent on their party and have a far more intensive relationship with it than can be understood from outside. Jehovah's Witnesses are party soldiers of Jehovah's New World Order, as envisioned by the Watchtower Organization. The New World government will be installed in New York. Prior to this, Jehovah's Witnesses will wade knee-deep in the blood of Jehovah's "enemies" according to their leadership's announcements.

How the disciples allegedly turned Jesus Christ into a political concept

Watchtower, March 15, 1998, page 19 (please click)

Jehovah's Witnesses are told that the Christians of the first century already had to submit to the leadership of a governing body. Thus the thesis is put into space that immediately after Jesus' disappearance (he is supposed to have risen only spiritually), the concept of religion had to be protected politically by clever minds. The half scientific, half political situation above (Watchtower, March 15, 1998, page 19) in connection with the Watchtower doctrine of the "spiritual" resurrection of Jesus suggests an overall conception of world politics by the apostles. It is not Jesus who keeps his church alive, but the world political concept of the governing body. It is not the Holy Spirit who guides the individual believer, but the Christian who has to insert himself into the world conception of the power instance "leading body".

With the assertion "The governing body of the first century preserved the unity of doctrine" the false message is spread that being a Christian is not subject to the leadership of Jesus Christ, but to the leadership of a leading body that conceptualizes world politics. This makes possible a religion in which Jesus is only a spiritual idea and whose substance originates from the political authority of a Christian group. With this constellation the Watchtower Society and its self-understanding correspond exactly to the inner and outer systematics of the Roman Catholic Church. Also there everything revolves around worldly authority and the world-political exercise of an overall conception that is incontestable when it is "ex cathedra" proclaimed. Everything is taken out of the hand of Jesus and transferred into the hand of an earthly representation, which necessarily then can only assert itself through human power. This is then only a religion exclusive to Jesus. Just an antichristianity.

Christianity including Jesus ...

When someone turns to Jesus, he becomes acquainted with Christianity, which is not formed by human influence and which can never pass away until the rapture finally takes place. Whoever trusts in Jesus and realizes that Jesus' kingdom is not of this world, that is, can never and will never be obtained through human influence, will find the only possible access to God, namely Jesus, and the Holy Spirit will testify to him that he has arrived at the Father forever.

... versus human politics

But whoever wants to improve the world in the sense of Freemasons through the humanly conceived "self-education for the good" must go under the completely human rule of the Watchtower Society or become a Catholic or directly a Freemason.


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