The True God of Jehovah's Witnesses
is the Brotherhood

The Brotherhood is one of the gods of Jehovah's Witnesses. The figure of Jehovah the God has qualities that suit the devil well. This Jehovah God forbids contact with Jesus and desires the destruction of Christianity. This Jehovah God has no love, because Jehovah's Witnesses must earn the "undeserved goodness" by preaching and never know if they have done enough or not. Nor can this Jehovah God give them inner cohesion. Jehovah's Witnesses spy on each other, and the hugging of these people is just a habitual act, an unwritten duty that, if they are honest, is performed under self-deception.

In the place of the love that Jesus gives to Christians, Jehovah's Witnesses must provisionally create cohesion through a fraternity. The understanding of Jehovah's Witness organization is based on the same fraternity idea as that of Freemasonry, monastic orders, Satanic circles, Mormons, Scientology, the Mafia and the Pius Brotherhood. One stands together with the common goal of the fascistoid deification of a human organization, with the goal of the greatest possible use for this organization and in the end stands as a shining vision the assumption of world domination. – Monastic orders and mafia are still realistic enough to hope only for their own advantage. The monastic order hopes for the advantage before the Oblate-God, the Mafia hopes for the advantage in questions of power and money.

In this League of Brotherhoods plays the show that Jehovah's Witnesses organize. They do not know the love that Jesus gives because they have no contact with Him. He is not God to them. If they accepted him, they would realize that it is not the brotherhood of Jehovah's Witnesses that is the bearer of hope, but Jesus alone. Then they would realize that the body of Christ is not organized in a human way, but is created by the grace of Jesus alone, which accepts all those who entrust themselves to Him.

Whoever meets Jesus understands at a stroke why human organization and brotherhood cannot lead to God. Brotherhoods are unethical groups of people, stuck together only by human honour and morals, with a fascist orientation towards self-imagined goals. Jehovah's Witnesses do not let God tell them anything, but they tell God what to do, when to do it and how to be it. They cannot ask Jesus and thus also the Father, because the organization has given them everything and forbidden contact with Jesus as a precaution. But those who do not worship Jesus do not worship the Father either. (John 5:23)

One cannot commit oneself to the body of Christ, so that no one can make it a human organization. The body of Christ is only visible and perceptible to the individual believer in narrow sections, but never as a great worthwhile organizational event. The body of Christ holds the individual Christian in itself, gives him security and a function in the body of God on earth.

The brotherhood is visible to many people in all its parts and outgrowths. People can fanatically stand up for a brotherhood and sacrifice themselves for it. People put all their hope into this organization and do not realize that they have fallen into a completely unhealthy idolatry. In this they are usually superior to parties and party members in turning a certain thing into an ideology and in devoting themselves to a latent fanaticism that is openly presented. People who idolize an organization are fascists, even if they are peaceful. Terror does not always have to be associated with bombs, but terror often results in mobbing, mutual spying and the destruction of families.

The Fraternity always remains a human organization, no matter how much it asserts to work for God especially (Pius Fraternity) or to be absolutely appointed by God as a channel (Watchtower Society). The interests of people are always the guiding principle, never the contact to God, which is not possible without contacting Jesus.

The Watchtower Society combines the piety found, for example, in the Muslim Brotherhood with the ingenious "Brothers Administration" of Freemasonry. The Brotherhood of Jehovah's Witnesses is a model of the spying apparatus of totalitarian states. But these factors cannot be found in the Jehovah's Witness commercials. Brotherhoods of a Christian or anti-Christian nature always compete with the body of Christ. There is no fraternity in the world that is part of the body of Christ. Even individual members of brotherhoods should seriously consider whether the balancing act between one and the other is possible at all.

The brotherhood of Jehovah is definitely an anti-Christian number. It forbids contact with Jesus and hopes for the imminent annihilation of Christianity. The word "brotherhood" exists only once in the Bible: Zech 11:14 And I broke my other staff "concord" to abolish the brotherhood between Judah and Israel.

The Spirit of the Brotherhood

Even in genuine Christian communities there are always attempts by individuals or groups to introduce something like the spirit of fraternity. They act as animators or motivational inspectors, for example by playing the guitar on stage, and believe that they can and must initiate an initiative in the congregation that is aimed at growth and renewal. They do not think for a second that they are repressing the Holy Spirit and using human strength to repress it.

Such Christians often go this wrong way all their lives because they do not understand that the real initiative in the Christian church cannot come from people. They are so filled with the conviction that they must make the church a model church that they completely disregard listening to the Spirit and try to tap into human potential. This is where the Spirit of the brotherhood comes in.

Whether Freemasonry, monastic orders or sectarian orders – all of them rely at their core on the social impulse of the spirit of brotherhood. The individual connection to Jesus and thus the work of the Holy Spirit remains outside or is not even recognized or considered. All forms and constructions that the brotherhood spirit produces aim at the power of the leadership and at keeping people under its leadership under a certain precept of conviction. In fraternity, individuals are spiritually brushed in the same direction, so that Jesus is no longer the center once he was, but the great fellowship among themselves. This kind of cohesion has rarely produced anything positive in the world, and if it has, then never in terms of obedience to Jesus Christ.

The Brotherhood as a New Separation from God

Even in Christian circles, the attachment of a church to Jesus is not guaranteed if the spirit of brotherhood takes its place. The trust of the individual in the group replaces the trust and faith in Jesus and installs a deceptive hope for something that Adolf Hitler already knew how to exploit for his ideas. The spirit of brotherhood is the basis for the manipulation of the masses. Activism and mechanization are signs of the accomplished turning away from God and of blind trust in human group forces. There is no difference between the fairy tale phantasts Scientology and the Pius Brotherhood with its counter goddess Rosary Mary. They have completed the new separation from God. They have gone astray with the collective and are in the same situation that Judas Iscariot was in when he wanted to bring Jesus together with the Sanhedrin so that together the Romans could be disfellowshipped. The human initiative can never create anything good in the Christian context.

The human brotherhood – under whatever pious guise – always consistently displaces the relationship of the individual human being to God and leads to a hope that is not in harmony with Jesus.

The Christian mantle is not only over the Watchtower Society

As soon as people withdraw their I, their conscience, their being from Jesus and hand it over to a human group or organization, the one who works through the Watchtower Society and through the Catholic Church has a free hand. Then the mega sin is pre-programmed and compelling consequence and seduction to fascist brotherhood is predestined. The Christian flag does not protect against error. If Christians cannot wait (persevere), but want to develop the kingdom of heaven on their own, like the Watchtower Society and the Catholic Church, everything is lost. Every single misguided follower of such fraternal institutions is lost. He is not attached to Jesus, but to people. Christian actionism is anti-Christian because it starts from people. Catholicism, Jehovahism and all influencers are only human actors who want to impose their own model. But the kingdom of Jesus is not of this world. He who perseveres overcomes. The perseverance is the patience that leaves to God what develops. As soon as people take the kingdom of Jesus into their own hands, politics emerges: Watchtower society, Catholicism and many more sick people.


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