Exercising Faith – this term is unbiblical

Faith cannot be carried out

While the Bible speaks of faith, the Watchtower Society speaks of the practice of faith. The Bible and Jesus say: Faith counts. The Watchtower doctrine says, "The practice of faith counts. While faith is the foundation of Jesus, the doctrine of the Jehovah's Witnesses makes him a permanent achievement. This continuous performance naturally involves the risk of failure. Someone who has built a lot has a lot to lose. We know that enough from this world. With Jesus this is exactly the other way round: Whoever has once made up his mind in faith and offered no resistance to the jolt that comes from Jesus will belong to Jesus, whether he fails in faith or holds out.

Anyone who once really entrusts himself to Jesus will at some point realize that despite all his failures he has never been and can never become detached from his connection with God. Anyone who relies on the practice of faith, that is to say on the continuous achievement of the Watchtower Society, is at every second in the risk of becoming apostate. The exercise of faith is not a guarantee like the faith that Jesus means, but the exercise of faith is a claim that only the hamster in the wheel can fulfill successfully and permanently. (This proves that the Watchtower doctrine pays homage only to the civil virtue of performance.)

Jesus saves through Himself, if one believes in Him. The Watchtower Society wants to save through the never-ending effort of the individual in the organization. Jesus' redemption happens in a moment, the redemption of the Watchtower Society can never happen, for no one knows when the measure and practice of faith will finally be fulfilled. In contrast to Watchtower Salvation, Jesus does all the work for us and uses us according to our abilities (that no flesh may boast). The Watchtower Society, in contrast to Jesus, depends on grooming people, making them spiritually equal, bringing them to a certain line, as we constantly experience with political parties.

The Jehovah's Witness prototype desired by the Governing Body is the Watchtower Puppet in Spiritual Unification, which simply functions in unison and can be used and strained for the doctrine of the Jehovah's Witnesses. The unswerving practice of the faith, never again testing, never again doubting and weighing, this unattainable, no longer listening to anyone conviction-action is the basis of the propaganda machinery of the Jehovah's Witnesses, which recognizably cannot save, but promises much. Jesus, on the other hand, saves from faith immediately and without the later possibility of accidental or negligent apostasy. The Watchtower-Gesellschaft promises salvation through practice (similar to the practice of Catholicism), but permanently demonstrates apostasy by producing hundreds of apostates every day.

Noah as prototype of the Watchtower puppet

In the Watchtower 15 January 1998 we find a picture of Noah on page 9.

The Watchtower 15 January 1998, page 9

With an expressionless face and expressionless eyes, Noah stands there like a machine. This machine functioning is sold to Jehovah's Witnesses as "exercising faith," and Jehovah's Witnesses actually think that approaching God through this mechanism works in a way that is degraded to pure mechanics. But the channel of God conceals that our perseverance and our powers cannot save. Jehovah's Witnesses must not know that only God can save and that every effort of man is an affront to the grace of God. But it is exactly the same that we are first saved by faith and only then do the blessings of God in our lives reveal themselves as good deeds. No one on earth can approach God by his own power. But God has approached us in Jesus.

Those mechanically functioning Jehovah's Witnesses, these tin soldiers of faith-working need the Watchtower Society for business. But Satan's goal of eternally separating people from salvation through Jesus is even more important. The Watchtower Society loves people who don't want to know anything about Jesus and who mechanically go into preaching like mannequins to practice faith.

A well-founded faith

In the article that surrounds this expressionless Noah, a certain phrase is used repeatedly: "a well-founded faith". While the Bible speaks of the stupidity of the cross that we have to accept in order to walk through the door (Jesus), Jehovah's Witnesses are persuaded to have a well-founded faith.

But the Bible says:

1 Corinthians 1:17-21 For Christ did not send me to baptize, but to preach the gospel – not with wise words, so that the cross of Christ would not be destroyed. For the word of the cross is a foolishness to those who are lost; but to us who are saved it is a power of God. For it is written (Isaiah 29:14), I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and I will reject the understanding of the wise. Where are the wise? Where are the scribes? Where are the wise men of this world? Has not God made the wisdom of the world foolishness? For because the world, surrounded by the wisdom of God, did not know God through its wisdom, it pleased God to save those who believe in it by the folly of preaching.

The watchtower emphasis of the vocabulary "well-founded faith" means: "We are not as stupid as Christianity and believe in this incomprehensible miracle of Jesus. We have a system, we have a faith that is at least as thoughtful as a party constitution or a constitution. Jehovah's Witnesses make themselves dependent on the human logic of some Brooklyn Bible understanders and get vaccinated with such articles as the Watchtower January 15, 1998 that mere faith in Jesus is simply too stupid to take him seriously.

Whoever was allowed to get to know the power of God by giving his childlike faith-yes to Jesus understands that this emphasis on well-founded faith is anti-Christian. This well-founded faith leads directly past Jesus into a human fantasy world. The New Jehovah world system does not rely on Jesus, but on the sand of human reasoning. Human systematics, however well-founded it may be, will always remain the sand, the "foundation" of Freemasonry and the Watchtower Society.

Watchtower propaganda machine

The Leadership Body of Jehovah's Witnesses consistently implements its propaganda concept. Trust in human intelligence is turned into "walking with God". People who continually advertise for the Watchtower-Party allegedly walk with God!

The Watchtower 15 January 1998, pages 16-17

What you can carry home in black and white, you can confidently believe. And whoever uses the propaganda material all his life and directs people away from Jesus to a Jehovah "God" supposedly walks with God. But he doesn't wonder which "God" this Jehovah "God" really is. Faith, in any case, is not the action of Jehovah's Witnesses, but only advertising for a New World party.

A Masonic world party making a fool of Jesus!

In the well-founded faith practice of Jehovah's Witnesses there is only one modified Jesus, a Jesus who cannot shed blood because he is probably only a bloodless zombie. In the impalement depictions of the Watchtower Society we usually find only one uninjured bloodless person who represents Jesus. In the Watchtower January 15, 1998 on page 21, a staked Jesus is depicted who, in addition to the mockery by bloodlessness, is looked at astonished by a fish being in the clouds.

The Watchtower 15 January 1998, page 21

This fish creature hovering in the sky is one of the demonic beings to be found again and again in the watchtower literature, who regard Jesus suspiciously and contemptuously. This special fish seems to lose something out of his mouth, frightened. What the Watchtower Society is trying to say will probably remain hidden.

Biblical Jesus unwanted

Because salvation in the Watchtower Society must not depend on Jesus, but on performance "faith-exercising", the Jesus of Jehovah's Witnesses must be made as ridiculous as possible. The direct faith in Jesus, the direct connection with Jesus would otherwise quickly expose the bourgeois virtuous aberration of the practice of faith and make man recognizable as a dead end and evil lie. The Watchtower literature is in a constant battle against Jesus, because there is always the danger that man could somehow come into contact with him after all.


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