Firstborn – Sonship of a Subgod

In the Watchtower doctrine, Jesus, through his sonship, becomes a kind of subgod, who resides hierarchically below Jehovah and has only borrowed power, that is, is not omnipotent. To emphasize this subordinate position of Jesus, there are many terms in the Watchtower vocabulary to express that Jesus cannot be the Almighty. It is said that Jesus is a divine being, a perfect man, the archangel and the first-born son.

The term "first-born son" does not appear at all in the Bible with regard to Jesus. This term is used once to identify the people of Israel as God's people, and once David is made the firstborn son:

2 Genesis 4:22 And thou shalt say unto him, Thus saith the LORD; Israel is my firstborn son;
Psalm 89,28 And I will make him [David] the firstborn son, the highest of the kings on earth.

Nowhere in the Bible does one find the word that Jesus was the first-born Son of God. Although Jesus is called the first-born in several respects, this characteristic always refers to the special position in a group. For example, Jesus is the firstborn before all creation, which in turn proves that he cannot be a creature. For as the firstborn he came directly from God, even before creation had even begun. Anyone who wants to claim that Jesus is even just a creature tramples this biblical statement underfoot. A creation cannot only begin after a creature has already been created. If Jesus is described as the firstborn before all creation, the Bible attributes everything to him, but never the essence and nature of a creature.

Israel is the firstborn Son of God

If, as established in Genesis 4:22, Israel is the firstborn Son of God, Jesus cannot also be this firstborn Son. If God, as Psalm 89,28 reports, makes David the first-born Son, this is quite compatible with the position of Israel as the first-born Son of God. For both are basically one, and to this day the nation of Israel is marked by David. Abraham was still the father of a tribe, but David was king of a nation. Israel and its king David is still the firstborn son of God today.

And is Jesus not the Son of God?

Jesus is the Son of God, but not the firstborn. For the word "first-born" implies a hierarchical gradation. Jesus is rather the native Son of God. But this only refers to the fact that Jesus was born into this world as a human being inhineingeboren. But he already existed before all creation as the firstborn, as the Word that was God and was with God. This birth, which took place before creation, does not express the beginning of an existence, but the emergence of Jesus from God. Just as someone expresses himself and the word comes out of his mouth, Jesus appeared. But he already existed before in God. To stay with the word: He existed in God as thought, feeling, plan, will and spirit long before he appeared as word.

So Jesus Christ is not to be regarded as a hierarchically subordinate demigod being, which only represents the role of a particularly precious possession of God, but according to the Bible he is God himself, who has communicated himself to us in word and flesh. God appears in our perception as the Word and then as one of us.

Counter thesis: Jesus is a creature!

Many strategies have been developed in the world since Jesus' appearance on earth to render Him ineffective. One of the most sophisticated tactics is the "True Religion" of the Watchtower organization. This religion has the only purpose to deny Jesus as God and to give people the feeling that Jesus, as the first-born Son, is in fact only a kind of commissioned worker of God and as a created being is far below the Father. The determination that Jesus is not God is the inner axis of this religion and in this way it places itself on an equal footing with Islam. Besides Islam, the Watchtower doctrine is the sharpest denier of the deity of Christ. Atheists, esothericists and all the other lovers of self-adulation are rather unimportant 5-euro statists against Islam and the Watchtower Society. The real adversaries are the direct falsifiers of the Word of God, namely those who simply paraphrase the Bible like Jehovah's Witnesses, and those who try to paraphrase the Bible with an antibiblical like Islam.

The thesis that Jesus is only a creature is raised in contrast to the fact that in the Bible the term "first-born son" has absolutely no application to Jesus. All applications in which the word "first-born" occurs refer to qualities of Jesus which he possesses in relation to certain groups. They never denote sonship with God.

  • Romans 8.29 the firstborn among many brothers
  • Colossians 1,15 the firstborn before all creation
  • colossians 1.18 firstborn from the dead
  • revelation 1.5 of the firstborn from the dead

Neither in the Old nor in the New Testament is there a single passage that Jesus describes as the first-born Son of God. That is why all theories that Jesus, as the first-born Son, is not much different from the devil, but only good and not bad, are omitted as nonsense. The old Watchtower theory of the original equality between Jesus and Satan is a Masonic nurse's tale, which initiated knowledgeable people willingly present to people in order to prevent them from being saved in Jesus. For with the thought that Jesus is only a worker of God, an image of a super-god Allah or Jehovah acting from afar, who sends away his most faithful comrade (whom he once made himself), is formed. But the good news is that God gave Himself to save us. God did not satisfy His absolute desire for justice through the symbolic sacrifice of His perfect creature Jesus, but in Jesus through Himself. God's righteousness is absolute, for God is absolute. This absolute righteousness cannot be established by inventing a new formula according to which things must be done, or by fulfilling a requirement that righteousness fulfills only as a substitute. This absolute righteousness of God demands: Either man dies or God dies.

Fact: Jesus is God

All people get to know Jesus in one way or another and at this or that time. They can turn to Him and follow Him, but they can also reject Him as Jehovah's Witnesses do. All knees will bow to Jesus one day. People who reject Jesus will hear a bad crash in their knees. People who rely on Jesus recognize through his Spirit that he is God: the firstborn of God before all creation. One of the most promising ways to keep people away from Jesus is to tell them that he is not God. In this way, space is created to install counter gods such as Jehovah, Mary, or Allah. These feints will be revealed at the latest when every knee will bend before Jesus. Whether there is then still a chance for those who have turned to another God all their lives is questionable.

Firstborn of all creation

The term "first-born of all creation" invites the Jehovah's Witnesses' point of view in a frightening way. The fact that Jesus is to be regarded as the first creature is implicatively easy to draw near. Of course, Jehovah's Witnesses ride on exactly this interpretation to make Jesus appear as an underqualified God. This downgrading goes all the way down to the claim that Jesus is the Archangel Michael, and to the claim that Jesus is only human (which many Jehovah's Witnesses actually believe).

Double God religion

However, the evidence that Jesus is God is very strong. Jehovah's Witnesses even had to rewrite John 1:1 to ensure that Jesus was not identified as the Almighty. By this modification of John 1:1, they put Jesus in the status of another God. Thus, Jehovah's Witnesses have a chief God, the Almighty, whom they call Jehovah "God", and a subordinate God, called Jesus. These two gods are firmly integrated into the Watchtower religion and form a dual pair of gods. Neither of the two gods can be detached from this double-God construction without the Jehovah religion collapsing. For this reason, Jehovah's Witnesses have two Gods.

How many gods do the Jews, Muslims and Christians have?

Unlike Jehovah's Witnesses, Jews, Muslims and Christians have only one God each. Among Christians, Jesus is the Father, which causes Jews and Muslims to shake their heads. But Christians actually have only one God, whose name is Jesus – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Christians do not have two gods. Jehovah's Witnesses have two separate gods in their faith and thus fall back into pre-Biblical paganism. What the law of God (no other gods besides me) had eliminated several thousand years ago is revived in the Watchtower religion. It is the deepest paganism of pre-Biblical times.

Already from these considerations the term "the first-born" can never indicate a subordinate position of Jesus. Even the fact that Jesus prayed to the Father on earth cannot, from the above considerations, be an indication that Jesus must be permanently smaller than the Father. For when Jesus was on earth, he was truly man through and through. This humiliated position explains all his indications that he only did what the Father showed him.


Jehovah's Witnesses use the word "first-born son" to prove to Jesus a subordinate position to God. That this word does not apply to Jesus throughout the Bible does not bother the Watchtower understanders. They are calibrated to the two-god system in their religion, but are usually not even aware that they have two gods in their religion. A religion that has 2 gods is unbiblical and anti-Christian at the same time. Jehovah's Witnesses are not Christians, they are the boldest fighters of the body of Christ.


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