Watchtower Society Fascism

One day in the pedestrian zone Wiesloch a communist came up to me and shouted at me: "They belittle the yes!" By that he meant the Nazis, for I held up the sign: "Whoever idolizes an organization is a fascist!" The man did not let himself be appeased and still got excited when he was already in hardly audible distance.

There is a video by Hamed Abdel Samad on the Internet in which he explains the individual components of fascism. With this video I would like to point out the parallels between the Watchtower religion, National Socialism and Islam. The similarities of these systems concern precisely and very centrally the points that characterize fascism.

What makes a person a member of one of the three systems?

In National Socialism, the "Aryan" race counts. True to the inhuman world view of the evolutionists, man can only determine his affiliation to National Socialism himself within narrow limits. According to the theory of evolution, the racially elitist human being is the peak of evolution and, due to his genes, brings with him the ticket to National Socialist status.

In the case of Islam and the Watchtower religion, membership of the relevant group alone plays a role. Submission (Islam) to religious leadership is interchanged with submission to God. The Watchtower Society then also consistently labels the bondage that is given to the leading figures in these groupings to the pious sounding term "devotion to God". This is a term that also stands for Islam. God devotion is the hallmark of the Muslim and Jehovah's Witness. That both only obey the earthly religious leaders is not noticeable to anyone.

Psychological and sociological roots of fascism

Fascism arises from feelings of inferiority, from a mentality of loss, from a lack of participation in human society and from a feeling of defeat, which can only be eliminated by integration into a religious collective, supposedly pleasing to God. Feelings of revenge are a latent component of fascist personality development. The fascist dreams of a new empire into which he is integrated equipped with power. This hope compensates his fundamental disappointment of this world. For the fascist this disappointment of this world does not lead to contemplation and to turning to Jesus Christ, but precisely in the opposite direction, namely to senseless fidelity to a human system.

Religious fascism is a substitute for the disappearance of kingdoms and monarchies. Therefore the propaganda of the Watchtower Society is marked by "Jehovah's Kingdom", a fiction of a perfect world, of an earthly paradise after the elimination of all evil. Whoever hopes for Jesus can never be touched by fascism. Whoever hopes for human religions and organizations will inevitably be devoured by fascism.

The original reason for fascism, however, is the spread of a deadly ideology, which kills or declares dead everyone as long as he does not submit to it.

Restoration of the Caliphate

The Muslim way to human happiness is the jihad and the caliphate with the rules of Sharia. On the way to the absolute world domination of Islam countless people are slaughtered, so that for every child it becomes clear which spirit rules there.

As the final dream of happiness, the National Socialist has the final victory and the Millennial Kingdom. This fits exactly on the template that the Islamic state of the world is putting on.

The Watchtower religion feeds on preaching and on the promised kingdom rule, which is naturally exercised by Jesus in heaven and on earth by the Watchtower leadership. Also this pattern of hope fits exactly to the domination templates of the systems Islam and National Socialism. In diplomatically softened form these all too human hopes also apply to Catholicism. The internal affinity of this system with the three systems already mentioned is enormous.

All fascist systems believe firmly in the world domination to which they are entitled. They are concerned only with possession and the exercise of power. Only when the power of these systems or organizations is installed globally incontestably, the fascist can retire. Surprisingly he will also then have continual reasons to continue killing men because the finding and the fast removal of renegades does not stop. So there is no end to the deadly disputes in the Islamic states and no end to the exclusion of apostates in the Watchtower religion. The unlimited power of fascist groups must prove itself every day and claim human lives every day. The unrestricted power of fascism is in this way also at its goal a permanent killing force for people. Under fascism peaceful coexistence is categorically excluded. Even with the so pacifist Jehovah's Witnesses there is no peace and individualism must be killed anew every day. Every day new victims of the Watchtower Committees are found.

The Fuehrer Principle

All fascist systems have their own leader principle. The Watchtower Society claims that the leaders appointed by God are the class of the faithful and intelligent slave (leadership body of the Watchtower Society). They justify this with a cheeky misinterpretation of a parable of Jesus. Every lie, however open, serves to legitimize the claim to leadership, and the followers led around by the nose are blindfolded in both eyes. They must not recognize the simple, clear connection and thus believe their whole lives in the correctness of the Watchtower lies.

Unconditional obedience

This blind faith beyond all facts corresponds to the fascist principle of obedience. We find this obedience principle in all conceivable fascist organizations. In Islam, in National Socialism and in the Watchtower Society blind obedience to the leader is self-evident. Thus Jehovah's Witnesses even manage to borrow the slogan of a National Socialist elite troop for themselves: "My loyalty is my strength!" Jehovah's Witnesses cannot perceive the abysmal shame of this slogan of the SS or SA, because their conscience is "Watchtower biblically trained".

Spiritual terrorist militias

The Watchtower religion as an ideology of the suppression of Jesus, designed, maintained and developed by Freemasons, fortunately applies to this day only spiritually the decided means of power of fascism like the killing of renegades. For this purpose it has established spiritual terror militias who ensure that people are wrong every day. The Watchtower Society calls these intellectual terror militias "legal committee" of all things. The Legal Committees of the Watchtower Society have the unrestricted Watchtower Judiciary, which seduces them into making arbitrary judgments about other people.

So-called renegades of the Watchtower doctrine can sing a song about how dirty these procedures are if they haven't already killed themselves. Many Jehovah's Witnesses are driven to suicide with the help of these "legal committees. In addition, there are hospital liaison committees organized in the Watchtower religion that ensure that Jehovah's Witnesses do not receive blood transfusions in emergencies. The organized manipulation of these hospital liaison committees causes the suicide of Jehovah's Witnesses who are terminally ill by persuading them to live on a religious basis. What a mocking system! And Jehovah's Witnesses also boast that in this way the side effects of blood transfusions are avoided. They persuade people that death can be seen as an advantage over side effects that could result from blood transfusions. This is one of the most important phenomena of fascism: avoiding problems by eliminating people.

Fascism builds on the elimination of people, lives on the elimination of people and aims exclusively at the elimination of people. The arbitrary, organized and unscrupulous ending of human life is a characteristic and main part of fascism. The spiritual Watchtower terror militias practice this fascist practice with relish and are allowed to kill people by manipulation as an organized hospital liaison committee despite the laws still valid today.

The fight for a common goal

In all fascist groups of mankind brainwashing is the existential foundation. Without the direct and unrestricted power over human thought no fascism can exist. Freedom and personal responsibility cannot survive in fascism. Every fascist group is oriented towards a certain ideal. The ideal of the Watchtower ideology is the Kingdom of Jehovah, led by an invisibly returned Watchtower-Jesus since 1914 and of course under the absolute rule of the Watchtower organization on Earth. The worldwide rule of Jehovah God is of course represented by the Watchtower leadership even after Armageddon, and there is no hope for Jehovah's Witnesses to see more of their God than just the mountains of paper they must permanently offer to mankind.

Watchtower Fascism – Are All Jehovah's Witnesses Fascists?

Hamed Abdel Samad repeatedly states that not all Muslims are fascists. But I think that that everyone who does not want to admit the fascist peculiarities of a religion or an organization and denies them for himself personally is already deep enough immersed in the fascist swamp. This also concerns Jehovah's Witnesses, who already have to commit themselves upon entering the Watchtower Society not to accept blood transfusions. As a result, it is imperative that they approve of the death of many people, which the Watchtower Society plans and organizes through hospital liaison committees. This little hook, which the ordinary Jehovah's Witness compensates with the thought that he won't be affected by it, makes the Watchtower supporter clearly a fascist. Every person who advocates the death of other people for ideological reasons is a fascist.

Similarities between Fascism and the Watchtower Society

Both of them

  • divide the world into good and evil
  • live from hatred, resentment, humiliation of others and wild utopias
  • live from their own being chosen
  • live from their own moral and human superiority over the rest of humanity
  • see themselves as superior and look down on others
  • poison their own followers with hatred and resentment against the rest of the world

Watchtower specialities, which can also be found in fascism

  • Jehovah's Witness is not Jehovah's Witness to live, but lives to be Jehovah's Witness. This is the principle of Jihad.
  • Mystification of martyrdom. Jehovah's Witnesses already feel martyred by the rejection of their heresy and the closing of the front door.
  • Access to absolute truth is given only to the Jehovah elite.
  • The Watchtower hierarchy arises from the sole claim to truth.

Islam and Watchtower Society – Cooperation with Hitler

The Watchtower Society wrote a petition to Hitler to this effect, which was ignored. As a result, the Watchtower Society sent its followers without need to the concentration camp by ordering them to resist strictly.

You can see the cooperation of Islam with Hitler here:

Please don't look until the fifth minute:

Common goals and further similarities

  • Social Goals – Establishment of a World Order under the Rule of the Governing Body
  • Political goals – the organization's rise to social recognition as a public corporation
  • Antimodern, anti-Enlightenment
  • Against individualism
  • Against personal freedom
  • Against freedom of expression
  • Individualism is only a digression, a private luxury that a pious believer cannot afford / must not afford.
  • All followers must think the same way and function as a block, all must pursue the same goal, all must be absolutely obedient to leadership.
  • Hostility towards the state (manifested, for example, by the organisation's own arbitrary jurisdiction)

What Moves National Socialism, Islam and the Watchtower Society from Within

  • The Watchtower Organization, Islam and National Socialism each see themselves as the chosen people.
  • The Watchtower Organization, Islam and National Socialism are each endowed with the sacred task of dominating humanity.
  • The Watchtower Organization, Islam and National Socialism are each the best communities ever created for humanity.
  • The Watchtower Organization, Islam and National Socialism dream the dream of world domination.
  • The Watchtower Organization and Islam each hold the last counsel of God in their hands, they are the people with the ultimate instruction of God.
  • The Watchtower Organization and Islam have direct legitimation from God. The NS system has this legitimacy from "Providence".

The fact that Jehovah's Witnesses do not have the killing automatism known from National Socialism and Islam does not mean that Jehovah's Witnesses are not dangerous. The Watchtower Society has indeed pointed out in a Watchtower article that, unfortunately, existing national laws prevent the killing of renegades. – Not yet! – This basically senseless advance seems to have been important to the Watchtower leadership. This curious circumstance proves the evidence of the above-mentioned coinciding characteristics of this sect with Islam and National Socialism.

Jihad and Caliphate – Final Victory and Millennial Kingdom – Preaching Service and Kingdom Rule

NS system, Islam and Watchtower religion all have a very fulfilling spirituality. If you have let yourself in on them with skin and hair, you feel a strong enthusiasm. Which spirit inspires you is then no longer tested, because you can no longer do without these feelings of enthusiasm.

The Nazi system, Islam and the Watchtower religion each have their own social teachings that keep the respective system running and of which one is quite proud as a member. This applies to all fascist systems such as communism, socialism, Islam, Watchtower religion and Catholicism. These social teachings have one striking thing in common: in National Socialism the gun was put on the desks of the renegades, Islam immediately kills the renegades and the Watchtower religion and Catholicism declare their renegades dead.

Rule over the printed and spoken word

NS-System – book burning. Islam – Centuries of refusal to print books for fear of losing control of the Koran. Catholicism – Prohibition of individual Bible reading to avoid the discovery of Catholic lies. Watchtower Religion – Disparagement and disparagement of the writings and statements of critics. (Even today, German courts follow these guidelines of Jehovah's Witnesses by ignoring testimonies made by former Jehovah's Witnesses. Here the German judiciary submits to the ancient claim of fascism over the printed and spoken word.)

Global balance

The brutal contempt for humanity of fascism has for a long time shaped the world known to us historically. In Germany fascism, with a few exceptions, can fortunately only be felt almost theoretically. In other countries fascism has become a terrible threat. In Muslim countries fascism is even the basis of life with death consequences for those who think differently. The fascist practice does not only take place there and in extremist groups, but refined cultivated in the Watchtower religion. The well camouflaged fascism goes from door to door with us.


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