The parallels
between Islam and Watchtower doctrine

Whoever deals with the teachings of the Watchtower Society long-term will come across facts that are very similar to the teachings of Islam, if they do not even correspond one-to-one to these teachings. The first association that comes to mind is the idea that Muslim activists could have invented the Watchtower doctrine as a special kind of infiltration. But in reality the deadly declaration of war of these two religions reflects the clear handwriting of their common author: Satan.

Jehovah's Witnesses watching the following video may judge for themselves the extent to which their religion demands exactly what Islamic doctrine imposes on the world. There is the Theocratic War List, which allows any Jehovah's Witness to lie to non-Witnesses. There is the prospect that one day the Watchtower Society will rule the whole world. The rejection of any democratic authority is another example of the similarities between Islam and the Watchtower religion. Many other theses and demands play into the systematic agreement. The position of the woman, the treatment of renegades, the disdain of Jesus and the submission of man to the stress of a performance religion ... Many individual fragments in the Watchtower religion correspond very precisely to the sitemap of Islam. In both there is the mechanics of the new light that outshines the old.

Nothing lies further from me than a defamation of any religion. I show only the facts which are to be found in all religions of this world. In all of them Jesus is abused, distorted, played down or directly rejected.

The programmatic details of Islam each have their conspicuous and recognizable counterpart in the Watchtower doctrine.

Jehovah's Witnesses! You have laid your lives in the hands of Jehovah. Judas 4 speaks of our sole owner Jesus Christ. Decide whether you want to remain in the hands of the wrong person.

Islam was not instrumentalized

In contrast to other religious writings, both the Watchtower doctrine and the doctrine of Islam are in themselves already the use of power that can no longer necessarily be instrumentalized. While Catholicism still had to hide the Bible from people in order to use its unbiblical power in a secular way, the Watchtower doctrine already converts the accumulation of power into a human organization directly in itself. The same applies to the Koran. The Koran is in itself already designed for dictatorial world leadership and therefore no longer needs to be misappropriated (instrumentalized) for the totalitarian cause.

Koran and watchtower doctrine are only political religions and religious ideologies. What communism has done to people can be seen in parts of the Muslim world and is hoped for by Jehovah's Witnesses for the whole world. They themselves have already subjected themselves to the thought police and although they do not torture and kill – the means by which they enforce spiritual conformity are cruel and destroy human lives.

Israelites in watchtower often Aryan with turban

Watchtower 1. October 2010, Page 17

Why are Israelites again and again depicted as Aryan Muslims? Where are the typical curls on the temple that belong to a religious Jew? Why do you see more turbans in a watchtower than in a mosque?


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