Watchtower Christians Slutty

Not only does the Watchtower Society like to portray the early Christians as Muslims but it also likes to see Christians seen from certain angles that damage the reputation of actual Christians. On page 15 of the Watchtower of September 1, 2008, she depicts an early Christian couple whose physical attractiveness is so exaggeratedly emphasized that the viewer inevitably loses sight of the subject in question and first looks at the two people for their beauty.

Watchtower Christians Slutty
Note also the naked and unnaturally thick left arm of the man!
(It is a distinguishing feature of Freemasons to show naked body parts.)

The bulging facial features of the thunderous Christian lady, the conspicuous breast, which is still drastically accentuated by the dress and swells out over the waist lacing, such a thing could not have left a good hair on this couple at that time. The man with his Bedouin outfit and the apron of a Freemason is also bursting with lusty splendour and health.

The Watchtower here suggests an image of Christians that emphasizes two factors: the private contemplativeness of religion and the possibility, despite all religiosity, of being dressed in a boldly sexual way. This is a signal to the Jehovah's Witnesses to calmly emphasize the carnal attraction and use it in discipling. In fact, many Witnesses are traveling in a way that is characterized by turning men's heads and then making a relationship dependent on him becoming a Jehovah's Witness.

The Watchtower Society is pulling out all the stops on information chaos. Its publications are full of images that convey very different messages. From the Muslim lifestyle to inappropriate sexual freedom to demons, the Jehovah's Witnesses have a vast mountain of mixed information to taste and imagine that this is right food at the right time.

Regardless of how everyone deals with their sexuality, it must be noted that the "Christian" writings of the Watchtower Society decorate their already contradictory texts with images that once again evoke a permanent disorientation and thus cannot be found in any other Christian works.

The illusion that a Christian couple enjoys the writings of the governing body in all contemplation and yet as if dressed up for a great worldly feast, is to say Jehovah's Witnesses: Get out of your carnal abilities everything that is possible for you. You are people who work first and foremost and comprehensively in the work of discipling. You only have to be attractive, we will take over the part of brainwashing.

The actual achievement of the Watchtower scribes is the most extensive seduction to unchristian thinking and acting. They hide everything behind Christian propaganda so that Jehovah's Witnesses cannot realize who they are actually sitting on. The core of the Watchtower seduction is the prohibition to make contact with Jesus. This prohibition is set up under the pretext of polytheism and idolatry. Thus the Watchtower religion goes further than the Catholic Church with its rites to replace Jesus and is located on the central Muslim axis.

Under the distraction of provocative images hides an earthly-minded construction kit religion that does not omit any embarrassment or stupidity in order to remove the people from Jesus.


Hello Rüdiger,

have now read some pages here and was first shocked about the demonic images in the Watchtower booklets. Hopefully this is not all a fake, because I am very surprised that you put your ex-girlfriend as a rubber doll, because she did not go to bed with you!?

Rubber dolls have very reduced mental qualities. To knit something sexual out of it and to attach it to me does not speak very much for you, E. Much more painful than the renunciation of sex is the loss of the conversation that goes beyond banal things. And in this she was and is not stupid at all, but just in the captivity of the Watchtower doctrine. I endured this game for 6 years. During this time, every human being was closer to me than she was. What a dilemma. Unfortunately, the artificial hollowing of a person by the Watchtower religion is always very lasting. [RH]

If you say that you are a Christian and live by the commandments of Jesus, then you should also know that the Bible does not approve of sex before marriage!

Either you are a Christian and take the whole Bible seriously, or you don't!

We must take Jesus Christ seriously. He is the Savior. [RH]

To be honest, this seems a bit strange to me and so I am no longer sure whether you are really being led by the spirit of Jesus here?

MfG E. [November 06, 2021]

You have twice put a question mark where it does not belong. Did you mean to trivialize your evil accusations? What is fellowship in the Christian sense? Fellowship can only be the spiritual time you spend together. To make something sexual out of it is somewhat perfidious, even if I chose the term rubber doll. Have you ever had fellowship with someone who is completely gutted? Certainly not. Because this is not possible. Jehovah's Witnesses are indeed thoroughly gutted and function like clockwork - just mechanically. Every serious emotion that could touch the false teachings of the Watchtower Society is forbidden and tabooed. To experience this in a person one loves is a perpetual shock. [RH]


Hello Rüdiger,

if I hurt you, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to! It's just that I no longer have much faith in people either. Because many say that they are Christians and yet they are not.

First I was deeply disappointed by the hypocritical Catholic Church and now Jehovah's Witnesses. Sometimes I think to myself that it really is as it says in the Bible, that the evil one rules the world. And I am very grateful to Jesus for defeating Satan. My experience is that when you tell people about Jesus, most of them don't want to hear about it. You are quickly made out to be a fanatical nutcase. I don't know anyone in my environment who wants to walk with me on the path that Jesus showed us.

It has been many years since I talked about the Bible at home with my parents. As a result, my mother told me that if I started doing this stuff now, I wouldn't need to come home. It hurt me very much.

In the meantime, my parents have passed away and I hope, or rather, I would wish that Jesus would forgive them. But not my will be done, but Jesus' and I know he will judge righteously. I thank Jesus for drawing me to Himself and also for forgiving my sins.

And I am also grateful that he showed me this side. I would have liked to join people who also want to go their way of life with Jesus, but unfortunately I don't know anyone who wants to. So I live very secluded with Jesus alone. He is my best and only true friend and he has helped me very often.

Even though I don't know you personally, it's nice to know that there are still people out there who are also interested in our Lord Jesus, and then one doesn't feel so completely alone anymore.

Now I have written a lot, so no hard feelings. I wish you God's blessing!

LG Elfi [06.11.2021]

Dear Elfi, thank you for your words. It is actually very good that these thoughts had to be clearly expressed. [RH]

PS: If I have put punctuation marks wrong somewhere, or if there are spelling mistakes in the text, it is not intentional. My school years were a long time ago and I have also forgotten some things. But I also believe that for Jesus it is not so important that the spelling is perfect, that counts only in the world. More important is what the heart beats for.

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